Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 106

Episode title
Unmei no kizuna! Uranus no tooi hi
Air date
Haruka and Michiru's past
Guest characters
Elza Gray (Tamagawa Sakiko)
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"At that time I wanted to be the wind," Haruka said.

[title screen]

"I just wanted to escape from my destiny."

Meanwhile Professor Tomoe was working out on a running machine. He said that exercise was good for stimulating the brain. Then he called Eudial and suggested a track star for the next target. Eudial used her computer and found a target. So Professor Tomoe created a daimon for this job.

Usagi and the girls were walking around a high school. There was a big gym and Minako was thinking about joining the volleyball team if she got accepted her. Rei said that Minako was studying hard, so she should make it. Usagi answered but Rei said that it was Minako who was studying hard. Rei and Usagi were going to fight, but Ami said that usagi could make it too, as long as she passes the entrance exam. Usagi called Rei-chan an ijiwaru [meanie, teaser], and they were going to fight. But Minako and Mako spotted Elza Gray, who was a famous track star in the high school.

The girls sat down and talked with Elza. Then Elza suddenly felt Minako and Mako's hips. Mako and Minako jumped up and were surprised. Elza said that they were both in good condition and asked them to join the track team. When Rei added the Usagi can be the manager, Usagi snapped back although she admitted that the was bad in sports.

Minako said that Elza was great for training even on the weekends. Elza said that she used to be very confident about running. But there was one opponent who she couldn't beat. "I'm still chasing her back."

As they were leaving, Usagi said that she would study hard. Rei said that Usagi could do it, if she concentrated harder. Then they all heard Elza scream. She was trying to run away from Eudial.

When Sailor Moon and the other inner Sailor Senshi appeared, Eudial called out for her daimon. The daimon attacked, and Sailor Venus used her venus love me chain, but the daimon tied all five sailors up.

Meanwhile Haruka was hiding in the trees waiting. She called Michiru on her communicator and told her that Elza Gray was being attacked.

Then Eudial got Elza's heart crystal.

Haruka said to herself, "Elza Gray knows Michiru and me. She's the one who introduced Michiru to me. This was before I became Sailor Uranus."

Haruka remebered a dream she had, that started the same as Rei's, but then Sailor Neptune appeared.

[Haruka had a flashback]

Haruka and Elza were facing each other in a track meet. Elza said that she wouldn't lose. But Haruka was much too fast for her.

[end of flashback]

Haruka said, "I was good at all sports. I was just doing them so I wouldn't get bored. The only thing that interested me was motor sports. The circuit was everything, if I hadn't met Kaiou Michiru."

[Haruka had a flashback]

Elza introduced Kaiou Michiru, who was in a very cute school sailor uniform, to Haruka. Michiru said that she was interested in Haruka. Haruka knew that Michiru had sensed her identity. Michiru asked Haruka to be a model for her pictures, but Haruka said that she didn't want to.

[CM break]

[Haruka had a flashback]

Haruka was on a cruise ship, and Michiru was playing a violin. Later Michiru met Haruka on the stairs. "You're very famous. In our school there is a girl who wants to go on a drive with you in your car."

There was a painting on the wall called End of the World. It was painted by Michiru. Haruka said that it was strange that a nice gentle girl like Michiru can draw something like that. Michiru said that it's not her imagination. "I can see it my destiny, like you."

But Haruka said that she wanted to race and didn't want to deal with it. Haruka told Michiru to do it, and asked her to stop investigating her. But Michiru said that she didn't want to do it either, because she wanted to play the violin.

[end of flashback]

[Haruka had another flashback]

In a garage, Haruka noticed that someone was asking for help. When Haruka got close, that person turned into a monster. Haruka was going to help, but the monster was too strong. Just as the monster was going to attack, a pen appeared in mid air in front of Haruka. Haruka was going to grab it, but a voice called out, "Don't! Don't grab that. If you grab that you won't be able to return to normal life."

It was Michiru, who transformed into Sailor Neptune, then she attacked the monster. When Sailor Neptune was going to finish off the monster, Haruka told her to stop, because that monster was really a human. But Sailor Neptune said, "If I don't, there will be more victims."
Haruka said, "So you're not going to choose your methods."
Sailor Neptune said, "Yes, I'm not going to choose."

Then the monster recovered and attacked. Sailor Neptune dove to save Haruka. Then she used her deep submerge attack to finish off the monster.

Sailor Neptune was injured and she fell to the ground. Haruka went to her.

Sailor Neptune said, "I might have killed him. Next time I'll kill them. It's not all right, but since I'm a senshi I chose this."
Haruka said, "Then why did you protect me? If you injure your hand, you won't be able to become a violinist."
Sailor Neptune said, "I didn't investigate you because you were the other senshi. It was before I knew. I was watching you when you raced. I wanted to ride in a car with you along the sea shore. I knew more about you that yourself. I've been watching you all the time. I didn't want you to take the same road as me. But I was happy when I found out that you were the other person."

Then Haruka reached for the pen that was on the ground, and grabbed it.

[end of flashback]

Michiru had arrived and was with Haruka by the tree. "Uranus planet power, make up!" "Neptune planet power, make up!" Haruka and Michiru transformed.

Sailor Uranus used the world shaking attack and got the heart crystal away from Eudial, while Sailor Neptune freed the inner sailors. Eudial made the diamon fight the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mars used her burning mandala attack, and the daimon ran away. But Sailor Uranus ran along side her. "You can't escape from me. I'm the wind."

Sailor Uranus caught the daimon, and told Sailor Neptune to attack. Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack. Just before the attack was going to hit, Sailor Uranus took off, and left the daimon to get hit by the attack. Then Sailor Moon finished the daimon off with her moon spiral heart attack.

Sailor Uranus discovered that the heart crystal wasn't the talisman.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune left. Rei said that those two were very powerful.

Later Haruka and Michiru were together. Haruka thought, "So I chose this road. I just accepted that fact that I'm a Sailor Senshi. I have to find the messiah that will save this world." Then she said to Michiru, "I'm glad I met you."
Michiru said, "What?"
Haruka said, "Let's just keep driving together. I won't let you go tonight."

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