Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 113

Episode Title
Youki tadayou ie. Bishoujo Hotaru no himitsu
[The house with evil feelings all around. The secret of the pretty girl Hotaru.]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
Guest characters
Katakuri Ukon (Nakamura Daiki)
U Henshuu [daimon] (Adachi Shinobu)
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.08.05
While Chibi Usa and Usagi were taking a bath together, Chibi Usa was humming and feeling very happy. Usagi asked what happened. Chibi Usa said that she had made a friend. Usagi wanted to know what kind of person it was. (She thought it was a boy.) But Chibi Usa wouldn't tell her, so they started fighting.

[title screen]

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna were waiting for Mamoru. When Mamoru arrived, they transformed into the Sailor Senshi. They called themselves the three senshi of the outer planets.

Sailor Pluto said, "We are Sailor Senshi with powers greater than the other senshi. In the past, our duty was to protect the Silver Milenium from enemy that came from outside of the solar system."
Sailor Uranus said, "But when we revived in this era, the enemy had already come to this planet."
Sailor Neptune said, "We had overlooked it. This time it's our mistake."
Mamoru said, "The death busters, a new enemy.. Then why don't you cooperate with Sailor Moon?"
Sailor Uranus said, "They would just get in the way."
Sailor Neptune said, "This battle is impossible for Sailor Moon."
Sailor Pluto said, "Even Mars and Venus."
Sailor Uranus said, "They are the most powerful enemy. We will defeat the death busters."

Chibi Usa had gone to Minako, Ami, Mako, and Rei to ask them for some advice about getting a present when going to Hotaru's house. It was the first time that Chibi Usa had been invited over to a friend's house. But when Chibi Usa was at Rei's place, Usagi came and said that she would go with Chibi Usa.

So Usagi skipped the study session and went with Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa had brought a book as a present. (But it was one that Usagi wanted herself.) While they were walking, Usagi asked about Chibi Usa's new friend, and Chibi Usa said that she was weak. Then Usagi got an image of a weak boy in bed, with Chibi Usa helping him.

At the death buster's hideout, Professor Tomoe was talking to somebody who was being "raised" as the messiah (in shadows). The messiah said that she needed a lot of energy. Professor Tomoe said that he would get pure energy (heart crystal) from humans.

Usagi was surprised at how large Chibi Usa's friend's house was. When the door opened, Usagi was shocked to see a woman that looked like Kaolinite. Professor Tomoe came to the door and introduced himself. He also introduced the the woman as Kaori, his assistant. Tomoe said that Hotaru was busy at the moment, so he asked Chibi Usa and Usagi to wait in the waiting room. Usagi thought that the woman looked identical to Kaolinite, but convinced herself that it must be a different person.

Meanwhile Mimete was reading a book and was feeling very saddened about the main character. She didn't notice that her phone was ringing. But she eventually picked up the phone. When the professor asked her if she had found another target, Mimete said that she did. She was going to go after the author of her book, who was going to have an autograph session later that day.

[CM break]

Mimete went to the autograph session and got her book signed. She was feeling very happy.

Usagi and Chibi Usa were sitting in the waiting room, and Usagi was upset because nobody had brought any coffee yet. Then Hotaru struggled into the room. Usagi was surprised to see that Chibi Usa's friend was a girl. Then Chibi Usa and Usagi started arguing. Hotaru laughed and invited them to her room.

Then Kaori came with some coffee. Hotaru got upset at Kaori, and took the coffee herself. Hotaru explained that her father was a scientist, and that Kaori was an assistant. When Usagi asked about Hotaru's mother, Hotaru said that she had died a long time ago.

When they got to Hotaru's room, Chibi Usa saw a lot of lights (in a dark room), and said that it was wonderful. Then Hotaru became tired and collapsed. Usagi and Chibi Usa were worried, but Hotaru said that she was all right.

Then Hotaru spotted Usagi's brooch. When she touched it, Hotaru fell into a short trance and said in a very weird voice that she felt a lot of power in the brooch. But Hotaru quickly snapped out of it.

Usagi told Chibi Usa to give Hotaru the present. When Chibi Usa did, a flyer for a signing session (for the author) fell out of the book. Usagi and Chibi Usa were shocked, as the signing session had already started. They started arguing again, blaming each other for not noticing.

Meanwhile the signing session had ended, and Mimete went to get the heart crystal from Ukon (the author). She pulled out her daimon, and the daimon started attacking Ukon.

Usagi, Chibi Usa, and Hotaru rushed to the bookstore. But Usagi arrived in time to see the daimon. So Usagi told Chibi Usa to take care of Hotaru. Chibi Usa quickly pulled Hotaru away, and said that they were going to go to the game center.

Sailor Moon appeared and said, "Wait! I didn't get my signature yet! One who hunts the pretty boys.. the sailor suited, pretty fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon!"

Mimete told the daimon to attack Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon got caught and was going to get cut up. But Sailor Pluto's dead scream attack came out and blasted the daimon.

Sailor Uranus appeared, and said, "Leave the fighting to us."
Sailor Moon said, "Thank you."
Sailor Uranus said, "Hurry up and escape."

Sailor Neptune used her deep submerge attack, but the daimon blocked it. Sailor Uranus told Sailor Moon to escape again. Sailor Moon wanted to stay and fight. Then Sailor Uranus used her world shaking attack, but the daimon blocked that too.

Then Sailor Venus' venus love me chain hit the daimon, and the other Sailor Senshi appeared. Tuxedo Kamen said, "Uranus, we may not be as strong as you individually, but Sailor Moon has a team to fight with her."

Mimete told the daimon to finish off all of the Sailor Senshi, but the daimon had run out of weapons. Tuxedo Kamen told Sailor Moon to attack, so Sailor Moon powered up. "Crisis make up!" Then she used the rainbow moon heart ache attack. Mimete left, and the daimon got killed.

Sailor Moon said, "Thank you everyone."
Sailor Mars said, "I didn't want to save someone who skipped the study session.."

Later Chibi Usa told Usagi that they had been at the Crown game center. (Hotaru had never been to a game center before.) Chibi Usa said that she wanted to become better friends with Hotaru.

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