Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 101

Episode Title
Usagi namida Tanjoubi ni glass no kutsu wo
[Usagi in tears. Glass shoes for her birthday.]
Air Date
Guest Voice Actors
Senishienta (Yoshida Konami)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.25.
  • This story is continued to the next episode.
At the hideout, Professor Tomoe asked Kaolinite if she had found the next target. Kaolinite said that she had. She also said that she was certain of this one as the target was one who had a very pure heart. Then Tomoe said that he would give his strongest daimon.

[title screen]

"Today, June 30th is my birthday!" Usagi said as they were on the way home from school. The other girls congratulated her, but very coldly. Usagi was disappointed.
Rei said, "Just because it is your birthday, don't be late for the study session at 4. Bye."
Then Usagi started crying as everyone left.

When Usagi was walking down the street, she saw some pretty glass shoes in a store window. She wanted them as a present. Then she decided that she was going to have Mamoru buy them for her.

Usagi finally found Mamoru. Usagi said, "I was looking for you."
Mamoru said, "Why?"
Usagi said, "You're pretending you don't know. There's something I was as a present, glass shoes. Please buy it!"
Kaolinite was in the air watching Usagi and Mamoru.
Mamoru said, "Christmas is still long in the future."
Usagi said, "Of course! Mamo-chan, you don't know what today is?"
Mamoru said, "Today? What day is today?" Usagi was very disappointed, and Mamoru continued, "Just a joke. How can I forget.. Today is the day that we first met."
Then Usagi slapped Mamoru and ran off crying.

When Usagi was crying, Haruka and Michiru came and said that tears didn't suit her. Then Usagi explained the situation. Michiru said, "The nerve of him, to forget your birthday.."
Usagi said, "He's not my boy friend any more."
Haruka said, "Then there's a chance for me.." Haruka got closer to Usagi. Then Usagi remembered that she had to go to Rei's house and ran off.

After Usagi left, Haruka said, "That girl is cute."
Michiru said, "But she might be the owner of the talisman."
Haruka said, "It can't be.."

Meanwhile Mamoru called Rei, and Rei told him that it was Usagi's birthday.

When Usagi opened the door and went into Rei's room, the other girls were waiting, and shouted, "Happy birthday!" Usagi was surprised. Mako had made a lot of food. Ami bought a present for Usagi, which was a test book with lots of questions appeared on tests. Rei told Usagi to be more cheerful. Minako said that they should forget about studying and party. Mako and Rei agreed. Ami said that it was ok, just for that day. But Usagi was thinking to herself that she wanted a present from Mamoru.

Meanwhile Mamoru went to the shoe store and bought the glass shoes that Usagi had wanted. But just before that, Kaolinite had put the daimon egg into the shoes.

After Mamoru left the store with Usagi's shoes, Haruka and Michiru saw Kaolinite. They thought that Mamoru was going to be the next target.

At Rei's house, the girls were partying, but Usagi was feeling sad. When Ami asked what was wrong, Usagi said that she had slapped Mamoru. Rei said, "Because he had forgotten your birthday, right? But he didn't forget. He never knew."
Mako said, "Did you ever tell Mamoru your birthday?"
Usagi said, "Oh yeah, I never told him. But if he loves me, he should feel it."
Minako said, "Then Usagi-chan, do you know Mamoru-san's birthday?"
Usagi said, "Of course!" Usagi thought about it for a while, and then laughed, "I don't know." Then Usagi left to apologize to Mamoru.

Usagi ran into Mamoru in the street. He had the shoes for her, and asked her to try it on. Just when Usagi stuck her feet in, the daimon appeared.

[CM break]

The daimon blasted Mamoru, and attacked Usagi. The daimon held Usagi against the wall, and was going to steal her heart crystal. Then Usagi took out her compact and yelled out, "Moon cosmic power, make.."
But the daimon hit Usagi's compact away, "Don't you hit me with that!"

The daimon embedded Usagi against the wall and got ready to take her heart crystal. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrived and saw that Usagi was the target. The daimon started taking the heart crystal. Sailor Neptune said, "Aren't you going to save her?"
Sailor Uranus said, "But she might be the one with the talisman."
Sailor Neptune said,"It's written on your face, what should I do if that's the case."
Sailor Uranus said, "Don't be stupid."

The daimon got Usagi's heart crystal. She said that it was the talisman. Usagi's heart crystal was different from the previous ones. Sailor Uranus saw it and said that it was the talisman. Sailor Uranus was going to get it, but Sailor Neptune stopped her. "If that really is the talisman, you can't return it to her."
Sailor Uranus said, "Yeah."
Sailor Neptune said, "That will mean her death."

Then a rose came flying by, and hit the talisman away from the daimon. Usagi's heart crystal moved back into Usagi's body. Tuxedo Kamen said, "A pure heart is a light that shines in the dark. I'll protect the brilliance of the pure heart!"

Tuxedo Kamen threw roses and froze the daimon. Then he went to Usagi and rescued her.

When Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi were at the top of a building, Tuxedo Kamen told her to transform into Sailor Moon. But Usagi couldn't.

Meanwhile Kaolinite appeared and asked the daimon what had happened. The daimon told her that someone had interfered. Kaolinite told the daimon to quickly find the girl. Then she noticed the compact on the ground. She picked it up and recalled that it was similar to the one that Sailor Moon had.

Usagi saw that Kaolinite had picked up her compact. Tuxedo Kamen said that they had to escape.

While they were escaping, the daimon spotted them. Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi were trying to run away from the daimon. But they got caught by Kaolinite. Then Usagi called Luna with her communicator. But Kaolinite quickly hit it away and said, "It's no good to call your friends, Sailor Moon!"

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were watching. Sailor Neptune said, Are you going to leave her alone?"
Sailor Uranus said, "Yeah. Our mission is to get the three talisman and the holy grail. For that some sacrifices have to be made."

At Rei's home, Minako had eaten all of Usagi's cake. They were saying that Usagi and Mamoru must have made up by now. Then they got a call from Luna.

Tuxedo Kamen told Usagi to stay back as he fought the daimon. He told her to escape when there was an opening.

Tuxedo Kamen held off the daimon, and told Usagi to go. Usagi tried to run away, but Kaolinite appeared in front of her. Kaolinite took out Usagi's compact and said, "Don't you want this? If you don't want it, I'll break it?" Then Kaolinite dropped the compact onto the ground and put her foot on it. "Don't resist. Have your heart crystal taken!"

Tuxedo Kamen was still fighting the daimon. When he turned to go to Usagi, the daimon sprayed Tuxedo Kamen with something to freeze him. Tuxedo Kamen got trapped and Usagi couldn't do anything.

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