Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 98

Episode Title
Tomodachi wo sukue! Moon Uranus rengou
[Save the friends! Moon and Uranus work together.]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.12.
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.30.
    (Corrections sent in by Henry J. Cobb)
In his hideout, Professor Tomoe was saying that the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen were getting in the way. Also Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, the mysterious senshi, always appeared and were after the talisman too. Kaolinite mentioned that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune always appeared where the daimon appeared. She thought that they were onto their plans. Then professor Tomoe said that they should use that to trap them. Kaolinite said that she would do that, and kill both Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

[title screen]

Somewhere in the countryside, there was an off-road motorcycle race. Usagi, Mamoru, and the other girls were watching, and they saw Haruka win the race. Ami said that she had forgotten one English word because she had gotten so excited.

After the race, the girls went to see Haruka and Michiru. Then some of the other riders came by and yelled at Haruka for winning the race, even if she was a girl.

Haruka said, "It doesn't matter if one is male or female. The fastest one will win."

The other racers were going to attack Haruka, but another racer, Yamada Katsutoshi, came and stopped them. He said that they just had to win the next race. Yamada was a racer who tried very hard at racing. Michiru said to Haruka that he was the type who would have a pure heart. She said that she would watch over him.

When everyone was going to go home by bus, Usagi was looking at a street vendor who was selling some stuffed rider toys. Then the doors closed and the bus left, while Usagi was still outside. Usagi checked the bus time table, and found out that the next bus wouldn't leave for another hour. Then Haruka came by on her motorcycle and offered Usagi a ride.

While Usagi and Haruka were going down the mountain road, a truck came by and tried to knock them down. So Haruka told Usagi to hold on tightly, and went off the road into the forest. The guys (the riders who had previously threatened Haruka) tried to follow them.

Haruka and Usagi hid in the bushes. Haruka held Usagi, and Usagi felt like she was being held by a guy. She also thought that Haruka smelled good, and asked what kind of cologne she used. Then as the riders were getting close, Haruka told Usagi to be quiet.

Haruka jumped out of the bushes and faced the riders. The riders immediately attacked Haruka, but Haruka easily beat them up. Haruka said, "Don't be a coward. A race should be won fairly."

Then the riders got scared and ran off.

In another part of the mountains, Yamada was on his motorcycle psyching himself up. He was very determined to win. Then the daimon egg came and embedded itself into his motorcycle. The daimon appeared and attacked Yamada. Sailor Neptune had been watching, and called Haruka on their sailor watches.

Haruka and Usagi were in the forest by Haruka's motorcycle. There was something wrong and the motorcycle didn't start. When Haruka got the call from Michiru, she told Usagi to go to a nearby street, where she would be able to catch the bus. Usagi said that she can go home by herself, and then Haruka left. But Usagi became suspicious.

Meanwhile the daimon took the heart crystal from Yamada. Then Sailor Neptune appeared. She said, "I won't let you have it your way. Invited by the new age where the tide of Neptune roars, I'm the elegant Sailor Neptune."

Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack to take the heart crystal away. She found out that the heart crystal wasn't the talisman, and returned it to Yamada. Then she told Yamada to quickly escape.

Then Kaolinite appeared and said that it didn't matter if the heart crystal was the talisman. She said that she had been waiting for her to come. Then the daimon split herself into two tire-like monsters and tied Sailor Neptune to a tree. When Sailor Uranus appeared, Kaolinite said that she would kill both of them.

Usagi was still running in the forest as she had fallen way behind Haruka.

[CM break]

Usagi finally reached the scene and saw the battle. "Moon cosmic power, make up!" and Usagi transformed.

Kaolinite and the daimon had captured Sailor Neptune. She told Sailor Uranus that she would kill Sailor Neptune if she attacked. The Moon Tiara disk cut Sailor Neptune free, then Sailor Moon appeared and said, "Don't act like a coward!"
"Who are you?"
"I'm the beautiful fighter for justice Sailor Moon. A fight should be done fairly. I'm not on either side, but I won't let you fight unfairly. In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Then the daimon attacked Sailor Moon. While Sailor Moon was trying to get away, she told Sailor Uranus to go help Sailor Neptune. But Sailor Uranus snapped back, "Don't cut in!"

The daimon attacked again, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus got their hands handcuffed together. When the daimon attacked again, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon tried to escape in opposite directions. (They did not cooperate.)

Kaolinite noticed that they were a bad combination. She told the daimon to attack and finish them off. Sailor Uranus got hit by an attack.

Then Sailor Neptune yelled out, "Uranus, escape! You have to live and complete the mission."

The daimon kept attacking Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon, who couldn't do much to counterattack. Then Kaolinite threw Sailor Neptune into the waterfall. Sailor Uranus saw that and started running away. Sailor Moon yelled out that they were going in the wrong direction. But Sailor Uranus just kept running.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon got to a cave and went inside to hide. Sailor Moon said, "Sailor Neptune might be alive. Aren't you worried? Are you going to throw away your partner and escape?"

Then the daimon came nearby, so Sailor Uranus told Sailor Moon to be quiet.

After the daimon went away, Sailor Moon said, "Let's go save her. Are you going to let her die?"
Sailor Uranus said, "If we go out like this, we will die."
Sailor Moon said, "Coward! She's your partner isn't she? You're a bad person."

Sailor Uranus said, "What do you know! We made a promise. If something happened to one of us, that we wouldn't go back and help out. The one who survived would go after the talisman. We already promised that."

Sailor Moon said, "What is the talisman, that you have to do something such as this to find it?"

Sailor Uranus said, "There's no need to explain."

Sailor Moon said, "What! The ones who have their heart crystals taken are going to die. Why can you be so cold?"

Sailor Uranus said, "The end of the world is coming soon. In order to prevent that, we need the talisman. I don't want to make any sacrifices. But if that is going to save the entire world, what would you do?"

Meanwhile Kaolinite was over the waterfall wondering if Sailor Neptune had died.

In the cave, Sailor Moon noticed that Sailor Uranus was bleeding. Sailor Moon tried to care for it, but Sailor Uranus told her to leave her alone.
Sailor Moon said, "I can't leave an injured person alone." Sailor Moon took a cloth out of wherever it is that she keeps her gizmos and bandaged the wound. Then Sailor Moon said that she had a favor to ask. Her back was very ichy, so she asked Sailor Uranus to scratch her back.

Then the daimon came into the cave. Sailor Uranus covered Sailor Moon and they hid. Then Sailor Moon smelled Sailor Uranus' cologne. Sailor Moon noticed that it was the same as Haruka. She wondered if Sailor Uranus was Haruka.

The daimon blasted the rock that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon were hiding behind. So Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon ran out into the forest again. Kaolinite was waiting for them, and told the daimon to kill them. But this time, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon cooperated and escaped well together. Kaolinite couldn't believe it. Then when the daimon blasted them, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon stuck out their arms to let the blast cut off the handcuffs.

Sailor Neptune struggled out of the water and Kaolinite spotted her. She was going to kill her, but Sailor Moon threw herself at Kaolinite.

Sailor Uranus then used the world shaking attack to blast one of the daimons, and Sailor Moon used the moon spiral heart attack to finish off the other daimon. Then Kaolinite vanished.

Sailor Uranus said to Sailor Moon, "I think a little bit better of you. But I won't let anyone interfere with our mission."
Sailor Neptune said, "Why did you risk yourself to save me?"
Sailor Uranus said, "The one that saved you was her," and pointed to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Neptune was surprised that it was Sailor Moon.

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