Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 110

Episode Title
Uranus tachi no shi? Talisman shutsugen
[The death of Uranus? The talisman appears]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
New characters
Mimete (Kanai Mika)
  • Summary version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.15
  • There was a slight change to the OP animation.
    • Sailor Pluto and Sailor Chibi Moon appeared.
    • Hotaru appeared, and her face looks very sad.
    • Nude of Usagi! (She transforms into Super Sailor Moon!)
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.22
Haruka and Michiru were at Haruka's apartment. Michiru said that she saw a dream, and that she felt something. Haruka said that she did too. So they knew that they were going to get the talisman that day.

[title screen]

Eudial created a program so she could find out who had the talisman. When Eudial put her feet into her shoes, she screamed out in pain. Someone had put tacks into her shoes. Then when Eudial went to her locker, she discovered that it was full of snails. In another part of the locker room, a few other girls were talking about Eudial. They were saying how she screwed up again. When the girls were wondering who would be next, Mimete said that she had received a call from the professor. Eudial knew that it must have been Mimete who had done these bad things to her.

Eudial went back to use her computer to find out who would have the talisman. When she saw the answer on the screen, she was very surprised.

Haruka got a phone call from Eudial. Eudial said, "I know your identity, so I was able to locate you easily. I found out who the owner of the talisman is. I'm going to go get it now. We have won! It seems that you have been looking for the talisman too. Maybe we can let you join us. Don't worry I didn't tell anyone your identities. Come to the specified place. I'll fax you the map.

Haruka and Michiru felt that they were going to find the talisman. So they knew that Eudial wasn't bluffing.

Haruka said, "These hands are dirty already. No matter what I have to do, I'll get the talisman."
Michiru said, "Don't worry I like your hands."

Meanwhile, Ami, Mako, Rei, and Minako had flashbacks of what Haruka had told them of the talisman.


Ami thought, "I wonder what the talisman is.."
Michiru said, "Our goal is to get the talisman."

Mako said, "Are you going to do whatever it takes to get it?"
Haruka said, "Yes, anything that it takes."

Rei said, "Can't we work together?
Michiru said, "No, we'll probably be enemies."

Minako said, "We are the same Sailor Senshi."
Haruka said, "Stop it. We're going for different things."
Michiru said, "We're willing to sacrifice anybody."
Haruka said, "Even if it is the person with a pure heart."

[end of flashback]

Usagi got a phone call from Haruka.

Chibi Usa told Mamoru that Usagi left the house after getting a call from Haruka. Setsuna was listening to Chibi Usa and Mamoru.

Usagi met Haruka and Michiru at an aquarium at the top of some building. Usagi was saying how beautiful it was.

Then Haruka suddenly said, "Don't ever appear in front of us, Sailor Moon."
Usagi said, "We are all Sailor Senshi. Can't we fight together?"
Haruka said, "I won't let you fight half-heartedly or slow us down any more." Then Haruka ripped the brooch away from Usagi.
Usagi said, "Please stop taking pure hearts."
Haruka said, "If you appear in front of us again, you'll die." Then Haruka and Michiru transformed.

Sailor Uranus said, "We are looking for the three talisman hidden in the pure hearts of people. If we don't get all three, the holy grail will not appear."
Sailor Neptune said, "The end of this world is coming. The only way to save us is the messiah, who can use the talisman."
Sailor Uranus said, "This has nothing to do with you." Then Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune took off on a helicopter.

Then Meiou Setsuna, who was an old friend of Hotaru and Michiru, came and asked Usagi, "Do you want to go help them? Those two went to the place of battle specified by their destiny. But today, they are in danger."

Usagi knew that she was in danger because she couldn't transform, but she wanted to go.

[CM break]

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune went to Marine Cathedral, which was a church still under construction.

Sailor Uranus said, "We'll be able to meet the owner of the talisman."
Sailor Neptune said, "Remember, no matter what happens, we have to get the talisman. We have to ignore each other's dangers and go for it alone."

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrived but couldn't find Eudial. Then some of the large blocks of the church started moving. Sailor Uranus knew that this must have been a trap. Eudial was in the control room and started moving the blocks to attack Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus used her world shaking attack, and Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack. But there was one piece left and it went for Uranus. Just before the piece hit, Neptune dove and pushed Uranus out of the way. So Neptune got hit into the wall. Then the wall and Neptune disappeared.

Eudial appeared and said, "Sailor Uranus, I got the one with the talisman."
Sailor Uranus said, "What are you talking about!"
Eudial said, "I'll tell you. Sailor Neptune is the owner of the talisman. I'm going to take the talisman from her. If you want to watch, come to the prayer hall."

Sailor Uranus couldn't believe it and rushed to Eudial. When Sailor Uranus reached the hall, she saw Sailor Neptune bound to a block. Sailor Uranus tried to run across the bridge to Sailor Neptune, but a lot of arrows came flying from the sides. Eudial said that anyone who tried to cross the bridge will get punished by god.

Eudial said, "Don't worry I still didn't take the talisman from Neptune. I have to take the other one first. You!"

Sailor Uranus said, "The talisman is sealed in a pure heart. There's no way that I can have the talisman."
Eudial said, "You'll find out soon enough. But with your injuries, you'll probably die right away if you get hit by this gun."

Then Sailor Neptune broke free from the block and tried to go to Sailor Uranus. But she got hit by the arrows on the bridge. Sailor Neptune said, "Haruka, I won't let you die."
Sailor Uranus said, "Wait Neptune! Don't move!"

Sailor Neptune moved again and got hit some more. Then it ran out of arrows, and Sailor Neptune struggled towards Eudial. When Sailor Neptune got too close, Eudial turned and fired at her. Sailor Neptune collapsed and her heart crystal came out. The heart crystal turned into the mirror, one of the talisman.

Just as Eudial was going to fire at Sailor Uranus, Usagi showed up and shouted, "Wait!" Sailor Uranus thought that it was the Messiah. When Eudial turned to look at Usagi, Usagi ran at Eudial and ran into her, pushing her off of the bridge. [Usagi was very cool!]

Usagi went to Sailor Neptune. She asked the talisman to go back into Michiru's body. But Sailor Uranus said that it was all right, because they had found the talisman. Then Sailor Uranus gave the brooch back to Usagi. Sailor Uranus was going to fire Eudial's gun at herself, but Usagi fought to take the gun away from her. Usagi said, "We can save the world without the talisman! I'll save the world."

Sailor Uranus said, "It's strange. When you say it, I feel like you can do it. Just before, your appearance looked like the Messiah." Then Sailor Uranus pushed Usagi away, and said, "Sailor Moon, find the last talisman." Sailor Uranus shot the gun at her own heart.

Just as the other Sailor Senshi appeared, Haruka's heart crystal turned into the sword (the second talisman).

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