Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 105

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Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayoi michi
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.11.
Mako was running in the mountains as she was training alone. She recalled the previous battles with the daimon where she used her sparkling wide pressure attack. But her attack was not effective, and it was Sailor Moon who always defeated the daimon. Mako said to herself, "I have to get more power."

[Title screen]

Professor Tomoe called Eudial. Eudial told him that she had already picked out her next target. It was somebody with a pure heart who had been training in the mountains for more than four years. Then she asked what kind of shape the talisman was supposed to be. Professor Tomoe said, "If the pure heart is the real talisman, it should transform into one of the three holy items, a mirror, a sword, or a ball. When the three items are gathered together, the holy grail should appear.

Then Eudial created a daimon and went off in her car.

Usagi got a postcard from Mako. It said that she was training near some temple. Then Usagi noticed that the temple was close to the hotel where Mamoru was working. He was working at a resort hotel.

So the four girls went on a train to the mountains. When they were in the train, Usagi was pigging out on some bento. Rei told Usagi to calm down and eat slowly, because there was some rice on Usagi's face. Then Luna and Artemis stuck their heads out of Usagi and Minako's backpacks. They said that they were hungry, so Usagi and Minako gave them the tail part of the fried shrimp (left overs).

Rei asked why Chibi Usa didn't tag along. Usagi said that she used her skill as a future mother to explain it to her. But actually Usagi had just snuck out of the back door.

When Usagi and the girls got off the bus, Usagi said that there was a nice hotel nearby. She asked if they all wanted to stay there. But Rei said that they had come to work out with Mako. Usagi said that it didn't matter where they stayed, as long as they can help Mako. Ami said that it didn't matter as long as she could study. But Luna said, "Stop!" and told the girls to listen to Usagi's sneaky plot. When Rei asked what it was, Luna explained that Mamoru was working at that hotel. Then the other girls got upset and Rei said that they were going to stay at the temple.

The girls climbed a very long set of stairs to the temple. Ami said that it was 52 times as much as the Hikawa Shrine. When they got to the top, they saw Mako working out. they they saw a bald guy running around. Mako explained that the guy (called Kakusui) ran 50 laps in the mountains every day. Usagi asked if Mako fell in love with that guy, but she denied it.

Later Mako saw Kakusui standing inside the waterfall. Mako felt that the water was very cold, but she went in next to Kakusui. But Mako couldn't stand the cold and came out right away. Mako asked how she can become like him. She said that she was in a slump and her techniques weren't effective. Then Kakusui came out of the water. He just stood there without saying anything. When Mako snapped at him, Kakusui said that the water was so cold that his mouth had frozen shut. When Mako laughed, Kakusui said that the smile suited her very well. Then he told Mako, "There is no road that leads one better than this road. I will walk this road." But he said that when something goes wrong he is always unsure of his decision, thinking whether this road was the right one.

That night while everyone was in their futons, Rei asked why Mako wanted to train.

[The layout of the futon was as follows..]

 Rei    Usagi
 Mako   Minako

Usagi said that she shouldn't hold her worries inside. Then Rei said that Usagi didn't hold any of her worries inside. Usagi got upset and threw a pillow at Rei. Rei threw it back, along with her own, but one of the pillows hit Minako. Minako got upset and threw the pillow at Rei. But one pillow hit Ami, and a big pillow fight began.

The next morning, while everyone else was still asleep, Mako was outside. "Thank you for coming. But this time I want to solve it myself."

[CM break]

Mako had started her training, and the noise woke up the other girls. Rei saw Mako and said that maybe they couldn't do anything to help her.

At breakfast, Usagi was shocked at what they were served. It was a bowl of rice and some pickled vegetables. Usagi said that she wouldn't get any energy, but Ami said that this would make one's brain work better. Rei said that this would make her lose weight. But Usagi said that while she was on a trip, she wanted to eat something good.

Then Usagi said that she wanted to go eat at the hotel. Rei snapped at Usagi for always thinking about food, but she agreed to go eat at the hotel. When Ami asked what they were going to do with this food, Usagi said that she would eat it too. While Usagi was stuffing herself, Minako took our her bathing suit. Then Rei took hers out, and Usagi quickly followed. Luna and Artemis were disgusted and said that Ami was the only one who was really thinking about Mako. But then Ami had brought one too.

The girls went to the hotel and ate a feast by the pool. While Usagi was eating, she spotted Mamoru, who was working. Usagi asked Mamoru to go somewhere, but he said that the work was very busy.

After Mamoru left, a few boys spotted the girls and started talking about them. "That girl is cute. All four are good.."
"That girl is so cute. Her eyes are pretty.."

The girls had been listening and were feeling very good. But then one of the boys said, "It's better over there."

Usagi, Rei, and Minako got very upset. Then Usagi looked in the other direction and spotted Haruka and Michiru sitting on deck chairs in their bathing suits. The girls went to them. Minako said that Michiru's bathing suit was very beautiful. Michiru thanked her and said that the girls' bathing suits were nice too.

Ami told Usagi that they had better return soon. But Usagi didn't want to return yet. Rei said that no matter how hard Usagi tried, she wouldn't be able to go out with Mamoru. Usagi got upset when Rei teased her, and went after her. But Rei dodged Usagi, and Usagi fell into the pool.

Meanwhile Mako and Kakusui were training in the mountains. But then Mako heard Kakusui snoring. Mako was shocked to see that Kakusui had fallen asleep during his training. When Kakusui woke up, he said that it was important to relax (hold back some power) sometimes.

Then Eudial's car came by. Eudial aimed her gun at Kakusui from inside the car. Mako stood in front of Kakusui, but Kakusui jumped and pushed Mako out of the way. Eudial fired and hit Kakusui. Just before passing out, Kakusui told Mako, "A person cannot live alone. Don't overexert yourself."

Mako dove into the bushes and transformed. Usagi had been in the nearby bushes, so Usagi transformed too.

"One who lays a hand on Kakusui, I, Sailor Jupiter, won't forgive you!"

Eudial called her daimon and the daimon fought against Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter was getting beaten, but Sailor Moon appeared.

"Wait! No matter what evil things you do, even if the ones for justice fall seven times, they will get up eight times. For love and justice, I'm the pretty girl soldier Sailor Moon! In place of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Then the other Sailor Senshi appeared too. But Sailor Jupiter said, "Leave this to me. This time I'll defeat them by myself." Then Sailor Jupiter used the sparkling wide pressure attack, but the daimon reflected it back at the girls.

Sailor Neptune appeared and looked at Kakusui's heart crystal. She said that it wasn't the talisman, so Eudial drove off.

Sailor Uranus asked Sailor Jupiter if she wanted help. Sailor Jupiter said, "I'll do it by myself."
Sailor Neptune said, "Don't overexert yourself."

Sailor Jupiter fought the daimon, but the daimon was too strong. Sailor Moon said, "Jupiter, don't try that hard. Let's all combine our powers."
Sailor Mars said, "Together, we are one."
Sailor Mercury said, "Believe in everyone."
Sailor Venus said, "Let's fight together."

Sailor Jupiter then recalled the words that Kakusui said. "A person can't live alone."

Then the daimon blasted everyone. Sailor Jupiter recalled Kakusui's words again. "It's important to relax sometimes." So Sailor Jupiter let up a little bit. When the daimon relaxed too, Sailor Jupiter got up and used her sparkling wide pressure attack. This time it was powerful enough to destroy the daimon.

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