Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 92

Episode Title
Sutekina bishounen?? Ten'ou Haruka no himitsu
[A pretty boy?? The secret of Ten'ou Haruka]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Some parts of the OP animation changed! It now includes Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
Voice Actors
Ten'ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus (Ogata Megumi)
Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptune (Katsuki Masako)
Guest Voice Actors
Kameda (Onosaka Masaya)
racing car daimon (Koyama Yuuka)
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.25
Usagi was walking outside of the game center. Now that the girls were in third year of junior high, they had been studying at Rei's house everyday after school. Usagi didn't want to go, and debated whether she should go into the game center. Then Usagi spotted Minako inside, talking to Motoki. Usagi quickly went in and exploded! "Since everyone was trying hard, I had been persevering. But you're playing here!" Then Motoki told Usagi that he was the one who had asked Minako to come. Usagi then yelled at Motoki.

Minako said, "Usagi-chan, the youth only comes once. If we fail the exam, we'll think.. oh, we should have played more at that time."

Then Minako took Usagi to a racing game. The girls raced each other, but Minako was much better than Usagi. When Usagi got lapped, Usagi tried harder, but crashed. Minako said, "Try again!"
Usagi said, "We should be going to Rei-chan's house soon."
But Minako wanted to play more. She said, "Who's going to carry the future F1 world?"

Then a pretty, yellow haired boy came and asked if he could race against Minako. Minako's eyes became hearts. Then they played the game. Minako took off and was racing well. She thought that she wold show off to the guy. But when she looked around, she saw the guy the sitting there. He hadn't started driving yet. Usagi pointed out to him that the game had started. Then the guy said, "I know, but I have to give her a handicap."
Minako heard it and got very upset. "I'm Aino Minako, who will carry the F1 world," Minako thought.

Then the guy started racing. He drove very fast and easily shot past Minako. Minako couldn't believe it. Then he even lapped Minako.

After the race, Minako said, "I totally lost."
The boy said, "No, you're very good. I guess a cute girl has a good sense with games." Minako became very happy at these words.
Then a pretty girl with long green hair came and said, "Sorry for making you wait Haruka."

Usagi and Minako couldn't believe it as the girl and Haruka left together. As they were leaving, the girl said to Haruka, "You became friends with them?"
Haruka said, "You're jealous?"
The girl replied, "Maybe."
Haruka said, "They're like kids, and they're very cute."

After the couple left, Usagi said, "They are both very pretty." Minako noted that the boy's name was Haruka. Motoki came up to them and said that he had seen them around recently.

Then Minako and Usagi left the game center and followed the couple. At a coffee shop, they saw the couple sitting together. Usagi said to Minako that those two might be boy friend and girl friend. Then Minako said, "I've decided. That's the ideal man that I've been looking for!" Usagi pointed out that Haruka had a girl friend, but Minako snapped back that they didn't know for sure.

Minako and Usagi kept following the couple. Usagi said again that they looked like boy friend and girl friend. Then Minako told Usagi that she could go on alone. But Usagi said that she was interested in that cool guy too. Minako snapped back and said that Usagi had Mamoru. Then when the girl went on by herself, Minako said that she was probably not his girl friend. Haruka went into an auto repair shop by himself.

Meanwhile professor Tomoe had created another daimon egg. Kaolinite said that she had already found the next target. The egg flew off to the auto repair shop and imbedded itself into the racing car.

Minako and Usagi were sneaking around the auto repair shop. Minako said to Usagi, "Hurry up and go to Rei-chan's house."
Usagi said, "I don't want to. I want to find out more about that cool looking guy."

[CM break]

Haruka said, "Little kitty, how long are you going to hide?"
Then Minako and Usagi came out of hiding. Usagi said, "Nyan, nyan." [VERY cute]
Haruka said, "I'm Ten'ou Haruka, in first year of high school. You wanted to know about me, right? What else do you want to know about me?"
Minako and Usagi were surprised. Minako asked, "Who was that girl with you? What kind of relationship? Not girl friend?"
Haruka said, "Girl friend? Michiru?"
Minako asked, "Is it the kind of relationship where you can call her by her first name?"
Haruko said, "Maybe it's even more than that. But don't give up. There's even a chance for you two."
Michiru walked into the auto repair shop and said, "Don't get tricked! This person always says that to cute girls."
Minako asked Michiru, "Are you Haruka's girl friend?"
Usagi added, "Please answer yes or no."
Michiru said, "No."
Minako was very happy and said, "All right! I'll take this love!"
Usagi said, "Yeah!"
Minako quickly pointed out, "Usagi! You have Mamoru!"
Usagi said, "Minako is very strict today.. just like Rei-chan."

Meanwhile at Rei's house, Rei sneezed. Ami, Mako, and Rei were trying to study. They wondered about Minako and Usagi. Rei said that they must be chasing after some handsome boys.

Haruka said that he liked coming to this garage because of Kameda, the mechanic who worked very hard so had can become good enough to work on cars that are at the top of the world. Michiru pointed out that Haruka wanted to become a top racing driver. But Haruka said that that used to be his dream. His current dream was to, "Do something that only I can do. For that I'll sacrifice anything."

Minako said that Haruka was cool.

When Kameda finished working on the car, the daimon egg came alive and grabbed him. The daimon egg turned the car into a monster. Then the daimon started to take the pure heart out of Kameda. Minako and Usagi went to try to stop the daimon. But they slipped and fell into a bunch of tires and cans. After the daimon got the heart crystal, it turned into a car and sped off to Kaolinite.

When Minako and Usagi got out of the rubble, they transformed. [Venus star power make up had some music from the movie. Moon cosmic power make up also had some long music.]

The daimon was speeding down a canal (without the water). Haruka and Michiru went after them on a motorcycle. They threw something to try to stop the daimon. The daimon quickly stopped and commented, "Good thing I was wearing a helmet."

Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, who came by bicycle which Sailor Venus was pedaling, arrived. Sailor Venus said, "The pure heart of a guy who goes after a dream.."
Sailor Moon said, "We won't give it to bad ones! For love and justice, the pretty soldier Sailor Moon. In place of the moon, I'll punish you!"

The daimon went to attack Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. But a voice called out, "Wait!"

Then two more Sailor Senshi appeared. "Invited by a new age, I'm the magnificent Sailor Uranus."
"Also invited by a new age, I'm the elegant Sailor Neptune."

Sailor Moon was surprised that the mysterious senshi were also Sailor Senshi.
Sailor Uranus said, "We're looking for the talisman too."
Sailor Neptune said, "We won't give you the heart crystal."

Sailor Uranus used her world shaking attack and Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack. But it didn't destroy the daimon. It just immobilized it. Then Sailor Moon used the moon spiral heart attack and destroyed the daimon.

Sailor Uranus looked at the heart crystal and found out that it wasn't the talisman. So Sailor Uranus threw it to Sailor Moon and told her to give it back to the owner.

Later all of the girls were at the game center, and Minako and Usagi told everyone their story. Rei accused Usagi and Minako of chasing guys instead of studying. Then Ami said that it wasn't time to be arguing. She said that they had to investigate the new Sailor Senshi. Rei said that Luna and Artemis were doing it. [Luna and Artemis didn't appear at all in this episode.]

Then Michiru and a short yellow haired girl walked into the game center. Minako immediately asked Michiru about Haruka. Michiru answered, "She's with me."
Minako, Rei (who jumped on top of Minako), and Mako (who jumped on top of Rei) quickly rushed to Michiru and asked, "Where!?"
[Mako said, "Where's the guy that supposed to look like senpai?"] Michiru pointed to the girl next to her. Then Minako screamed!
Rei said, "A girl, isn't she?"
Haruka said, "I don't remember saying that I was a boy."
Ami said, "It's not time to be doing this.."
Usagi said, "I always thought from the beginning that Mamo-chan was better."

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