Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 93

Episode Title
Usagi no akogare! Yuubi no tensai Michiru
[Usagi yearns! The elegant genius Michiru]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.12
Usagi went over to Mamoru's place, as she had had some cookies for him. She said that they were a little burnt, but since she had put a lot of love into it, she thought that it would be ok. But nobody answered the door. Then Usagi found that the door was open.

Usagi went inside and heard some classical music. She said that it (the room, the atmosphere) was very adult (meaning mature). Usagi picked up a book that Mamoru left lying on the table. It was a book about genetic engineering. Usagi quickly commented that since Mamoru was a college student, his level was very high. Then Usagi accidently spilled her cookies. When she saw her cute, burnt cookies (shaped like rabbits), she felt that it didn't match Mamoru. Usagi started to feel sad and cry. Then Mamoru came back and asked what Usagi was crying about. Usagi cried out, "I failed in being your wife!"

Mamoru told Usagi not to cry. Then he picked up one of the cookies and ate it. He made a funny face at the taste, but he said that it was ok. Mamoru also said, "I want you to be the way you are now." Then Usagi became very happy.

Later Usagi was in the park with her friends, and she told everyone about what had happened at Mamoru's place. Mako said, "Too bad. I hope he didn't get a stomach ache."
Usagi said, "What do you mean?"
Ami said, "Yeah, that's saying too much. If the heat had gone through it, there's a smaller probability of food poisoning."

Usagi was about to get mad. But she held it inside and just laughed. Usagi said that she was different that day. Then Usagi went to Ami and asked her to teach her about genetic engineering. Usagi also asked Mako to teach her cooking. Usagi said, "I've decided. I want to get closer to the level of Mamoru, even if it's a little bit."

Usagi also asked Minako about English, and Rei about wearing a kimono. [Minako said, "Why?" - very cute!] Usagi said that it was her training for being a wife. Then Minako and Mako said that they had something to do, and quickly took off. Ami told Usagi that she should start with the basics of chemistry and biology at school before going onto genetic engineering. But Rei cut in and said that it was no use to pay attention to Usagi, because she would just get bored and quit. Rei and Usagi argued with each other, and Rei left. Then Luna told Usagi that everyone was tired of trying to teach her. Usagi started crying, and Luna realized that Usagi was serious this time.

Michiru was playing a violin in the park, and Haruka was with her. Haruka said, "There's no mistake that there is a strong, evil force in this town. When the force becomes strong, that monster attacks the people."
Michiru said, "It's not use worrying. We just got our memories back and we have a mission to do. We have to get the three talisman back, extract the powerful energy from it, and give it back to the rightful owner."
Haruka said, "If only we knew who the owner of the three talisman were."
Michiru said, "But by pulling out the talisman, it means that the owner will die."
Haruka said, "It's for saving this world. Some sacrifices have to be made. That's the mission given to us."

Then Usagi appeared and listened to the violin music. Usagi said, "This is it. This is the ideal princess."

Haruka and Michiru spotted Usagi and asked what she wanted. Usagi said that she was yearning after Michiru, who was playing the violin. Then Haruka threw a lemon to Michiru. Michiru caught it with the violin and bounced it around, while still playing the music. Usagi was very surprised. Then Haruka went off on her motorcycle, saying that she was feeling upset about something.

Michiru stopped playing and went to talk with Usagi. They went walking together, and Usagi asked if Michiru was going to be a violinist. Michiru said that she didn't know what to do yet. Usagi said that she was that way too. Then a boy came up to Michiru and said that he was a fan of her paintings. Usagi looked around and saw that the painting on display was by Michiru. Usagi then realized that Michiru wasn't sure of what to do because she had too many talents.

Later when they were outside, Usagi took the violin and started playing, making screeching noises and scaring all of the people in the park.

Later Usagi told Michiru and Haruka about Mamoru and herself. Michiru told Usagi that she shouldn't give up. She gave Usagi a pair of tickets to a violin recital that evening. Usagi was very happy.

Meanwhile professor Tomoe had made another daimon egg, and Kaolinite sent it off.

[CM break]

Usagi and Mamoru (who was wearing a tuxedo without a mask) went to the violin recital. Then they ran into all of Usagi's friends and Luna. Her friends apologized to her about earlier that day. Rei said that she would make sure that Usagi stayed awake during the recital. Ami had even brought some music text books.

The daimon egg flew to the violin recital and imbedded itself into the violin.

Inside the violin recital hall, Michiru and Haruka were sitting in the box seats. Haruka looked around and spotted Usagi and her friends. Haruka saw Mamoru and said, "He's a cool looking guy."
Michiru said, "It's nice to be young."
Haruka said, "You sound like an old woman."

During the recital, Usagi was staring at Mamoru instead of looking straight forward at the violinist. So Rei hit her, and Usagi and Rei started arguing. Then everyone around them told them to be quiet.

The daimon took over the violin and turned into a monster. The violin monster send out waves to knock everyone out. Then it started stealing the heart crystal from the violinist.

The girls ran outside to escape. Then they transformed. "Mercury star power.. Mars star power.. Jupiter star power.. Venus star power.. Moon cosmic power.. make up!"

The violin daimon started attacking. Sailor Moon appeared and said, "Wait! Thanks for destroying the important, important romantic night."
Sailor Venus said, "While there's life, girls will fall in love."
Sailor Mars said, "The beautiful Sailor Team."
Sailor Moon said, "In place of the moon, we'll punish you."

The violin daimon attacked by releasing some force from her mouth by singing. The Sailor Senshi got caught and couldn't move. But Tuxedo Kamen threw a rose at the daimon. He said, "In a beautiful night with the moon, a serenade fits. Noise should disappear!"

Then Sailor Jupiter used her sparkling wide pressure attack against the daimon. But the daimon jumped out of the way, and Sailor Jupiter's attack hit the building and did some damage. Sailor Mercury told Sailor Jupiter to be careful because there were lots of people inside. The daimon jumped in front of the hall and urged the Sailor Senshi to attack again.

The Sailor Senshi couldn't attack, but the deep submerge attack came and hit the daimon. Then Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared. Tuxedo Kamen asked, "Uranus, Neptune, who are you?"
But Sailor Uranus said, "Don't ask us anything."
Sailor Neptune said, "We are only interested in the talisman. We don't want to get involved any more than that."

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter got upset at Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Then the daimon recovered and attacked. Sailor Moon quickly jumped to Sailor Neptune and knocked her out of the way of the attack. Then Sailor Uranus used the world shaking attack and hit the daimon. Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to attack. Sailor Moon used the moon spiral heart attack and defeated the daimon.

Sailor Uranus got the heart crystal and looked at it. But it wasn't the talisman. Sailor Venus said, "Uranus, Neptune!"
Sailor Jupiter asked, "Who are you?"
Sailor Mercury asked, "What is the talisman?"
Sailor Uranus answered, "If you want to know that much, use your own powers and investigate it." Then Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune left to return the heart crystal.

As they were walking down the street after returning back to normal, Usagi said that it was too bad that they couldn't listen to the beautiful music. Then Mamoru said that he would treat her, and Usagi became very happy. Rei grabbed Mamoru and asked him if he would treat them too. Then all of the girls gathered around Mamoru. Usagi was bouncing around telling everyone to get away from Mamoru.

Michiru and Haruka were watching the girls, and Michiru said, "They're so cute."

[CM for spiral heart moon rod and cosmic moon heart compact]

"Usagi's power of love made this rod appear."

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