Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 108

Episode title
Usagi no dance he waltz ni notte
Air date
Guest characters
Edwards (Saka Osamu)
George (Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Ned (Ohta Shin'ichirou)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.10
Usagi and her friends were at Mamoru's apartment studying. But one of the reasons why they went there was because Mamoru's place had an air conditioner. Usagi was dozing off. But Minako and the other girls scolded her. Ami was looking at Mamoru's books and was very interested because of the high level of those books.

Then the doorbell rang and Usagi went to answer it. The guy at the door said (in English), "Good afternoon, young lady."
Usagi was shocked and said, "I am eigo, no no can't ne."

Mamoru came to the door and recognized the man as Edwards. All of the girls came out too.
Minako said, "Nice to meet you." [in very good English.]
Rei said, "Hello."
Ami said, "I'm glad to see you." [very slow]
Mako said, "Thank you!"

Rei told Mako that her comment was a little wrong.

Edwards invited Mamoru and the girls to a party.

[title screen] Mamoru explained that Edwards was the British man who lived in the huge house at the edge of town. He frequently called young people to his house for a party. Ami was looking forward to meeting people from various countries. Usagi was happy that she was going to a party. But then Ami pointed out that the party would have foreigners, and Mamoru said that the conversation was going to be in English. Usagi was shocked. Mamoru was saying that they had to study/practice English, but Usagi wasn't in any mood to study.

Meanwhile professor Tomoe was talking to Eudial and said that one who liked waltz would be one who had a pure heart. So Eudial used her computer to find someone who liked waltz, and was thinking about the future.

The girls went to the party with Mamoru. Usagi saw that everyone was speaking English and became worried. After Edwards welcomed everyone to his party, some of Mamoru's friends came by. They started talking to Mamoru and asked him to introduce the girls. Then they started speaking Japanese. Mako and the other girls were surprised, but relieved. Rei looked for Usagi, but Usagi had disappeared.

Usagi was hiding with her English text book. She saw that the other girls were speaking with the foreign students and thought that Mako and Rei were speaking English. Usagi looked in her book and practiced by herself. Since she was very nervous, she started drinking some "juice".

Ami was with Edwards and he told her that he liked to hold these parties for young people, as they were the future. Ami said tat she would try hard for the future too.

Rei, Minako, and Mako were together and they said that the level of conversation was too high. Then Usagi came to Mamoru. She started babbling about making pudding. Mamoru's foreign friends said that it was very unique that Usagi talked about philosophy in terms of pudding.

Usagi said, "Nice to meet you. Cream stew." Then Ami noticed that Usagi was drunk. Mamoru took Usagi to the balcony for some fresh air.

Edwards introduced Ten'ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru. Then Michiru played the violin.

Mamoru and the other girls were with Usagi on the balcony. They were wondering why Usagi got drunk.

Eudial arrived at Edwards' house.

After Michiru finished playing, Michiru and Haruka met Usagi and her friends. When the waltz began, Michiru asked Mamoru to dance. Usagi got upset, but when Haruka asked Usagi to dance, Usagi quickly said that she would.

Ami and the other girls were surprised that Usagi was dancing so well. They knew it must be because of Haruka's lead. They all wanted to dance with Haruka next, and they started to janken to decide who would get the chance.

When Mamoru and Michiru were dancing, they talked about Edwards. Mamoru said that Edwards built a fortune thinking that money could buy a bright future. But after getting the money, he had no family or friends. So he didn't know who to give the bright future to. But Michiru said that it was necessary to make large sacrifices in order to get a bright future. Mamoru said, "Building a future by sacrificing a lot does not mean anything if there is nobody left to enjoy that future. It's impossible to do it alone."

[CM break]

Meanwhile Rei, Mako, Minako, Ami were still doing janken to see who would get the chance to dance with Haruka. But the first dance had ended, and the second dance began. Haruka danced with Michiru, and the girls were very disappointed. Then Edwards came by and told the girls that he would take them to a very nice place. Edwards took them outside to the garden where there were beautiful flowers, and a great view of the city. Edwards said, "My dream is that the young people will make a beautiful future like this garden." Then Edwards went inside to get some drinks and cake for the girls.

Eudial appeared and filled the house with some sleeping gas. Edwards saw that a girl was still standing in the smoke filled room and went to help her. But that girl was Eudial with a gas mask. Eudial pulled out her gun and fired it at Edwards, causing his heart crystal to come out.

Meanwhile Usagi and the others were heading back to the house. Then Ami noticed the smoke coming from inside.

"Neptune planet power, make up!" "Uranus planet power, make up!" Michiru and Haruka transformed. Sailor Neptune used the deep submerge attack and Sailor Uranus went to get the heart crystal.

Eudial got upset and called her daimon. The daimon was very clumsy as she said that her ornaments were too heavy. Eudial was disappointed in it and said that she wanted to leave.

Just then Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi appeared. Sailor Neptune found out that the heart crystal wasn't the talisman. Then Eudial left and told the daimon to take care of the rest. The daimon attacked the Sailor Senshi, and the Sailor Senshi were having trouble. Sailor Uranus couldn't stand watching it, so she used her world shaking attack against the daimon. Then Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune left.

However the daimon recovered and started attacking the Sailor Senshi with some of her music attacks. The sound waves were destroying the Sailor Senshi's ears. But Tuxedo Kamen appeared and threw a rose at the daimon's record. "Music is for enjoyment. It is not for making people suffer." Then the daimon threw her phonograph speaker at Tuxedo Kamen, but he dodged it. Then Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack to finish off the daimon.

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