Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 96

Episode Title
Reikokuna Uranus? Makoto no pinch
[The cruel Uranus? Makoto in a pinch]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.20
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.29
    (Corrections sent in by Henry J. Cobb)
After school, Usagi was with Mako and she was feeling hungry. Usagi didn't feel like going to study. But Mako said that she would cook some roast beef sandwich for everyone. Usagi said, "Really? Lucky! It's nice to have a friend who is talented at cooking."
Mako said, "My cooking isn't a talent or anything. Since I'm big, and not very feminine, I have to be good at cooking. That's why I try very hard at cooking."
Usagi said, "Even if you can't cook, you're very feminine."
Mako said, "Thank you."
Usagi said, "It's true. When I first saw you, I was thinking how cute you were."
Usagi and Mako kept talking and walking.

Haruka was speeding by on her motorcycle, and thinking by herself. She was heading directly for Usagi and Mako. Haruka finally spotted them at the last minute and skidded to a stop. Mako had dove and grabbed Usagi to take her out of the way of the motorcycle.

Haruka immediately went to the girls, and said, "I'm sorry. Are you all right? Are you injured?"

Usagi recovered and said that she was all right. Usagi and Haruka looked at Mako, who was bleeding a little bit. But Mako was in a trance as she stared at Haruka.

Haruka said, "I was thinking to myself and wasn't paying attention to the road. There's no excuse, it's my fault." Then she turned to Mako and said, "You're very brave and think about your friends."

But Mako was just staring at Haruka, as Haruka used her scarf to tie Mako's wound. Usagi had noticed the way Mako was looking at Haruka.

After Haruka left Usagi thanked Mako for saving her. But Usagi also said, "Mako-chan, no matter how cool Haruka-san is, she's a girl."
Mako said, "Of course."

Later, Michiru was floating in the sports club pool and she remembered a conversation when Haruka had said, "We have to find the Messiah. The talisman which is the key to the Messiah is locked in three pure hearts. I'll get it for sure."
Michiru asked, "Even if you have to sacrifice the owner of the pure hearts?"
Haruka said, "Even if I have to sacrifice the owner of those pure hearts."
Michiru asked, "For world peace?"
Haruka said, "It's for world peace. There isn't much time left. The silence is coming."

Michiru got out of the pool and called Haruka on their sailor watches, while Haruka watched Usagi, Mako, and Ami walk to school together, Mako asked if Usagi knew Haruka's address. Usagi asked what Mako was going to do with the address, and Mako replied that she had to return the scarf.

Kaolinite was in the air and spotted Mako. She said that Mako would be her next target. She made the wind blow, causing Haruka's scarf to fly out of Mako's hands. Mako went after it, saying that she wouldn't be able to go see Haruka without it. The scarf went under a car in a parking lot. When Mako was reaching for it, the daimon egg attached itself to the scarf. Then as Mako's hand touched it, the daimon monster grabbed Mako. "I'm going to take you pure heart."

Usagi and Ami arrived and saw the daimon attacking Mako. "Moon cosmic power, make up!" and "Mercury star power, make up!" Usagi and Ami transformed.

Sailor Mercury used her shine aqua illusion attack to free Mako from the daimon's ribbons. Sailor Moon appeared and said, "What are you doing so early in the morning? Get away from that girl!"

Kaolinite saw the Sailor Senshi and told the daimon to leave. Then both Kaolinite and the daimon flew away.

Haruka and Michiru (or was is Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) saw the whole thing and found out that Mako was the next target.

Haruka said, "I couldn't tell if that was the talisman or not. Sailor Moon got in the way."
Michiru said, "Why don't we tell them everything and fight together?"
Haruka said, "The disaster is coming soon. To prevent that, we have to sacrifice somebody. Do you think they can do that?"
Michiru said, "So what are you going to do?"
Haruka said, "They'll come after her again. We have to keep an eye on her."

[CM break - Sailor Moon S sausage CM]

After school Usagi went to Mako's classroom to get her so they can go home together. But one of Mako's classmates told Usagi that Mako had already left.

Usagi ran and caught up with Mako at the parking lot. When Usagi asked what Mako was doing, Mako said that she was looking for the scarf that she had dropped in the morning. Usagi was going to warn her that Haruka was a girl, but Mako said that it wasn't anything like that..

Then Haruka came bay in her sports car. Haruka said, "I'm glad I was able to meet you. I have something to do. Can you come with me?"

Mako quickly said yes, and Usagi tried to warn her again. But Haruka said that there wasn't any thing wrong with girls going on a drive together. Michiru was also in the car.

While they were driving, Haruka introduced Michiru as her classmate. Mako asked them how old they were. Michiru answered, "First year of high school."
Mako was surprised and said, "First year of high school!? Is is all right to drive?"
Michiru calmly asked Haruka, "Is it ok?"
Haruka said, "Umm.. I got my license overseas." Then Haruka said to Mako, "You have very cute ear rings. It suits you very well. I'm sorry I was very forceful."
Mako asked, "What is it that you want?"
Haruka said, "I want to become better friends with you." Mako was shocked.

Meanwhile at Rei's house, Usagi told everyone that Mako was on a date. Everyone was shocked. Usagi said, "But the other person is a girl."
Rei said, "A girl."
Ami said, "Oh no."
Minako said, "I wonder if Mako-chan's tastes have changed."
Ami said, "That's not it."
Usagi said, "The other person is that Haruka."
Minako said, "Oh, I can't laugh."
Rei said, "No matter how cool she is, I can't believe she's going after a girl."
Ami said, "That's not it."
Usagi said, "But Rei-chan, you have these." Usagi was hold some of Rei's manga (magazines?).
Rei snapped, "Don't take people's things!"
Ami yelled out, "That's not it! We shouldn't leave Mako-chan by herself. This time, the enemy is after Mako-chan's pure heart."

The girls called Mako on the communicator and found out that she was at a nearby park. The girls said that they would go right away. But Mako said that she would be all right as she would beat up the enemy. Usagi appeared on the communicator and tried to say something about going out with Haruka. Then the other girls also tried to have their say. Mako said that it wasn't like that.

Then the daimon appeared and started attacking Mako. Haruka and Michiru tried to help Mako, but Mako told them to escape. Then the daimon blasted Haruka and Michiru. Kaolinite told the daimon to take the pure heart from Mako.

The daimon attacked Mako, and in the bushes, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were just watching. Sailor Neptune said, "It's going according to plan."
Sailor Uranus said, "Yeah. It's too bad about that girl, but we have no choice."

Then the daimon got the heart crystal and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared. Sailor Uranus said, "Sorry we need the talisman."

Kaolinite told the daimon to attack the Sailor Senshi, and they started fighting. Mako was lying on the ground, without her heart crystal. She heard the fighting and thought to herself, "They were hiding all this time. They watched Haruka get beaten up."

Sailor Moon appeared and said, "That's enough! The bad one who takes the pure heart of a girl! In the name of a pretty fighter, I won't forgive you!"

Sailor Venus used her venus love me chain attack, and Sailor Mars used her burning mandala attack. Sailor Neptune found out that Mako's heart crystal wasn't the talisman. Sailor Moon went up to them and asked for the crystal. Sailor Uranus gave it back, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury went to return the crystal to Mako's body.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus saw that Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars were having a hard time against the daimon. Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack to blast the daimon.

Sailor Mercury told Mako to rest, but she didn't want to. Then Mako transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter used her sparkling wide pressure attack against the daimon. Then Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack to finish it off.

After the daimon died, Sailor Jupiter saw that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were going to leave. She said, "Wait! I don't know the reason, but you always come to steal the pure heart like a thief. You're the same as the daimon."
Sailor Uranus said, "Then what are you going to do?"
Sailor Jupiter said, "I can't forgive you today. I'll pound your spirits today."

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus started fighting. But Sailor Uranus hit Sailor Jupiter, and she crumpled to the ground.

As Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were running away, Sailor Neptune said, "How childish. You shouldn't have fought that hard."

Then Sailor Neptune noticed that Sailor Uranus was bleeding. Sailor Uranus said, "That girl is very strong."

Mako found Haruka's scarf lying on the ground. Ami discovered Haruka and Michiru by the bushes. Mako immediately went to Haruka, who was still lying on the ground unconscious. Haruka regained consciousness, and asked about the monster. Michiru said that the Sailor Senshi had appeared to beat it up. Mako was very happy that Haruka was all right, and cried. She said, "I'm sorry. Because you were with me.."

Mako discovered that Haruka's arm was bleeding. Then Mako returned the scarf to Haruka.

Mako said, "Haruka is very wonderful. Someday I want to become a wonderful woman like her."

Later, the other girls spoted Mako shopping for a new outfit, with a scarf.

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