Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 102

Episode Title
Ubawareta pure na kokoro. Usagi zettai zetsumei.
[The stolen pure heart. Usagi is in trouble.]
Air Date
Guest Voice Actors
Senishienta (Yoshida Konami)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.25.
  • This story is continued from the previous episode.
The Sailor Senshi arrived at the scene. Kaolinite told Usagi and the Sailor Senshi to come to the Tokyo Tower if they wanted Tuxedo Kamen. Then Kaolinite vanished with Tuxedo Kamen and the daimon.

The Sailor Senshi went over to Usagi, and they saw Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune running away. Mako said that they were like hyena, just waiting for Usagi's heart crystal.

Usagi was about to run off by herself. Ami told her to wait because the enemy was going to set a trap. But Usagi ran off. Rei said, "Do you think you can do everything by yourself."

[Ai no Senshi started playing in the background]

Usagi ran out, and a car came up. It was Haruka and Michiru. Usagi asked for a ride, and they went off. The Sailor Senshi arrived, but it was too late.

In the car, Michiru asked if Usagi had made up with her boy friend. Haruka said that everyone was living in this world by sacrificing something, and that everyone was stepping on somebody. Then Usagi thought about the words that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune had said before. Usagi thought for a second that Haruka and Michiru could be those mysterious Sailor Senshi.

Usagi said, "It might be ok for the people who are stepping on others. But what about those who are getting stepped on? Don't you have to think about those who are being sacrificed? I can't watch others being unhappy, even if I'm saved. Even if I can't do it myself, if people work together, there must be a way to do things without sacrificing anybody."
Michiru said, "Usagi, you're such a nice girl."

[end of background song]

Usagi got off at the Tokyo Tower and thanked Haruka for the ride. Usagi ran off to go into the tower.

Michiru said to Haruka, "Is it ok? She's going to die."
Haruka said, "We have no choice. In order to save the world odango atama has to be sacrificed."

When Usagi got into the tower, all of the shutters closed. Kaolinite invited Usagi to get into the elevator.

Meanwhile the other Sailor Senshi had arrived at the tower too. But they couldn't get in. Since they couldn't break in, they decided to go up on the stairs. As they were running off, Luna and Artemis said that this mission was all up to Sailor Venus.

When Usagi reached the top, she saw Tuxedo Kamen frozen in glass. Kaolinite said that if she got any closer, she would break the glass.

Usagi said, "I don't care about myself. Just don't touch Tuxedo Kamen!"

Then Kaolinite had her daimon steal Usagi's heart crystal. Then just as Kaolinite was going to get it, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared and stole the heart crystal. Sailor Uranus looked at Usagi's heart crystal and said that it wasn't the talisman. Kaolinite was surprised. Sailor Neptune said that the brilliance of the heart crystal was related to the pureness of the heart, but not to the talisman.

So Sailor Uranus (who seemed very happy that it wasn't the talisman) returned the heart crystal to Usagi.

Kaolinite said, "Even if it isn't the talisman, I'll take your life, Tsukino Usagi. No Sailor Moon!"

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were shocked. But then a voice [Fukami Rica's voice ^_^;] said, "That girl is not Sailor Moon!"

Then the shadow of the four Sailor Senshi appeared. Sailor Moon [the one with Sailor Venus' voice] said, "Going after the pure heart of an innocent girl and mistaking her for me.. In place of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Usagi was very surprised.

[CM break]

Then the four Sailor Senshi appeared. There was a blonde girl with not-so-odango hair passing as Sailor Moon. Usagi saw it and knew that it was Minako. [Usagi had a VERY funny expression on her face.]

Kaolinite said that something seemed different. Sailor Venus got upset and said, "What are you talking about. This perfect disguise.." Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars quickly covered Sailor Venus' mouth. Sailor Mercury said that they were all real.

The daimon asked about Usagi. Sailor Venus said, "I don't know. Maybe she's a fan of me."
Sailor Mars said, "How can someone so klutzy and a cry baby be a Sailor Senshi."

The Sailor Senshi kept insulting Usagi, and Kaolinite threw down Usagi's compact, thinking it was a fake. Usagi was getting upset at what the other girls were saying.

Then Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were going to leave. But Kaolinite destroyed part of the Tokyo Tower, and said that she would kill them. When Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus went off, Kaolinite told the daimon to kill the Sailor Senshi, as she went after the other two.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune fought Kaolinite outside. The four Sailor Senshi fought against the daimon. Sailor Venus used the "hissatsu love me moon chain!" attack.
Usagi said to herself, "There's no attack like that."

Luna grabbed the compact and brought it to Usagi. She told her to transform. "Moon cosmic power, make up!"

The daimon saw Usagi transform into Sailor Moon, and said, "So you were actually Sailor Moon!?"
Sailor Moon said, "That's right! I'm the real, and original, and most popular one. I'm fashionable, beautiful, and cool, the sailor suited pretty soldier Sailor Moon. In place of the moon, I'll punish you."

Sailor Moon used the moon spiral heart attack to kill the youma. Then the glass that was around Tuxedo Kamen broke free. Tuxedo Kamen was all right.

Meanwhile, Kaolinite and Sailor Uranus were still fighting. Kaolinite sensed that the daimon had died. When Kaolinite and Sailor Uranus attacked each other, Sailor Uranus got injured.

Kaolinite caused and explosion to try to lure the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon said that they should go up to help Sailor Uranus. The other girls said that they should leave them alone. But Sailor Moon said that they had saved her, and that they weren't bad people. Then Sailor Venus said ok. Sailor Moon quickly asked Sailor Venus to get out of her disguise.

"Destroying the tower that broadcasts good TV programs. I won't forgive you. In place of the viewers, I'll punish you!"

Sailor Venus said, "What are you going to do? Are you going to escape like usual?"
Kaolinite said, "Why do you think I called you here?" Then Kaolinite pulled out a vial of some solution that she had created. She dropped it on one of Usagi's glass slippers, and turned it into a sword. Kaolinite attacked, and the Sailor Senshi dodged the flying glass. Sailor Moon covered Sailor Uranus. Sailor Moon then discovered that Sailor Uranus was injured, and said, "Leave it to us and escape."

Kaolinite attacked again. Sailor Moon told Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to escape. Sailor Jupiter said, "You didn't find the talisman, so you don't have any need to be here." So Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune started to leave. But Kaolinite created a barrier, so they couldn't leave.

Sailor Mars used the burning mandala attack and Sailor Jupiter used the supreme thunder attack, but Kaolinite had created a force field around her own body.

Sailor Venus said, "It's too dangerous to stay together. Let's separate."
Sailor Mercury said, "No, don't separate."
Sailor Moon said, "Do you have a good idea?"
Sailor Mercury said, "The only way to break that shield is the sailor planet attack."
Sailor Mars said, "We can't. She'll attack us while we are powering up."

Kaolinite was going to attack again, but a rose hit her sword. Tuxedo Kamen went to face Kaolinite. As they fought, the Sailor Senshi powered up for the attack.

"Moon cosmic power, Mars star power, Mercury star power, Jupiter star power, Venus star power.. Sailor planet attack!"

The force hit Kaolinite and knocked her down. But she struggled up. Kaolinite saw that the Sailor Senshi had used up most of their power. Just as Kaolinite attacked, Sailor Uranus unleashed her world shaking attack. The attack blasted Kaolinite, and she fell down from the Tokyo Tower to her death.

Later Sailor Neptune said to Sailor Uranus, "What kind of whim was that?"
Sailor Uranus said, "Don't tease me too much. That Sailor Moon started to look like odango atama."

Later at Rei's house, Mamoru apologized to Usagi about not knowing her birthday. Usagi said that it was all right because she was always receiving a lot of love from him.

Meanwhile Professor Tomoe got a phone call from a mysterious woman. He found out that Kaolinite had been killed. The professor said that she would have to take Kaolinite's place.

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