Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 97

Episode Title
Mizu no labyrinth! Nerawareta Ami
[The labyrinth of water! They are after Ami]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.05.29
At school, the principal had found a book that Ami had forgotten. He went to Ami and gave it back to her. He asked if there was something on Ami's mind, because she usually didn't do things like this (forget a book).

Usagi came to the corner and spotted Ami. She overheard the conversation between the principal and Ami.

The principal said, "I heard that you were helping out some of the bad students." Usagi was shocked to hear this. The principal continued, "I hope it's not getting in the way of your studies." Usagi started feeling pretty bad. "If they are starting to pull you down.." the principal said, and Usagi crumbled to the ground. Then the principal finished, "Come tell me."

Ami said, "Even if you're the principal, I don't think you should say things like that."
The principal said, "Well, I just meant that I want you to concentrate on your studies."

Usagi was thinking about what the principal said. Then Naru came and spotted Usagi. She said that she wouldn't let Usagi forget about her promise to treat her to pizza.

After the principal left, Ami was alone and thought to herself, "Just studying.."

[title screen]

Ami was sitting by herself in a park. Mamoru came by and asked what was up. Ami said, "Mamoru-san, if you take studying away from me, what would be left?" Mamoru was surprised. Ami said, "I'm sorry for saying such weird things. But I was just thinking recently. My mother is a doctor, and ever since I was little I decided to be a doctor. So I just studied hard, thinking that it was my dream to be a good doctor."
Mamoru asked, "Isn't it so?"
Ami said, "But I was thinking that I didn't have a dream."
Mamoru said, "Why? I think it's a great dream to be a good doctor."
Ami said, "But someone with a real dream is more bright. Usagi-chan has so many dreams and is very brilliant. I can't compete."
Mamoru said, "Yeah, she has more dreams than most people."
Ami said, "There's no way I can be a good doctor if I'm only good at studying."
Mamoru said, "But it's a pity. If there was a doctor as cute as you, I was thinking that I wouldn't mind having shots."
Ami asked, "Mamoru-san, you hate shots?"
Mamoru said, "I hate shots."

Then Ami laughed and started to feel a little better. She went off to go swimming before going to study with her friends. As Ami was running off, Mamoru said, "You're very brilliant the way you are now."

Kaolinite was in the air. She saw Ami going to the pool and thought that the famous genius girl would have a pure heart.

Ami didn't see anyone else in the pool. She went in and swam around. [some very nice pictures of Ami swimming] But Michiru was also in the pool, and she spotted Ami swimming. Ami spotted Michiru too, and they both swam very gracefully underwater.

When they both came up for air, Michiru asked, "Were you something from the ocean in your previous life too?"

Ami said that she didn't know. Then Michiru swam up to Ami and said, "Let's race."

Then a voice (Haruka's voice) said, "Ready! Go!"

Ami and Michiru raced tot he other end of the pool. While they were racing Michiru thought to herself, "This girl is fast."

Ami and Michiru touched the wall at the same time. Ami said, "It's a tie." But Michiru just swam to the edge of the pool and silently got out.
When she was drying herself with a towel, she sharply said, "Why did you slow down? You think you made me happy?"
Ami said, "I'm sorry," and ran out.

Haruka, who was lying down on top of the diving board, said, "Oh no, you made her cry."
Michiru said, "I wasn't.."
Haruka said, "She just wanted to become friends. She's the type of person who isn't confident in herself, so she just tried to avoid the competition. But you teased her."
Michiru said, "I just wanted to say let's compete all out. But I feel sorry for her this way."

Ami was feeling depressed about herself.

The other girls were trying to study at Rei's house. When Ami appeared, Mako, Minako, and Rei rushed to her to get help. But Usagi stopped them and pushed them away. "No! Everyone, studying is something that you should do with your own power!"

Everyone was shocked. Rei wondered if they should take Usagi's temperature. But Ami said that it was all right and told everyone to ask her all that they wanted. Usagi still said, "Ami-chan has to study a lot to become a doctor. She's different from us. If anyone gets in her way, I won't forgive you!"

Everyone was shocked again. Usagi said to Ami, "All you have to do is just study." Ami then said that she had forgotten something and left. As Ami ran off Usagi noticed that there were tears in her eyes. Then as Rei and the others were going to resume studying, Usagi said that she had also forgotten something and ran out.

Usagi was running around looking for Ami. She felt that she had said something wrong, and was worried.

Ami was by herself by a river. She was disappointed that even Usagi had said only studying about her. Then Haruka came by on her motorcycle. She said that Michiru wanted a rematch and offered Ami a ride. But Ami said that she would walk by herself.

Luna and Artemis were walking down the street. Luna spotted Ami and went after her.

Meanwhile Professor Tomoe had created another daimon egg and sent it off.

[CM break]

Ami and Michiru were going to race again. Luna was outside of the sports club after following Ami.

Artemis had found Usagi and told her that Ami was at the sports club. Then they both rushed there.

Ami and Michiru were going to have a 100 meter free style race. While they were racing, Ami thought, "She's fast. It's the first time I raced against someone like this. I might lose. Why am I trying so hard? Is it because I don't want to lose? That's no it! It's because I don't want to run away from it. If I give up now, it would be running away. It's important to no escape and go all out."

Ami and Michiru finished in a tie. Michiru asked, "How was it? Wasn't it great to go all out?"
Ami said, "Yes. Thank you very much."
Michiru said, "It was fun. Let's swim again sometime."

Then as Ami was going to swim again, the daimon egg came into the pool. The daimon formed and started attacking Ami.

Usagi and Artemis arrived at the sports club. Luna was outside and saw that the daimon had come again. "Moon cosmic power, make up!" Usagi transformed.

Sailor Moon appeared at the pool and said, "Stop it! When I came to find my friend, there was one that wasn't invited.."

Kaolinite appeared and told the daimon to just take the heart crystal. Sailor Moon got attacked by Kaolinite. Then the daimon got the heart crystal from Ami. Sailor Moon (with some tears) said, "Give it back! Ami is nicer than anyone. She's smarter than anyone. She's going to be the best doctor in the world, and she's my very, very important friend."

Kaolinite then saw that it wasn't the talisman. Tuxedo Kamen appeared and threw a rose at Kaolinite. "One who damages the pure heart of a young girl. I won't forgive you!"

Kaolinite then told the daimon to fight Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. The daimon and Tuxedo Kamen fought. After the daimon got hit into the pool, Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack and finished off the daimon. Then Sailor Moon returned the heart crystal to Ami. Ami recovered and said, "Sailor Moon, thank you."

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus had been watching. Sailor Neptune said, "Unfortunately it wasn't the talisman."
Sailor Uranus said, "You're thinking that it was good that that girl is all right."

Later Usagi, Ami, and Mamoru were outside. Usagi said, "I'm sorry Ami-chan. Did I say something to hurt you?"
Ami said, "No. I was feeling a little depressed by myself. But because of Sailor Moon, I think I can recover. Thank you very much."
Usagi said, "You're welcome."
Mamoru said, "You're feeling better now?"
Ami said, "Yes, I found out that it's important to try my best. I won't escape any more."

Usagi noticed that Ami and Mamoru were in a good mood. Usagi said to Ami, "Tuxedo Kamen is my Tuxedo Kamen."
But Ami said, "Oh, I won't lose."
Usagi said, "No! No! No!"
Ami kept saying, "I won't lose."
Usagi kept saying, "No! No!"
Then Ami said, "We can't do this forever. We have to go study."

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