Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 115

Episode Title
Chimmoku no Kage?! Awaki Hotaru hino Yurameki
[Shadow of Silence?! Hotaru's Dimming Tail Light]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Utomodachi (Nishihara Kumiko)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.17
Chibiusa is saying goodbye to a friend when she sees Setsuna.

[Title Screen]

Chibiusa is talking with Setsuna, and she says that she though she had forgotten about her. Setsuna says not to call her Puu here, but to call her Setsuna. Chibiusa says that if Setsuna stops calling her Small Lady, she'll call her Setsuna. Setsuna says that she hasn't changed at all. She notices that she has a lot of friends here now, and that she's sure that the Neo-Queen sent her here so she'd make friends and learn skills that would help her when Chibiusa became queen. Chibiusa asks Setsuna if she can see her any time now. Setsuna says yes, she promises, and Chibiusa leaves.

Haruka and Michiru come up from behind and start imitating Chibiusa. Haruka says that no one would guess she's a princess from the future. But suddenly, she starts talking about the Messiah of Silence. They say that the Death Busters are still planning something, and they must be on the lookout for it.

In the Witches 4 office, Mimete is watching a soap opera and gets really mad at one of the characters. She answers the phone and says she's busy and not to bother her. The professor wonders if she's talking about a new target. She has, and it's the person on the soap opera. She gets mad at him again, and breaks the phone.

The Messiah of Silence is talking about how she'll cleanse the world when she is in control, but suddenly she gets a seizure, and says she needs pure hearts soon. Hotaru is upstairs sleeping. When she wakes up, she wonders to herself why she can't remember what happens after her seizures. The doorbell rings and Chibiusa is outside trying to ring it again. Kaoli comes to the door and says that Hotaru is sleeping and she should come back later.

Inside, Hotaru gets mad at Kaoli for sending Chibiusa away. Kaoli tells her that she's lucky to have a nice father like hers, that he lets her do what she wants. Chibiusa is walking home and wonders how Hotaru is. Hotaru finally catches up to her, and apologizes about Kaoli. She faints and Usagi and Ami walk by. Chibiusa pleads to them to help Hotaru. Ami tells them that the hospital where her mother works isn't far.

Hotaru starts to wake up, but stays down. Chibiusa blames herself for her fainting, but Usagi tells her that if she stays with her, Hotaru will be happy when she wakes up. Hotaru is having a flashback, and she broke a goldfish bowl and the fish died. She asks who did it, but Kaoli comes up and says that Hotaru did it herself, and should clean up the mess. At school, all the kids are sitting in the corner away from her. One of them has a cut on him, and Hotaru goes over to help him, but the kid is scared. The others say that she did it, she shouldn't even try to help him. At home, she cries to her father that she hurt one of her friends again, but she doesn't remember. Her father reassures her that she's not a bad girl, but Hotaru says that it's like there's someone inside of her that would hurt her friends.

Ami comes back in the room and says her mother will be in soon.


Hotaru starts to wake up, and Chibiusa holds her hand. She wakes up and tries to get up, but Chibiusa tries to get her to stay down, and asks her if she's really all right, and gives her a big hug. Ami asks if she's better and says that her mother is coming soon. Hotaru says she's all right, and this kind of thing happens all the time. She starts to leave and says that she told not to see any doctors, ever. She leaves and thanks Chibiusa, when Chibiusa says she'll go home with her.

Usagi invites Hotaru to her house to try her mother's hot cakes sometime. Hotaru says she'll come and leaves. Outside, Haruka drives up and asks them if they need a ride. Haruka asks who the girl is and she says she's Tomoe Hotaru. Haruka is very surprised to hear that this is the daughter of the professor. Chibiusa wonders if she'll be able to come over again, she thinks that she makes too much trouble. Hotaru tells her that she doesn't make any trouble and she can come over any time.

At a restaurant, the guy from the soap opera is eating and Mimete walks up. She says that she has some friends that want to see him, and she needs him to come with her. Haruka feels something and stops, Chibiusa asks her why she stopped. Haruka says that she needs something to drink and leaves, Chibiusa knows what's happening. She leaves Hotaru in the car and leaves too. The man wonders where Mimete's friends are, and she says in the daimon box. Mimete accuses him of finding a new girl friend and calls him a traitor and lets loose the daimon, Utomodachi.

The daimon is about to take his pure heart, when a World Shaking comes and knocks her away. Sailor Uranus introduces herself, and Chibiusa calls everyone and transforms. Chibimoon says that she'll punish her in the name of the future moon, but Uranus calls her a dummy and says that she's not supposed to be here. Utomodachi starts to jump rope and it going to run over the two, but they get out of the way. Uranus says that it's too dangerous for Chibimoon to be here, but Chibimoon yells at her that she's a part of the team too. Hotaru is having a seizure in the car, when Sailor Moon appears. Mimete leaves and leaves Utomodachi to take care of them. She starts jumping again and goes after all of them and keeps going after they get out of the way.

Chibimoon realizes that she's heading toward Hotaru. Utomodachi gets near the car, but Hotaru starts glowing and freezes the daimon (with that cool LaLaLa music). Sailor Moon transforms again and finishes the daimon off. Chibiusa gets Hotaru to wake up, but Hotaru says that they shouldn't be friends anymore, and runs away. Uranus tells Moon not to let Chibiusa get too close to Hotaru and does an awesome detransformation, and drives off.

The Sailor Team tells Chibiusa that they hope that Hotaru and her will be best friends.

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