Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 100

Episode Title
Sailor Senshi wo yametai!? Minako no nayami
[She wants to quit being a Sailor Senshi!? Minako's worries.]
Air Date
Guest Voice Actors
Asai (Kanemaru Jun'ichi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.12.
After school Minako was alone and she overheard some couples talking together. Minako was in a bad mood, and feeling very bitter.

[title screen]

Artemis came up to Minako and told her that they didn't have enough data about the new enemy. But Minako wasn't listening to Artemis. Minako said that she was missing something in her life. "One who watches love, is watched by love. I wonder which philosopher said that.." Minako said.
But Artemis said that nobody had said anything like that.
Minako said, "I wish some nice guy with some roses comes up and says, 'young lady won't you go out with me tonight?'"
Artemis said, "Nobody would do that."
Minako said, "When am I going to meet the man I'm destined for?"

Just then a volleyball came rolling to her. Asai came out of the gym and Minako threw the ball to him. When she asked if he was still playing volleyball, Asai said that he wanted to play until the end of summer.

Asai asked, "Why did you quit volleyball after coming back from England? Your flying somersault reception was really great."
Minako said, "Actually I wanted to continue volleyball.." Then the volleyball team manager came calling for Asai.

Meanwhile at the death busters' hideout, Kaolinite made some tea for professor Tomoe. But Tomoe asked about the talisman. He said that Kaolinite had failed too many times. Then Tomoe said that his body was getting stiff because he just did his experiments all the time. He got an idea and said that a sportsman with a pure heart might have the talisman. So he created a daimon egg.

The next day on the way to school, Minako met Asai. Asai said, "Do you have a boy friend?"
Minako said, "Why?"
Asai said, "I was just wondering."
Minako said, "Asai-kun, what kind of girl do you like?"
Asai said, "Me, if I was going to go out with a girl, I want to be able to be in the same club as her." Minako was surprised. Asai continued, "When I was in first year, I was very impressed by you, because you were so good. I wanted to confess to you when I became a regular. Aren't you going to play volleyball any more?"
Minako said, "We're in third year now."
Asai said, "That doesn't matter."
Minako said, "But I'm very busy."
Asai said, "Studying?"
Minako said, "Well, lots of things.."
Then Asai went off because he had volleyball practice.

After school in Rei's room, Minako was laughing and reading Sailor V manga instead of studying. But the other girls looked very dark. Minako had brought some Sailor V chocolates and Sailor V drinks. The Ami said, "It doesn't look like you are getting anywhere with your studies."
Minako said, "I'm sorry, Ami-sensei. The Minako of love and justice actually hates studying and is a bad girl. She sometimes cheats." Then Minako got up and said in a low voice, "Maybe I'll quit being a Sailor Senshi for a while."
The other girls were shocked.
Minako said, "I'm sorry I don't feel like it today." Then Minako left.
Artemis was going to go after her, but the girls stopped him. Rei said, "Everyone has times when they want to be alone."

Meanwhile the daimon flew to the school gym and embedded itself in one of the volleyballs.

[CM break]

Minako was playing a driving game at the game center, but she went wildly and crashed. Haruka came and asked, "What happened? The normal rhythm is gone from your driving."

Minako and Haruka walked down the street together. Minako asked, "Haruka-san, don't you have a boy friend?"
Haruka said, "No. I told you before."
Minako said, "But isn't there someone you like? I wonder what kind of person a genius racer would like. Is it someone with a special talent?"
Haruka said, "What do you want to ask?"
Minako said, "Don't you feel that you want to be a normal high school girl? Don't you get lonely without the normal happiness?"
Haruka said, "Are you sacrificing some normal happiness?"
Minako said, "Um.. no."
Haruka said, "I don't know what normal happiness is. But I don't think I'm not normal. The Ten'ou Haruka that likes motor sports can only live this way. There are more important things to me than normal happiness, I think."
Minako said, "More important things?"
Then Haruka went off.

Later Minako went to the school gym and took a peek at Asai who was practicing volleyball. Then Minako saw the volleyball team manager go to Asai and kiss him. Minako was shocked. As the girl was about to leave, Asai reached into the volleyball basket to get another ball. But he grabbed the ball that had the daimon egg in it. Then the daimon monster appeared.

Minako called everyone on her communicator and transformed into Sailor Venus.

The daimon blasted Asai and the girl. Sailor Venus appeared and said, "Wait! I'm the beautiful sailor suited fighter of love and beauty, Sailor Venus. I'll give you the wrath of god in place of Venus!"

Sailor Venus used the venus love me chain attack and hit away the daimon's attack. But a volleyball net appeared and trapped Sailor Venus. The daimon grabbed the heart crystal from Asai. Kaolinite appeared, but she discovered that it wasn't the talisman. So she told the daimon to just kill Asai and Sailor Venus.

Sailor Moon appeared and used her moon tiara to rip the net away from Sailor Venus.

Kaolinite told the daimon to kill Sailor Moon too, then left. The daimon turned the heart crystal into a volleyball and challenged Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus yelled out and told Sailor Moon not to break the ball (heart crystal).

The daimon threw the ball at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just avoided it, but the other Sailor Senshi appeared and Sailor Mars ended up with the ball. But just as they were feeling relieved, the daimon used telekinesis to control the ball. She sent the ball flying and attacked everyone.

Sailor Mercury said, "All we can do is to dodge it."
Sailor Mars said, "We can get that ball."

Sailor Venus saw Asai struggling. She got up and challenged the daimon. The daimon took the challenge and served the ball towards Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus said, "I'm a Sailor Senshi. There are things that only I can protect."

The blazing ball came at Sailor Venus, and she used her flying somersault reception to hit the ball into the air. Asai saw Sailor Venus' move and knew that it was Minako. The ball (heart crystal) went to Sailor Mars. So Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack to kill the daimon.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus had been hiding and watching this battle.

Later when Asai and his girl friend were walking together, they ran into Minako. Asai said, "If you ever run into Sailor Venus, please tell her thanks for saving me."

After Asai and his girl friend left, Minako heard a voice. "Young lady, would you go out with me tonight?" Minako looked up into the tree and saw a bouquet of roses. Artemis threw the roses down to Minako.
Then Minako said, "Well, I'll think about it."

[a very nice ending!]

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