Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 103

Episode Title
Yattekita chicchana bishoujo senshi
[She came. The tiny pretty girl soldier.]
Air Date
Voice Actors
Eudial (Kawamura Maria)
Touno Maya (Takamori Yoshino)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.11.
There was a door with the sign Witches 5 on it. The professor called one of the Witches 5. He had read the report written by Eudial and said that he would change the way that they looked for the talisman. He was going to leave it all up to Eudial. Eudial said that there was a girl with a pure heart who was a drum player (Japanese taiko). She said that she might have the talisman. Then Eudial activated some device.

While walking home from school, Usagi told Minako, Mako, and Ami that she wanted to go to the festival. Minako and Mako also wanted to go. Usagi asked Ami very nicely to let them go. Minako added that the study session had been canceled for that day. Then Ami agreed that it would be good to take a day off. Mako and the others wondered what had happened to Rei, as she was the one who had canceled the study session.

Just then a girl came by on a speeding bicycle. The girl crash-skidded to a stop in front of a coffee shop. Then the girl went into the store. The girl was Rei!

Usagi and the others followed Rei into the store. Rei went over to a table where a girl had been waiting, and apologized for being late.

Usagi and the others sat down and spied on Rei. Usagi wondered who the girl was. Minako had thought that Rei was going on a date. Mako wondered if that girl was actually a guy dressed up as a girl. Ami quickly said that it didn't look that way. Usagi said that they were too far away to hear anything.

Rei asked the girl if she would help her out. She said that she needed her help. Then the waitress brought over some coffee. Usagi and the others snuck up behind the waitress and tried to spy on Rei. Rei sensed something and looked around. Usagi and the others tried to stay behind the waitress as Rei looked around. Eventually the waitress got tangled up and dropped the coffee on Rei's head. Rei got upset and yelled at her friends. Then the girl told Rei that she would help out and accept Rei's offer.

Rei was a member of the organization for making the Juuban Matsuri more exciting because one of her grandfather's friends had asked her to help out. That girl Rei had been talking to was Touno Maya, a genius drummer, and Rei had asked her to play her drums at the festival. Rei thought that having her would make the festival very exciting. Then Usagi said that she wanted to play drums too. Rei said that there were some drums that she could play.

That night at the festival, Usagi was hitting the drums. But it was a little drum to attract people to the goldfish catching game. Usagi was upset that they had to take care of this game. Minako said that the drums fit Usagi well.

Mako and Ami were helping out the kids who were playing the goldfish catching game. Ami helped one boy catch a goldfish. [Ami is VERY nice.] Minako said that it wasn't good business. Then a couple of boys came up and said, "Obachan" to Minako. They wanted to play the game too. Minako got very upset at the "Obachan" and she deliberately weakened the paper spoons before giving it to the kids. The kids failed the game and Minako said to herself, "Business, business."

Usagi was still hitting the drums and trying to attract people. Then Haruka and Michiru came. Usagi invited them to play the game. Haruka caught a goldfish and they walked off together. Usagi said that no matter what they tried, Haruka and Michiru were very good.

[CM break]

Usagi went over to a building and found Rei sneaking around. Usagi was upset and asked how long they would have to watch the goldfish store. But Rei told Usagi to keep quiet. Inside the building, Touno Maya was practicing her drums. Rei said that she had been practicing for the past three hours.

Rei said, "Since she's doing it for free, I told her that she didn't have to do that much. But she said that she had to keep her feelings high, or she wouldn't be able to hit the drums well. When I saw her drums, I felt that the festival will be a success with her. But I was a little unfair. Even someone that good was working so hard behind the scenes. I have to try hard too, to make the festival a success."

Eudial came to the festival grounds in her car. She used a loud speaker and called Touno Maya. When Maya came out of the building, Eudial rushed over to her. Eudial got out of her car, pulled out a large gun (cannon) device, and fired at Maya. After taking the hit, Touno Maya's heart crystal popped out of her back. Usagi and Rei saw this and transformed.

Sailor Moon said, "Wait! One who goes after the pure heart of one who beats the Japanese drums is an enemy of Japanese traditional arts. For love and justice, I'm the beautiful girl soldier Sailor Moon. In place of the moon, I'll punish you."
Sailor Mars said, "For love and fire, I'm the beautiful girl soldier Sailor Mars. In place of Mars, I'll punish you."

Eudial said, "I'm one of the Witches 5, Eudial." Eudial called out her for her daimon, and the daimon appeared. The daimon quickly used a firecracker attack to disable Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

Then Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared and took the heart crystal. They found out that it wasn't the talisman. So Eudial just left in her car.

Sailor Neptune asked Sailor Uranus if she was going to help Sailor Moon. But Sailor Uranus said, "If I helped them out all the time, it would be too much service."

Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars got caught in drum skins, and the daimon was going to beat on the Sailor drums. Sailor Moon told the daimon to beat on Sailor Mars first, because it looked like it would hurt. But then a very cute voice said, "Wait!"
"Who is it!"
The cute voice continued, "As expected, you can't do anything without me. You should shape up!"
Sailor Moon said, "That voice is.."
Chibi Usa said, "For love and justice, I'm the beautiful girl soldier in training, Sailor Chibi Moon! In place of the future moon, I'll punish you!" Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars were shocked.

The daimon went to fight Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon used her pink sugar heart attack against the daimon. But nothing came out of her little stick. Then Sailor Chibi Moon tried again. This time a lot of little hearts came flying out and hit the daimon. This attack didn't have much affect, except for annoying the daimon a little.

Meanwhile Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars got themselves free. Then Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack and destroyed the daimon.

Later Chibi Usa was riding on Usagi's shoulders as they enjoyed the festival. Michiru spotted them and said that Chibi Usa was very cute. Haruka said, "Don't you look alike?" Usagi and Chibi Usa quickly said that they didn't look alike at all. Usagi said that Chibi Usa was her cousin.

Then Rei appeared and said that Touno Maya's drum event was going to start.

Usagi asked, "Chibi Usa, why did you come back?"
Chibi Usa said, "My mother told me to go train in the 20th century."
Usagi said, "What does that mean!?"

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