Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 109

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Shougeki no toki! Akasareta tagai no shoutai
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.16
Eudial called the professor. She had been investigating the holy grail and she saw a shadow of some person. Professor Tomoe said that it was the person who would use the holy grail. If the person who would use it was on his side, he would be able to destroy the world. But if the person was on the other side, his plans would get destroyed. Professor Tomoe got excited and said that they had to get the holy grail before the Sailor Senshi. Then he accidentally broke the phone. Eudial noticed it and told the professor that he would have the cost of the phone deducted from his pay check. The professor said that he wanted to make the Sailor Senshi pay for it.

[title screen]

Usagi and her friends were studying. Usagi was feeling very happy as she had solved one question by herself. (She had done it in 23 minutes, which was a record for her.) The other girls were happy for Usagi. But then Ami looked closely at the paper and found a mistake, which caused Usagi to start crying. The other girls said that she could try again, but Usagi said that she didn't want to do it any more because she would probably make another mistake. She said that she didn't want to feel the pain any more.

Then Rei said, "Did you forget the pain when you had your heart crystal taken by the daimon?"
Ami and Mako also said that it was painful. Usagi said that it was as painful as drinking one PET bottle at once.
[PET bottle = a 1.5 liter bottle of soft drinks]

Later Minako was thinking by herself. Artemis asked what was up. Minako said, "Artemis, why do you think the daimon doesn't attack me? Everyone except for me had their pure heart crystal taken."
Artemis said, "Maybe it's not pure." But then Artemis quickly corrected himself, "But that couldn't be!"
Minako said, "Maybe it's because I stopped playing volleyball."
Artemis said, "Are you worried about it?"
Minako said, "Not really.."

Later Minako was practicing volleyball by herself. Usagi came by and one of the balls hit her. When Minako asked if Usagi was all right, Usagi said that she was and asked Minako if she was all right herself.

When Artemis came out of hiding, Minako said, "You mean because I haven't been attacked by the daimon? I'm not worried about it at all."
But to herself, Minako said, "I can't believe that I'm the one without a pure heart."

Later Minako was playing a UFO catcher game. Usagi asked Minako again if she was worried about it. Minako said that she wasn't. Luna said, "Maybe Artemis is thinking too much about it."
Usagi said, "Of course. Minako wouldn't worry about such things."
Minako said to herself, "Which part of me isn't pure? If they can't even notice my pureness, the enemy isn't very good."
Luna said, "You're not trying to set yourself up as a target, are you?"
Then Usagi went hysterical and told Minako not to do such things. Usagi was banging Minako against the UFO catcher machine, and this caused the machine to catch a lot of ugly dolls.

Usagi, Luna, and Artemis were still with Minako, who kept denying that she was thinking about it. Minako tried to give Usagi half of the UFO catcher dolls, but Usagi declined because the dolls were so ugly.

Later Usagi, Luna, and Artemis left Minako alone, and were spying on her. Luna said that Minako wouldn't do something stupid, but Artemis wasn't too sure.

Minako was in a bookstore trying to find out more about pure hearts. Then Haruka and Michiru came by. Haruka saw the book that Minako was looking at and was shocked. Minako asked Haruka and Michiru about pure hearts, and Michiru thought that Minako was trying to find out about the talisman. Then Minako asked what kind of actions a person with a pure heart would do. Michiru said that they might do something to help others.

Just then there was an announcement for blood donors and Minako ran off. Minako ran to the blood donor truck and signed up to give blood.

Meanwhile Professor Tomoe called Eudial to see if she had found the next target. Eudial said that she did, but she was worried that the Sailor Senshi would interfere again. So Professor Tomoe said that he would make a daimon that would prevent the Sailor Senshi from interfering.

Minako went around giving blood. She said to herself that she was very pure.

[CM break]

Usagi was telling Mamoru that Minako had been going around giving blood every day. Mamoru said that Usagi should just watch over her in case the enemy attacks.

The other girls were watching Minako too, from the bushes. They were worried about Minako, but decided to just watch and be close just in case the enemy attacks. Artemis wondered if Minako was really pure, since she went around giving blood to prove that she was pure.

Then Usagi went to Minako and brought her some health drinks. Minako drank them and got psyched up to give more blood. Just then Eudial's car came by. Eudial got out of the car and fired her gun at Minako. She hit her target, and Minako's heart crystal popped out.

Usagi went to Minako, feeling very worried. But Minako was feeling very happy about her pure heart crystal. Usagi wanted Minako to put it back into her body, but Minako just laughed (like a monkey) and ran off carrying the heart crystal!

Eudial got into her car and went after Minako. Usagi ran after Minako too. Then the other girls and cats ran after Minako. But Artemis tripped on a bottle, and all of the girls crashed on top of him.

Eudial caught up to Minako in a parking lot. Minako was already unconscious and the heart crystal was glowing near her body. When Eudial was going to get the heart crystal, Usagi came and told her to stop. Then Eudial called her daimon and had her lock the parking structure. The daimon closed all of the shutters and such so that nobody would be able to leave or enter. Just before the main shutter closed, Haruka and Michiru snuck inside.

Usagi saw Haruka and Michiru and knew that she couldn't transform in front of them. But since she had no other way of helping Minako, Usagi transformed anyway, and Haruka and Michiru were shocked.

Sailor Moon said, "Going after a pure girl who want to treasure her pure heart. I won't forgive you. For love and justice, the beautiful sailor suited fighter, Sailor Moon! In place of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Eudial told the daimon to attack Sailor Moon, but the daimon said that she was made for locking things up, not fighting. But Eudial told her to fight anyway, and the daimon attacked Sailor Moon.

The daimon successfully trapped Sailor Moon, so Eudial went to Minako to get the heart crystal. Just before Eudial got the heart crystal, Michiru threw a UFO catcher doll and hit Eudial. Then Eudial told the daimon to attack Haruka and Michiru.
"We have no choice. Neptune planet power, make up!"
"Uranus planet power, make up!" Michiru and Haruka transformed.

Usagi was shocked that Haruka and Michiru were Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Uranus used her world shaking attack, and Sailor Neptune went to get the heart crystal. Sailor Neptune found out that Minako's heart crystal wasn't the talisman.

Then from outside, everyone heard the burning mandala, sparkling wide pressure, and shine aqua illusion attacks. Eudial got upset at seeing so many Sailor Senshi, and told the daimon to finish everyone off.

Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack to blast the daimon. The daimon went to Eudial and told her that she wasn't good at fighting. Sailor Moon got ready to use her attack, and the daimon told Sailor Moon that she should attack Eudial first, instead of her.

Sailor Moon started her attack, "Moon spiral."
Eudial pulled out her gun and said, "Witchy Eudial."
Sailor Moon said, "Heart."
Eudial said, "Fi--."
Sailor Moon said, "Attack."
Eudial said, "--re Buster!"

Sailor Moon's attack and Eudial's attack hit each other. Then the moon spiral heart attack got deflected and went off to hit the daimon. The daimon got killed.

Eudial recovered and pointed her gun at Minako. She told the Sailor Senshi to move together. When the Sailor Senshi gathered together, Minako got up and threw the UFO catcher dolls at Eudial. Then she transformed into Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus used the venus love me chain attack to blast the gun away from Eudial. Then Eudial escaped in her car.

After Eudial left, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune just walked away. Sailor Moon said, "Wait. Haruka-san, Michiru-san, please tell me what you are after. Why do you want the talisman even if it would sacrifice one's life?"
Sailor Uranus said, "Don't investigate it."
Sailor Neptune said, "You shouldn't get involved."

After Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune left, the Sailor Senshi were wondering if Haruka and Michiru were the enemy.

Later Haruka and Michiru were talking about what had happened. Michiru said, "I'm not regretting it. We had to transform to save our lives. Also I wanted to save those girls."

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