Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 90

Episode Title
Chikyuu houkai no yokan? Nazono shinsenshi shutsugen
[The premonition of the world's destruction? Enter the mysterious new warriors.]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Otome no Policy (Ishida Yoko)
Voice Actors
mysterious senshi (Ogata Megumi)
mysterious senshi (Katsuki Masako)
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The world was lit only by a weird red light. Everyone had been turned into statues, including all the Sailor Senshi except Rei. Rei said, "The Silence is closing in..." Something like a black tornado was tearing up the town. Then there was a flash of light, and she turned around to see a huge four-pointed crystal. She said, "You're the Messiah.. Please, save them!" The crystal split into three parts and disappeared. Rei turned and saw the tornado smash the Sailor Senshi.

[Title screen]

Rei woke up(With Usagi snoring in her ear!) The girls were all at Rei's house studying. Mako-chan asked her if something was wrong, but Rei just said she'd had a strange dream. Then Usagi told them about a dream she'd had about eating so much ice cream she had to go to the hospital. She said, "Isn't that interesting?"
Mako said, "It's interesting, but how did you do on the last test?" Usagi tried to laugh it off.

Ami got a very serious look on her face and said, "Usagi, we're in 3rd year junior high now. It's less then a year until the high school entrance exams."

Usagi, Makoto, Minako and Ami talked about study some more. Rei just sat there, remembering her dream and seeing them destroyed.(Ami tried to explain something to Mako-chan, who got a funny look on her face.)

Professor Tomoe was in his underground lab, finishing his first daimon egg. He called for "Kaolinite-kun" who appeared and said "I'm here." Tomoe said the daimon egg would find a person with a pure heart and steal the pure heart. He and Kaolinite were looking for the Holy Grail, and to find it, they needed the three talismans that were inside pure human hearts. The daimon egg flew up out of the lab and Kaolinite disappeared. (Right out of her lab coat!)

Usagi got five points on the test. (One of the questions said, "One day Mr. Ikuhara went to Roppongi to do nanpa.(flirt) He was very tired after a big work. So he applied for comfort to any tender girl." Ikuhara is the name of the Series Director for Sailor Moon. Given which episode this is, I think we can guess what the "big work" is supposed to be.) Usagi was walking down the street thinking about what Mama and Papa(and Rei) would say if they saw the test. Rei was walking down the street the other way. They weren't watching where they were going, so they banged their heads together.

Usagi and Rei went to a water fountain to get water for their heads. Rei said, "With a score like that, it's no wonder! Oh, well, you've got other good points beside studying." Usagi said that wasn't like the usual Rei. Rei said, "Oh?" (Rei was remembering seeing the others destroyed in her dream.) "Usagi, what's your dream for the future?"

Usagi sat next to Rei and said she hadn't really thought about it. Rei said she wanted to be, "A singer/song writer, a model, a wonderful seiyuu(!), and then..." She blushed.
Usagi said "And then?"
Rei hit Usagi on the back and said, "Well, the wife of someone I love! Usagi, you're going to marry Mamoru some day, right?" Usagi blushed and said it was embarrassing. Rei said "With that kind of test score, it's embarrassing for Mamoru-san, too! Well, studying isn't everything." Rei walked off and said, "Stay cheerful Usagi; that's the most important thing."

Usagi said that sometimes Rei said mean things, but inside she really cared about people.

At Hikawa Shrine, the daimon egg went into one of the trees. Kaolinite said, "The person with a pure heart should appear soon," just as Rei came up the steps.

Usagi was sitting down looking at her test. She said, "Rei-chan was right. If Mamo-chan sees this he'll say..."

Mamoru came up behind her and said "That's awful." Usagi jumped up and yelled. Mamoru looked at her like he was very disappointed. Usagi crumpled up her test and said she was going to go study with the others. Mamoru handed her her pack and said, "Then I'll have to go without dating you a while. Do your best!" Usagi started crying as he walked away.

Rei was at the temple fire in her miko-san clothes, trying to find out what her dream meant. But she couldn't feel anything. She went outside and got a fortune from the booth. (I don't think we ever find out what it is.) She went to tie the fortune to the tree and said, "If something bad happens, please let the others be happy." Then the tree turned into the daimon Mikuuji. Rei ran off to lead the daimon away from her grandfather and Yuuichirou.

[CM break]

Rei pulled out her pen, after running some, but Mikuuji knocked it away and stuck her to the wall. Kaolinite appeared and said that now it was only a problem of time: If Rei didn't have a talisman, they'd try somone else. Mikuuji pulled open her top and started to extract Rei's heart crystal with the beam from her black star-mark.

Usagi was coming to the shrine. Then she turned around and said it was better to go on a date with Mamoru. Luna jumped on her head and said, "No, you promised the others! If you don't..." and threatened Usagi with her claws. Then Usagi and Luna heard Rei's screams.

Usagi and Luna came running up and saw Rei and Mikuuji. Usagi transformed, and said, "Stop! I won't forgive you for hurting my pure- hearted friend!"

Mikuuji closed her top and said, "So, you're after pure hearts too?" Then she grabbed Usagi with her hair(really a bell-rope like on the shrine) and threw her against the wall. Then Ami, Makoto, and Minako appeared. They were going to transform, but Mikuuji shot fortune-telling sticks at them from a case on her back and trapped them against some trees. Artemis and Luna said she was much stronger then the previous enemies.

Mikuuji looked at Sailor Moon. Then Tuxedo Kamen threw a rose at the daimon and told Sailor Moon to attack. Sailor Moon used the "moon princess halation," but Mikuuji threw a spiral of fortune-telling papers and knocked the cutie moon rod out of her hands. Then Mikuuji grabbed Sailor Moon, stuck her against a tree(yelling "Butsumetsu!") and bit her brooch. The ginzuishou stopped glowing and Sailor Moon's transformation reversed.

Mikuuji took out Tuxedo Kamen with her fortune-telling sticks, then said all the problems were taken care of. She finished extracting Rei's heart, and it formed into a four-pointed crystal. Rei collapsed. Usagi was staring at Rei, remembering what they'd talked about earlier about the future. She screamed for Mikuuji to give Rei her heart back.

Mikuuji said she was going to give the crystal to Kaolinite. (There was a rumble in the background.) Suddenly something hit the daimon, and she was very shook up. Then something else hit her and she seemed submerged. She turned back into the tree; then the daimon egg came out of the tree and broke in two.

The sticks and stuff holding the girls disappeared. They gathered around Rei, trying to wake her up. Up in a tree, two people were studying the heart crystal. One of them said it wasn't a talisman, and tossed it down towards Rei. The crystal dissolved and Rei woke up as it went back inside her body. Usagi was so happy she started crying.

Artemis and Luna saw the two people jump down out of the tree and run off. Kaolinite was in the lab, telling the Professor, "The heart crystal wasn't a talisman, but there was some unexpected resistance."

Usagi said, "It looks like this is the beginning of a new battle..."

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