Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 114

Episode Title
Idol Daisuki! Nayameru Mimete
[We love idols! Worrying Mimete]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.17
Professor Tomoe is talking to the Messiah of Silence, who is telling him that she needs pure hearts to awaken. Meanwhile, Mimete is in the Witches 5 office, where the door has been changed to Witches 4. She's singing a song, and has herself on her computer, when she hears of a new idol and falls in love.

[Title Screen]

The girls are at the shrine having a study meeting, and they're watching the same program. They talk about all the screaming fans and what they do and how Usagi can't understand how to be one. She asks Minako about it, and she's caught up in the idol's TV show. She snaps out of it, and she says that she can't be an idol chaser. Then, Artemis tells her who the idol is, Araki Jinta, and she gets mad at him and slams him on the floor. She keeps insisting that she doesn't have time to be an idol chaser because of entrance exams and all.

On TV, Araki is talking about how he's searching for a normal girl to play the heroine in his next movie. Minako hears this and writes down the time and place of the audition. He says to bring a swimsuit and that he can't wait to spend this summer with one lucky girl. Rei turns the TV off and Minako's a little surprised. She covers up by asking Ami a question.

Professor Tomoe is doing some measurements and starts talking to Mimete, who tells him that the next target is Araki Jinta. The professor tells Mimete that most of her targets have been famous people, and that she should mix up her work with her hobbies. Mimete gets really sad at this and starts to cry, and the professor comforts her, and says that he's only worried about her future, and that she's his best supporter. Mimete leaves and drops one of the magazines with Araki in it. The professor picks it up and remembers how he used to have a tan like his, and laughs hysterically.

The next day, at a study meeting, Usagi is saying how she doesn't get something, and Artemis is wondering where Minako is. Rei says that she called her and said she had a fever and was going to stay home. Artemis knows what's really going on.

At the audition, Minako asks someone when Araki will arrive. The woman says that he's not coming today and will come to tomorrow's round. Mimete is behind her, very upset. Minako and Mimete get very mad at each other, and grab each other's T-shirts (they're wearing the same one). Mimete says that it's a first edition Alazin shirt. Then they both agree that they have good taste and introduce each other. Mimete has a little problem, she starts to say Mimete, but then changes it to Hanyu Mimi. They both wish each other luck.

In the audition, the judges are asking Minako questions. One asks what would happen if they needed a kissing scene. Minako replies saying that she would tell her parents to watch something else that night. The judges all laugh. Another asks what would happen if the director asked her out on a date. She says that she eats just about anything, except for Shittake Mushrooms. Mimete is up next, and she's really nervous. One of the judges asks what brought her here today. She gets even more nervous and can't answer. The judges are disappointed, but one notices something.

After, they pick the 5 to go to the next round. Minako and Mimete are in the group.


Mimete is in the Death Busters locker room, worrying what would happen if she won. She tells herself she can't lose with her looks and style. She imagines herself at a concert, where everyone is screaming her name, and the professor is in the back. He starts talking to her, and she wakes up and he's checking her for a fever. He says it would be bad for his best worker to get sick. Now, Mimete is torn between being and idol, or taking Araki's heart crystal. This might be her big chance, but if she didn't take his pure heart, she'd betray her organization.

She remembers what Minako and the Professor said, and says that she can put the Death Busters on hold and go after her dream. But she has to be sneaky about it (And there's a little picture of Eudial in her locker).

Araki is at the audition the next day, and says that the winner will be chosen if 80% of the audience chooses one person. Minako goes backstage to wait for her turn when Artemis comes and talks to her. The audience votes for the first person and she loses. Artemis asks what will happen if she wins, Minako says it'll be the birth of the idol pretty soldier. Mimete walks in and is mumbling to herself about how she had an egg this morning for breakfast. Then, segways into how she doesn't want to be anything but an actress. Then Minako wishes her luck, and goes on.

Minako is on stage, and Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are in the back watching. The audience votes for her, but she doesn't have enough votes. Mimete is next and she's nervous again. Minako is happy though, because she got to see Araki. Then Araki comes up and talks to her. He says that one day all of his fans will eventually forget about him, but the memory of loving him will remain and that will help them to find love later.

Mimete, is talking about having breakfast and being an actress. The audience votes and she is over 80% and she's really happy, but the votes go down, and the platform she was on cracks and she falls. Minako goes to talk to her, but she just slaps her away. Mimete starts laughing and turns back to evil. And tells everyone that she just came here to get Araki's pure heart. She lets the daimon loose, Utahime, and it takes the heart crystal. Mimete uses her attack, Charm Buster, to keep the audience at bay. Sailor Moon appears and does a Moon Tiara Action and knocks Mimete's staff away. The Sailor Team introduces themselves, and Minako goes in the back to transform. Sailor Venus says that she will give Mimete divine punishment, but Mimete tells her to shut up, because she doesn't know who she's dealing with.

Sailor Venus tells her that she's breaking the rules of the idol chaser, never hurt the idol you're chasing. Mimete reminds her that the Death Busters are evil and she doesn't care about rules. Utahime goes after the soldiers, but instead just starts singing. Mimete asks what she's doing, and Utahime says that all great singers have to warm up before performing. She starts the song, but forgets the words. Sailor Moon transforms again and uses Rainbow Moon Heart Ache to get rid of her.

Mimete tries to get the crystal but Venus keeps her away with a Love Me Chain and she runs off. The outers are in the back watching, wondering why they're still going after pure hearts. Pluto warns that if they get enough pure hearts, they'll have the energy to do anything, and that they may have already found the Messiah of Silence.

Mars gives the heart crystal to Venus so she can return it. The others say that they found out that she was one of Araki's chasers and Venus gets mad at Artemis.

In the lab, Mimete is apologizing for her failure. But the professor reminds her that there is always another day.

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