Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 112

Episode Title
Shin no messiah ha dare? Hikari to kage no chaos
[Who is the real messiah? The chaos of the light and dark.]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
New characters
Hotaru (Minaguchi Yuko)
actress (Amano Yuri)
Yousaku (Hiyama Nobuyuki)
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.07.29
Professor Tomoe was talking to the messiah. [The messiah was not shown very clearly on the screen.] The messiah said that she wasn't feeling very good, and that she a pure heart to get more power.

[title screen]

Professor Tomoe had created another type of daimon. It would swallow the heart crystal from the victim, and then bring it back to the professor. Mimete and the others were listening to his "lecture". [Actually Mimete was reading some manga.] The professor caught her and scolded her. But Mimete said that she had already discovered her target with a pure heart. So professor Tomoe created the daimon for Mimete.

Setsuna was telling the girls about the messiah. "If the correct messiah uses the talisman, the evil will be destroyed. But if the evil ones get the talisman, the world will be destroyed, and the future can change too."

Then Setsuna left saying that she had to find the messiah with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

The girls were wondering why those three went on their own. Ami said that they had to think of a way to find the messiah themselves. Minako suggested that they start looking at eating places.
[messiah is pronounced meshiya = a place to eat]

Then Chibi Usa came looking for Setsuna. She was disappointed because she wanted to go to the park with her. Usagi quickly said that she was too busy. Mako asked which park, and Chibi Usa said Juuban Shizenkouen. Then Minako said that she would take Chibi Usa. Usagi scolded Minako, saying that they had important things to do.

Minako said, "Usagi-chan, don't say such things, like Ami-chan."
Ami said, "Minako-chan, what's at that park?"
Minako said, "Ok, I'll confess. Today they are shooting an Eda Yousaku movie there."

Then Usagi said that she would take Chibi Usa there. Mako said that Eda Yousaku was slightly like her senpai, because both were very cool. When Usagi asked if Rei would go, Rei said that it would be ok to tag along. Usagi asked Ami to go to, saying that the messiah might be there. Then Ami snapped back, "Why?"

Usagi couldn't think of a reason, but Ami said that it was ok to go. When Luna and Artemis said that they had important things to do, Ami said that they needed a change sometimes.

At the park Mimete was looking for Yousaku. She spotted him and thought that he was very cool. She decided that she was going to give him some cake that she had made, before taking his heart crystal. When Mimete went out towards Yousaku, three girls came and knocked her down. The three girls were "fans" of Yousaku. They told Mimete that Yousaku hated sweet things, and warned her to stay away from him.

When Mimete was still on the ground, Yousaku came by and apologized to her for the actions of his rough fans. He spotted the smashed cake and took a taste. He told Mimete that it was good, and left. Mimete thought that Yousaku had fallen in love with her.

Meanwhile, the girls had arrived at the park. A strong wind came and blew off Chibi Usa's hat. It was a very important hat that Usagi's mother had bought her. Chibi Usa ran after it yelling, "Wait! That's a very important hat."

There was a young girl with medium length black hair sitting on a bench, and she heard Chibi Usa and saw the hat. She got up and went after the hat. Just before the hat was going to go into the river, the girl reached the hat. The girl was very out of breath. Chibi Usa thanked the girl and noticed that she was breathing hard. Chibi Usa asked if she was ok, and the girl said that she was.

When the girl recovered, Chibi Usa asked if she wanted to play together. The girl introduced herself as Hotaru.

During the break in filming, Mimete was planning on getting a signature from Yousaku. But she spotted Yousaku and the actress together. Mimete got upset and called her daimon.

[CM break]

When the daimon appeared, Yousaku told the actress to escape. Mimete got upset and told the daimon to take Yousaku's crystal heart. Yousaku ran away and the daimon went after him. Mimete saw the "fans" that had mistreated her before.

Chibi Usa saw what was happening, but she couldn't transform in front of Hotaru.

Usagi and the others were eating lunch when they heard all of the screaming. Then they saw the daimon bouncing around.

When Mimete told the daimon to go after Yousaku's heart crystal, Sailor Moon appeared. "Interfering with the filming of people's entertainment movie, going after innocent people with a gun, even if Wyatt Earp forgives you, we won't. In place of the moon, we'll punish you!"

When the daimon went after the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack. But the daimon was too strong. Sailor Moon's attack didn't work any more.

The Sailor Senshi saw the daimon attack Yousaku and swallow his heart crystal. Then Mimete told the daimon that they were going to leave. But the world shaking and deep submerge attacks came and hit the daimon.

Mimete spotted Chibi Usa and Hotaru watching from the bushes, and told the daimon to catch them. When the daimon went to get them, Chibi Usa pushed Hotaru out of the way. So the daimon caught Chibi Usa. Mimete told the Sailor Senshi that she would kill Chibi Usa if they came after her.

Hotaru was worried about Chibi Usa, but the dead scream attack came and blasted the daimon. Chibi Usa got away, and Sailor Pluto told Sailor Moon to transform again. Sailor Moon used her "Crisis make up!" and transformed from sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon. Then Super Sailor Moon used her rainbow moon heart ache attack and killed the daimon.

Mimete cried and ran away. Then Super Sailor Moon transformed back into Sailor Moon, and she was very worn out.

Chibi Usa went back to Hotaru and fell down. Hotaru noticed that Chibi Usa had injured herself. But Chibi Usa said that it was just a scrape. Hotaru then put her hand over the scar, and healed it! Chibi Usa was very surprised. Hotaru said that her classmates were grossed out by it and never went close to her. But Chibi Usa said that it wasn't so. She said that it was a great ability. Hotaru was very happy. Then Hotaru became very tired.

The Sailor Senshi were wondering why the enemy was still after the heart crystal. Sailor Uranus told Sailor Moon that she'll let her keep the holy grail for a while. Sailor Moon wanted to work together with the new Sailor Senshi, but Sailor Uranus said, "We can't."
Sailor Neptune said, "We'll find the messiah."
Sailor Mars said, "What do you mean?"
But Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune just walked away.

Chibi Usa helped Hotaru home, where Hotaru's father (professor Tomoe) was waiting for her. Hotaru thanked Chibi Usa, and asked if she would be able to see Chibi Usa again. Then Chibi Usa said that they were friends.

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