Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 94

Episode Title
Pure na kokoro wo mamore! Teki mikata mitsu tomoe ransen
[Protect the pure heart! The enemy/ally three way battle]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.18
Usagi was tired and didn't feel like going to Rei's to study. The weather was nice and she said that it was like wasting her youth. Luna scolded her, but Usagi said, "I want to go on a date with Mamo-chan." Then Usagi saw Mamoru's motorcycle, and rushed to him. But Usagi saw another girl with him, and became shocked.

[title screen]

Usagi wondered who the girl was, but it was Unazuki. Motoki had forgotten something, so Unazuki was going to bring it to him. Then Mamoru had come by on his motorcycle, so he had given her a ride. Usagi felt very relieved after hearing this.

Usagi went to the coffee shop where Unazuki worked. "A kiss with Mamo-chan!" Usagi yelled out. Then Usagi quickly lowered her voice. Unazuki had asked Usagi if she had kissed Mamoru. Then Unazuki saw that Usagi blushed and couldn't answer. So she thought that Usagi still hadn't kissed Mamoru. Then Unazuki said that it was all right because Usagi was just in junior high, and should be studying. Usagi laughed and then asked Unazuki (who was a high school student), if she had kissed a boy.
Then Unazuki whispered, "There is a boy friend that I really like. But I haven't kissed him yet."
Usagi asked, "Why? If you like him, why didn't you kiss him?"
Unazuki answered, "I want to make the first kiss very important, with the person that I really love, at the best time, and best place. Until then, I want to save it. Isn't that what everyone thinks?"

Then Usagi heard Haruka laugh. Michiru was there too. Haruka said, "Dreaming about a kiss, it's very cute."
Michiru said, "It's very romantic. Do you know who was the first one to kiss in this world? It was Adam and Eve."
Haruka said, "There are many kinds of kisses. Kissing the hand means respect, the forehead means friendship, and the palm means who wish something."
Usagi said, "Haruka-san, you know a lot of things."
Michiru said, "In 15th century Italy, if a young boy and girl kissed, they had to get married." Then Haruka and Michiru left. Usagi watched them and thought that they were very mature. Then Unazuki said that she had lots of cake at home, and invited Usagi to come over with her friends later. Usagi became very happy. Then Usagi realized that she was very childish.

Haruka and Michiru were walking outside. Michiru said that those kids (Usagi and Unazuki) were very cute. Haruka said that it was dangerous because they were so pure; they might get attacked.

Meanwhile professor Tomoe asked Kaolinite if she had found the next target. Kaolinite said that it was a girl with a pure heart that dreamt of a first kiss. Professor Tomoe then said, "A kiss. I haven't done that for many years." Then he broke out into an insane laughter.

Unazuki was at home cleaning her room. She wondered to herself if she was thinking about her fist kiss too much. Then the daimon egg flew into Unazuki's room and imbedded itself into the vacuum cleaner. Then the vacuum cleaner turned into the daimon monster. The daimon attacked Unazuki and took out her heart crystal. After getting the crystal, the daimon broke out of the room and went outside.

When the daimon was outside with the heart crystal, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared. Sailor Uranus said, "I won't give that to you!"

Then the daimon and the two Sailor Senshi started fighting. They attacked each other and the heart crystal went flying. When they realized it, the heart crystal was nowhere to be seen.

Usagi and her friends arrived at Unazuki's house. Luna said, "We were wondering where you had gone to."
Minako said, "It's all right. We got cake out of it."
Mako said, "I want to clean Motoki's room again."
Ami said, "We can study anywhere."
Rei said, "Ami-chan, are you planning to have a study session in Unazuki-chan's place?"
Ami said, "Anything wrong with it?"

Usagi had kept ringing the doorbell, but nobody answered. Usagi wondered if Unazuki was still working. Then Usagi pushed the door and it opened. When they all went inside, they saw Unazuki on the floor.

[CM break]

The girls all rushed to Unazuki. Artemis noticed that she had her heart crystal taken. Minako said that they had to hurry and get it back.

Meanwhile the daimon went looking for the heart crystal. It had a talisman sensor, so it found it before Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Ami used her computer to try to track the heart crystal. She said, "It's 10 km to the north. I'm sorry, that's all I can find out."
Rei said, "We have to split up and look for it."

Then Unazuki (who was in the bed) got up and started talking. She was in a zombie-like state, and said, "Kiss. I want to kiss."

Usagi went to her and reminded her about her dream of the perfect first kiss. But Unazuki said, "I don't care who it is. I want to kiss."

Ami said, "It must be because her pure heart was taken."

Then Rei used her akuryou taisan sign to neutralize Unazuki. She said that she would watch Unazuki, and told the others to go look for the heart crystal.

When they were out on the streets, Usagi didn't know what to do. But Ami noticed on her computer that the daimon was 3 km away from them. Then Mamoru came by on his motorcycle and offered Usagi a ride. They took off in the direction of the daimon.

After a while, Mamoru and Usagi came to a garbage dump and spotted the daimon. Usagi quickly transformed into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were fighting the daimon. The daimon said that she had gotten it, and that they would have to defeat her to get the heart crystal.

Then Sailor Moon appeared and said, "I won't give anyone that pure heart crystal! I won't forgive you for going after a girl who dreams of a first kiss with a nice boy!"

The daimon attacked Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon just escaped. But Sailor Moon was thinking about Unazuki.

Then as the daimon was going to blast Sailor Moon, the rose came flying and hit the daimon. Tuxedo Kamen appeared and said, "The crystal of a pure heart does not fit someone with a dirty heart. Give that crystal back and become one with this steel trash."

Tuxedo Kamen said, "Sailor Moon, show it the power of justice." Sailor Moon then got up and used the moon spiral heart attack against the daimon.

The heart crystal went rolling and Sailor Moon went to try to get it. But Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune went after it too. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen fought against Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune over the heart crystal.

Sailor Moon said, "Give it back. If I don't return it, Unazuki-chan will die!"
Sailor Uranus said, "I know. There will have to be some sacrifices."
Sailor Moon asked, "Why?"
Sailor Uranus said, "It's not something you would understand."
Sailor Neptune added, "It's our mission."
Sailor Uranus said, "We have to get it."

Then Sailor Neptune got the heart crystal and realized that it wasn't the talisman. Sailor Uranus was disappointed. Then Sailor Moon grabbed the heart crystal.

The other Sailor Senshi finally arrived at the scene. Sailor Moon said that they had to hurry back, and they all rushed back to Unazuki.

After seeing the others leave, Sailor Neptune said, "I wonder if that girl who dreams of the first kiss will be all right."
Sailor Uranus said, "She will be."
Sailor Neptune said, "I feel like it was good that that wasn't the talisman."
Sailor Uranus snapped back, "What are you saying! No matter what, we have to find the talisman."
Sailor Neptune said, "Yes, that's our mission."

At Unazuki's place, the girls returned the heart crystal, and Unazuki was recovering. [in the background, Tuxedo Mirage started playing. - very nice!]

Usagi said, "Unazuki's body is.."
Rei said, "Great!"
Mako said, "Now we don't have to worry about her kissing just anybody."
Minako said, "Yeah, a kiss is something that you have to do with one that you love."
Usagi said, "In Italy, when a boy and a girl kissed, they had to get married. That's how important a kiss is."
Minako said, "Usagi-chan, isn't there someone who is always doing that very important kiss?"
Usagi said, "??"
Ami said, "Yes, now we have to worry more about studying than going out with boys. Let's start studying!"

Mamoru said, "It's a good thing that Unazuki-chan recovered."
Usagi said, "Yes, also Unazuki-chan's important dream."
Mamoru said, "The first kiss.."
Usagi said, "Unazuki-chan's dream is very great. And I'm happy that I'm the one who got to protect that dream. Mamo-chan, do you remember our first kiss?"
Mamoru started to sweat. "That's.. umm.."
Usagi said, "Mamo-chan, it can't be!? You don't remember?"
Mamoru said, "That's.. it's ok.."
Usagi said, "No, the first kiss is important."
Mamoru tried to change the subject and said, "The moon is very pretty.."

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