Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 95

Episode Title
Koino otasuke ha Moon ni omakase
[Leave it up to Moon to aid in love.]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.18
Kaolinite went to professor Tomoe, and said that there must be a talisman in the pure heart of lovers. She asked for another daimon egg. The professor said, "How many daimon eggs do you have to waste before you can get the talisman? What about the Sailor Senshi who is getting in our way? If it stays this way, no matter how many eggs we use, we can't expect anything."
Kaolinite replied, "This time, I'll go too. Please leave it to me." Then professor Tomoe laughed, in his very insane manner.

[title screen]

At school, Umino had called Usagi so that they can talk in private. Umino said that something was wrong with Naru recently. He said that it seemed like Naru was hiding something from him. He thought that Naru might have found another boy friend. Usagi said that she would try to find out something from Naru.

Later Usagi talked with Naru. Naru told her that Umino was acting strange recently. She thought that Umino might have another girl friend. Then Usagi laughed and said that Umino wouldn't have a girl friend. She added that there is no way that other girls would like him. Naru quickly got a little upset at that remark and told Usagi that there were some good points about Umino. Then Naru left.

Usagi realized that Naru liked Umino too. So she decided that all she had to do was to get them together by solving this misunderstanding.

Usagi went over to Rei's house and asked her for some help. Rei said that since they both liked each other, it was simple. She said that there was a perfect event for it. There was a contest at Lover's Park for boy friends and girl friends to test their love for each other. By making Umino and Naru enter it, they can express their love to each other. Then Usagi said that she wanted to enter with Mamoru. But Rei said that if Usagi won, it would make Umino and Naru even more sad.

Later Usagi brought Umino and Naru to Lover's Park. Umino ran up to the place where the contest was going to be held. But when she got there, Usagi discovered that it was too late to enter because all of the entry slots had been filled. Usagi was shocked. Then Umino and Naru finally caught up to Usagi. Naru asked what was up, and Usagi told her about the contest. Then as Usagi was feeling depressed, both Umino and Naru took out their contest tickets and showed Usagi. They had kept it a secret from each other because they were embarrassed.

That night Umino was very psyched up and said that he had to get a lot of sleep for the next day's event. Umino got into his bed and started counting sheep. But Umino was very nervous and couldn't fall asleep right away.

Meanwhile the daimon egg imbedded itself into the hear statue at the top of Lover's Park.

In the middle of the night, Umino was up to 30003 sheep, and still couldn't sleep.

The next day, Haruka felt that there was an evil presence in the park. Michiru knew that the daimon was going to appear. They were determined not to give it the talisman.

Umino was very nervous as the contest was about to begin. Usagi told both Naru and Umino to try hard. Then they ran into the other girls, who had come to cheer on Umino and Naru. Minako said, "Where there's love, Minako has to be there."
Mako said, "It looks like fun."
Ami said, "Maybe it will be a good lesson."
Everyone immediately asked, "For what?" and Ami blushed. Then Usagi spotted Haruka and Michiru, who were also entered in the contest.

The game started and Usagi cheered for Naru. Mako yelled out, "Umino."
Rei yelled out, "Michiru."
Minako yelled out, "Haruka."

In the first game, all of the girls got behind a wall and stuck out their hand from a hole. The boys had to find their girl friends. Haruka went first and immediately went to a girl's hand. Usagi and the others were surprised. Ami said, "I wonder if it's that kind of relationship."

The announcer told Haruka to call out the name of his girl friend. Haruka got upset, but she called out Michiru's name. Then Michiru answered and came out.

Umino was next and he tried to find Naru's hand. Umino recalled the time when Naru had given him a handkerchief. He remembered that Naru had a bandaid on her finger. So Umino went to a girl's hand which had a bandaid. Then Umino called out Naru's name. But it was a different girl! Everyone laughed. Usagi was disappointed in Umino, and Umino still couldn't believe it. He said that the bandaid was proof. Naru was feeling very disappointed, and thought, "How can I have the bandaid from half a year ago." But she was also very happy that Umino had remembered about her.

Haruka was watching and thought that Umino was weird for doing so much for just a game. But Michiru said that it was wonderful that he can be so intense. It wasn't just a game to him.

[CM break]

Then they had many other games, and Haruka and Michiru kept winning everything. Umino was messing up everything, although he was trying very hard. Then they came to the last game. It was the "confess your love" game. The announcer said that the winner of this game has the purest heart.

The announcer called on Haruka, but Haruka said, "The show is over. We're going to quit. We just entered for fun, and we might win if we continue. The winner should have a real love. Love is everything! Bye." Then Haruka and Michiru left the stage.

After the other couples had their chance, the last couple was Umino and Naru. Umino was very nervous, but he just said what was in his heart. [In the background, the music from Tuxedo Mirage started playing softly.] "Naru-chan is always very bright (cheerful), and she is like the sun. I always do klutzy things, and I'm probably not fit for Naru-chan. Why is Naru-chan going out with me? It might just be god's whim. But I'm just happy to see Naru-chan's smile, which is like that of an angel. To protect that beautiful smile, I, Umino Gurio, can die."

Everyone started to get tears. When the announcer called on the audience to judge them, everyone cheered. Then the announcer declared Umino and Naru as the winner.

So Umino and Naru got to go to the heart statue to declare their love. But when they got close, the daimon came out of the statue. Naru was going to escape, but Umino said that he wanted to get the statue, which was the symbol of their love. The daimon said that the talisman existed in the pure heart and attacked Umino.

"Moon cosmic power, make up. Mercury star power, make up. Mars star power, make up. Jupiter star power, make up. Venus star power, make up." The girls transformed.

Sailor Moon appeared and said, "Wait! For destroying the love that they just got, even if the cupid of love forgives you, I wont! For love and justice, I'm the pretty soldier Sailor Moon."
"Sailor Mars."
"Sailor Mercury."
"Sailor Venus."
"Sailor Jupiter."
"In name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Then Kaolinite appeared in the sky. The daimon spit out handsome guys, one to each of the Sailor Senshi. They said, "Let's dancing." [in English]
Sailor Moon said, "Just a little bit," and they started dancing. Then the guys turned into monsters and grabbed/captured the Sailor Senshi with their arms.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared. Kaolinite said, "Daiheart, give them a partner for the dance too."
But Sailor Uranus said, "I'll find my own parter." Then she used her world shaking attack against the daimon.

When the monsters that had captured the Sailor Senshi disappeared, Sailor Uranus said to them, "'It's no time to be fooled by an illusion!"

Kaolinite said, "No matter how much you defeat them, I can make more daimon eggs."
Sailor Uranus said, "Then we'll defeat you."
But Kaolinite blasted Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Kaolinite said, "You're ten years too early to face me. Bye." Then she disappeared.

Sailor Uranus looked at Umino's heart crystal and found out that it wasn't the talisman. So she returned the crystal to Umino.

When the daimon was going to attack again, Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack and destroyed it.

Later Umino and Naru went to the statue and turned on the switch to light up the statue. Everyone cheered for Umino and Naru.

Rei said, "It turned out well."
Usagi said, "Yeah, it's because of you."
Minako said, "Umino-kun looks very happy."
Mako said, "Yeah, he really tried very hard."
Ami said, "That's so nice.. I want to.."
Then everyone quickly looked at Ami.

Umino said that he would make fried lobster the next day because he was so happy. Naru wasn't sure how that was going to taste..

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