Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 107

Episode title
Geijutsu ha ai no bakuhatsu! Chibi Usa no hatsukoi
[Art is the eplosion of love! Chibi Usa's first love.]
Air date
Guest characters
Masanori (Maruo Tomoko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.10
Usagi was looking around in the kitchen for some food. She was complaining that there wasn't anything. Then Usagi spotted an apple pie in the oven.

Usagi brought the apple pie to her room, where all of the other girls were waiting. They were all very surprised to see the apple pie. Artemis asked if Usagi had made it herself. Usagi said that she found it in the oven, and Rei said that it was safe to eat it. Ami added that she didn't want to get sick while studying for the exams. Usagi got upset and asked what they meant.

Just when the girls started eating the apple pie, Chibi Usa came by and asked if anyone had seen the apple pie that she had left in the oven. She was shocked to see everyone eating the pie. All of the other girls were surprised that it was Chibi Usa who had made the pie, but they blamed Usagi.

Chibi Usa said, "I wanted to have Masanori eat it."

When Usagi asked who Masanori was, Chibi Usa got embarrassed and said that she had to leave.

After Usagi left, Ami asked about Chibi Usa. Usagi said that Chibi Usa had started to go to art class. The girls thought that Chibi Usa must have found a new friend there. They also wondered if they should eat the whole pie. They quickly decided that it wouldn't be good to leave just a few pieces, and ate the pie, leaving Usagi to deal with the problem later.

When Chibi Usa got close to the gate of the art school, she saw Masanori waiting there. Masanori had a bouquet and Chibi Usa wondered who he was waiting for. Then Michiru came by, as she was also attending this art school. When Michiru got to the gate, Masanori gave her the roses, saying that it meant "passionate love". Chibi Usa was shocked.

Later on Usagi and Luna were sneaking around the art school checking up on Chibi Usa. They saw Chibi Usa working working on a sculpture next to Masanori. Masanori asked Chibi Usa what she was making, and Chibi Usa said that it was a holy grail that she had seen in a picture in her mother's room. Then Masanori gave Chibi Usa some advice. Chibi Usa was very happy and said to herself that Masanori was her only friend. Usagi saw this and thought that things were going well.

Then Usagi and Luna saw Michiru, as Michiru was taking painting classes in the next room. Michiru went to Masanori and told him that he shouldn't help Chibi Usa too much with her sculpture. Chibi Usa started burning up and said to herself that she hadn't lost yet. Usagi saw this interaction and said that she would bring Chibi Usa and Masanori closer.

Meanwhile professor Tomoe called Eudial and asked about the next target. Eudial sent him a picture of a sculpture. Tomoe said that it was beautiful, and Eudial said that it didn't look like something a 10 year old can make. She added that the genius Masanori was probably an owner of a pure heart. So professor Tomoe created a daimon.

[CM break]

In the painting classroom, Haruka was with Michiru. Haruka said that she didn't find any traces of Eudial around. Michiru said that they would be able to relax. Then Haruka spotted the roses. Michiru said, "Are you concerned?"
Haruka said, "A little." Michiru laughed, and then Haruka asked, "Is it from a boy friend?"
Michiru said, "Of course."
Haruka said, "I didn't know that there was someone who was brave enough to fall in love with you."
Michiru said, "It's not often that you would get jealous."
Haruka said, "I'm not jealous. I just can't allow you to look at anyone else besides me."
Michiru said, "Haruka, that's called jealousy."

Meanwhile Usagi went to Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa was upset, but Usagi said that she was the cupid of love. They were about to fight, but Masanori came by and asked if Usagi was Chibi Usa's sister. Chibi Usa shyly replied that it was something like that. Usagi said, "Please be very good friends with Chibi Usa."

Then Usagi said to Chibi Usa, "I made the chance for you. Go attack."
Chibi Usa said, "Hurry up and leave. Want me to step on you again!"

Just then Eudial's car came crashing into the school. Eudial got out and fired her gun at Masanori, causing his heart crystal to pop out of his body.

In the next room, Haruka and Michiru realized that it wasn't going to be a quiet afternoon. "Uranus planet power, make up!" "Neptune planet power, make up!" Haruka and Michiru transformed.

Eudial thought that she had gotten the talisman this time, but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared. So Eudial called out for her daimon. Chibi Usa and Usagi were in the rubble watching, and Chibi Usa saw it as a chance to get out. But Luna said that her identity would be revealed if she transformed right there. So Chibi Usa said that she wouldn't transform. Chibi Usa ran out and attacked Eudial by biting her arm. Chibi Usa said, "The precious heart of Masanori, I won't give it to anyone."

But Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune came and took the heart crystal away. Chibi Usa yelled at them to give it back, and Sailor Neptune said that she would because it wasn't the talisman. After Sailor Neptune threw the heart crystal back, Chibi Usa put it back into Masanori's body. Eudial then got into her body and drove off, leaving the rest to the daimon.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune knew that they couldn't fight inside the school, so they ran outside, causing the daimon to go after them. Chibi Usa told Masanori to rest, and she ran off after the daimon. "Moon prism power, make up!" "Moon cosmic power, make up!" Chibi Usa and Usagi transformed.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were fighting the daimon in a park. Sailor Uranus said that the daimon was too weak. Then the daimon created some monsters out of sand to attack Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. After they went off to fight, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon appeared. They used the double Sailor Moon kick attack, and tried to attack the daimon. But the daimon created a wall of sand to block the kick.

Meanwhile Sailor Neptune was fighting one of the monsters. She lured it into the pond, and the monster dissolved. She discovered that its weakness was water. When Sailor Uranus and the monster that she was fighting came by, Sailor Neptune told her about its weakness. Then Sailor Uranus tossed the monster into the pond.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus went back to face the daimon. Sailor Neptune said that the daimon's weakness must be water too, and used her deep submerge attack. The daimon started melting, and Sailor Uranus told Sailor Moon to finish it off. Sailor Chibi Moon used her pink sugar heart attack, but the little hearts didn't have much effect. Then Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack to kill the daimon.

After the daimon died, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune took off. Sailor Chibi Moon said that those two were more dependable than Sailor Moon.

Later after class, Chibi Usa and Masanori left together. As they were parting, Masanori gave Chibi Usa a small sculpture that he had made of her. Then Usagi and her friends came by. Usagi said that Chibi Usa should thank her for making things work out, but Chibi Usa said that Usagi just made fun of her. Then Chibi Usa mentioned the apple pie that Usagi had eaten. Usagi was surprised that Chibi Usa had remembered it. Mako said that she would make some for Chibi Usa, but she said that that wasn't enough. Rei and Minako said that it was Usagi's fault. Ami said that Usagi should make up for her crime. Then Usagi climbed up a lamp post and asked Chibi Usa to forgive her.

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