Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 91

Episode Title
Ai no roddo tanjou! Usagi no atarashii henshin
[The Birth of a Rod of Love! Usagi's New Transformation]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Otome no Policy (Ishida Yoko)
  • Synopsis by Titus H. H. Hsu, 1995.02.01
In the dark underground laboratory, the professor calls Kaolinite to come forward. Professor questions: "What is our ultimate purpose as the Death Busters?"
Kaolinite answers: "Find the Sacred Chalice, and conquer the world." It is also revealed in their conversation that to find the Sacred Chalice, they must first find the 3 talismans, and the 3 talismans are sealed inside crystals of pure heart within 3 chosen individuals. For that purpose, the professor has created a large numbers of Daimon eggs. A new one quietly flies out of the underground lab to seek a possesser of a pure heart...

In a bad dream, Usagi sees herself losing her transformation ability as the Silver Crystal loses its power. Shattered, she falls on her knees. Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako appears in front of her.

Ami: "You're getting too tired from all the studying."
Mako: "You have been working too hard."
Minako: "Or maybe you haven't been having enough afternoon naps."
Rei: "Maybe it's the time for you to retire now."

Rei's comment really angers Usagi. Still dreaming, she grabs Luna and tries to choke her. Luna immediately put Usagi back to her senses by repeatedly slapping Usagi's face with her paw. Usagi wakes up.

After Usagi wakes up, she tells Luna that she's afraid the Silver Crystal might have lost its power forever, and she doesn't know what she is supposed to do if she can't transform anymore. Luna comforts Usagi and tells her that everything is going to be all right. Usagi doesn't seem to be too assured. Luna suggests Usagi to go and talk to Mamoru.

In the park, Usagi tells Mamoru about her dream. Mamoru stands and thinks silently about it. Suddenly, something occurs to him and he says that he has something to show her.

Mamoru bring Usagi to an old, run-down, and abandoned mansion. Mamoru and Usagi goes into the garden of the house through a big hole on the wall. Usagi asks Mamoru if they should be doing that. "Probably not" says Mamoru. While Usagi wonders why Mamoru would bring her to a place like that, she suddenly thinks that Mamoru brought her there so they can be alone, and shyly(?) tells Mamoru: "Don't have to come all the way to a place like this if you just want us to be alone." Mamoru says in the background: "Don't get any wrong ideas." Usagi closes her eyes, expecting Mamoru to kiss her. Instead, Mamoru holds up a brown kitten to Usagi's face, and the kitten licks Usagi's face. Usagi is very surprised, but she immediately becomes very delighted to see the kitten. Mamoru explains to her that the abandoned house is where all the straying cats are staying. Usagi names the kitten Cha-chan because the kitten is brown. Usagi decides to go into the actual house to take a look at other cats.

Inside the house, a small girl (Miharu) is feeding all the cats. Usagi's voice catches her by surprise: "You've been feeding these kittens?"
"Who's that?" she looks up. She sees Usagi in the Sailor Moon pose: left hand over her waist, and right hand making a horizontal "V" over her left eye.
"A friend of justice", Usagi answers. Then Mamoru comes in with a friendly smile too. Mamoru hands Usagi a pouch of cat food, then they both walks to the little girl and starts feeding the cats too. Miharu tells Usagi and Mamoru that the house will be torn down very soon, and she's worried about where those cats are supposed to go after the house is torn down. Usagi decides that she's going to do something to look after the cats. Mamoru is rather amazed by how fast Usagi seems to have forgotten all her anxieties, but he feels that it hardly matters as long as Usagi is happy.

Meanwhile, the Daimon egg drifts into a bedroom, and fuses itself into a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a cat on it.

Over at Rei's Hikawa Shrine, Usagi tells the other 4 about the cats and asks them to take at least one each. Minako is the first to decline, saying that looking after Artemis is already a big enough of a problem for her. Artemis protests, but Minako silenced him quickly. Then Rei declines too. She takes the broom and hits a near-by tree. A flock of birds fly out of the tree. Rei says that she can't keep any cat because she has so many birds at home. The others are having problems trying to figure out what kind of excuse that is. Makoto follows: "Well, I live alone, so I don't think I know how to look after a cat..." Lastly, Ami says that she's too busy studying for tests, so she can't afford to divert her attention and energy to look after a cat. Usagi complains that everyone only cares about themselves. So Rei asks Usagi why she's not keeping any of the cats herself. "Well...I can barely afford to keep a big-eater like Luna at home..." Luna protests, but Ami quickly stuffs a sandwich into Luna's mouth. Ami suggests that they can take a bit more time to find owners for these cats, and they all agree.

Miharu returns home with a couple of kittens following her. She tries to get the kitten to leave, but she couldn't. She decides she would just keep those 2 kittens in her room until her mother comes home. She opens the door to her room, and the 2 kitten springs into her room. One jumps onto her desk and broke apart a few pieces of the jigsaw on her desk. As soon as Miharu puts the first piece back light comes out of the puzzle, and Daimon "Nekonneru" forms from the puzzle pieces. Nekonneru attacks Miharu with claws, but Miharu gets away and runs out of her room. Nekonneru catches Miharu in the neck with her tail. Miharu slams the door shut on the tail. The end part of the tail comes off, and breaks up into puzzle pieces again after falling onto the floor. Miharu runs out of the house. Nekonneru slowly walks out of the room, and the puzzle pieces attach to her tail again. Miharu runs to the abandoned house and hides there with the 2 kittens, but then she hears a cat's growl, and sees Nekonneru looking at her from outside the window...

Meanwhile, Usagi and the other four are just outside the house playing with the kittens. Rei is starting to think about keeping a cat for herself. Usagi says Rei should just keep a bunch instead of just one. "This is not a clearance sale," Makoto responds. Miharu screams inside the house. Usagi and the friends can't hear the scream, but the kittens seem to have heard it and ran inside the house. Usagi and the rest follow the cats into the house.

In the house, Daimon "Nekonneru" is exatracting the heart crystal from Miharu. The cats temporarily distracted the Daimon, and the five arrives at the scene. Usagi tries to transform, but the Silver Crystal hasn't regained its power yet. The other four immediately transforms. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter combine their attacks, but the attack was completely reflected back to themselves and strikes all four of them down. Usagi charges toward the Daimon, but only to be helplessly thrown against a wall.

"Nekonneru" finishes extracting the heart crystal, but the Daimon is immediately hit by a yellow and a blue energy ball, and torn into pieces. Two silhouettes appear and take the heart crystal. After a quick examination, they come to the conclusion that it is not a talisman, so they return the crystal and start to walk out. The Daimon starts to revive. "Wait!" Minako tries to stop the two mysterious figures. "The enemy isn't completely destroyed yet! If you two are Soldiers like us, then fight together with us!"

The reply was cold: "Make no mistake about it"; "Finding the talisman is the only thing we care about"; "You have to look after your own problems." The two silhouettes fade into the sunlight from the ouside and disappear.

The daimon completely recovers, and with its tails, it starts throwing the four senshis against the walls. The Daimon's tails starts to attack Usagi as she tries to cover Miharu. The tail catches her around the neck. A single stem of red rose slashes the tail, and Usagi breaks free. Tuxedo Kamen appears and jumps down onto the floor from a window high up in the room. The Daimon attacks him, but his cane extends and pins the Daimon against the wall. The Daimon smiles and breaks the cane. It jumps toward Usagi and Mamoru; attacking them with its claws. Mamoru covers Usagi and gets severely hurt. He threw a rose at the Daimon's face and momentarily stuns the Daimon. Mamoru tells Usagi to run away, but Usagi refuses. Usagi puts her hands in Mamoru's and says that she wants to stay with everyone else. The Daimon jumps toward them again, but is repelled and shattered into pieces again by a light coming out of Usagi and Mamoru's hands. In the light, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod appears, and Usagi's brooch transforms into a heart-shaped brooch with a heart-shaped crystal in it. Nekonneru revives again. With the new brooch, Usagi transforms, and destroyed Nekonneru with her new power, Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Later, Usagi and her friends are looking at the cats in the garden of the abandoned mansion again. Makoto tells Usagi that they still have to find some owners for these cats. Usagi smiles and says that she's already found owners for them. The others all look surprised. "Rei keeps five, Minako-chan and Ami-chan keeps two each, and Mako-chan can take one", Usagi explains her plan. "We've already told you we can't keep these cats!", Rei protests. After thinking about it briefly, Usagi suddenly comes up with the idea of bring all those cats to the Animal Kingdom (Refer to ep.79). "How come you couldn't come up with this idea earlier?" says Rei, as all others stare at Usagi with a rather displeased look, and Usagi starts running...

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