Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 116

Episode Title
Arashi nochi Hare! Hotaru ni Sasageru Yuujo
[Calm after the storm! A friendship devoted to Hotaru]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Ubara (Itou Miki)
child (Toyoshima Machiko)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.17
Usagi, Mamoru, Chibiusa, and Luna are in a toy store. Mamoru gets Chibiusa a backpack and Usagi is jealous. Mamoru says that there's no choice, she's going on a picnic soon. Luna says he's right and Usagi squeezes her. Usagi has an idea to go out on a picnic with Mamoru, just the two of them. Chibiusa gets mad and says it's unfair and she should go too. They get in a big fight and Hotaru walks by outside. She remembers her family and gets sad. Chibiusa sees her and she starts to run, but Chibiusa asks if they're still friends. Hotaru keeps going and Usagi wonders why she left.

[Title Screen]

The Messiah of Silence says that she needs power soon. The doorbell rings and Kaoli answers it. Chibiusa gives her the backpack to give to Hotaru and she leaves. Hotaru is behind her and grabs the pack. There's a letter in it inviting her out for a picnic. Her father comes in and says that it's a good idea and she should go.

The next day, Usagi is carrying a huge basket of food and it won't fit in Mamoru's car trunk. Chibiusa wonders if Hotaru will come, then Luna sees her in front of the car. Chibiusa runs up and gives her a big hug. They go to the place that was in the SMR movie, the one with all the flowers everywhere. Chibiusa runs up to a huge clearing and yells to them to hurry up. Mamoru is taking some pictures of everyone, some of them are really good. The girls play some games, and Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are in the building watching them.

Hotaru falls down playing and Mamoru goes over to help her up. Chibiusa is about to jump over Usagi's back, but she lands on her instead. In the building, Mamoru says that one of his old friends works in there and they go in.

Mimete is sitting at her computer. The professor calls her and asks what color roses she likes. She says if they're free, she'll take a million pink ones. The professor suggests going after someone with a pure heart for botany, and Mimete brings someone up on the computer. The professor puts a rose in the daimon oven and makes Ubara. Mimete walks off with the box.

Everyone goes inside and looks at all the flowers and plants. Mamoru finds his friend, and the man remarks about always being around pretty ladies. Usagi gets mad but Mamoru just shrugs it off. A bunch of kids jump on the man and call him daddy. There's 6 all together, and everyone is shocked about how many there are, and Mamoru says there's a lot more than last time. Mimete is walking through the park and sees the target with all the kids. He sends the kids back to their mother, and Mimete is a little freaked out.

Everyone has lunch, and Hotaru gives a little to Luna. Chibiusa isn't eating his peppers. Usagi gets mad and Chibiusa says that Mamoru isn't either. Usagi gets Mamoru to eat them, and then Chibiusa has too eat them too. Hotaru laughs but then gets sad, remembering how long it's been since her family's been on a picnic. Mamoru's friend tells her that sometimes, adults get too busy and they don't have time for picnics. Mimete is watching from inside the building. She sees Mamoru and wants to send the Daimon after him, but she remembers that the professor wanted the botanist.


Everyone goes into the rose room, and the man says that most of the stock of roses in Japan is in this room. The man says that they can make hybrids of any color by using the newest technology. Hotaru gets sad about using technology to make flowers, and that they should be left alone. Everyone goes into the tropical plants room, but Hotaru stays behind. Mimete comes up to Mamoru and asks him a question about a plant. Usagi got mad and told her to ask the botanist. Mimete tells her that he looks very smart and she thought he would know. She asks him if they can talk alone.

Mamoru says that this is a family day. She asks if they're his sisters. He says his future wife and daughter, and then leaves. She gets mad and is about to let out the daimon, but she still can't. Usagi was really happy that he said "future wife". Luna called to her too overdramatic. Chibiusa is getting worried about Hotaru, and Mamoru says it would be a good idea to go find her. Just then, a thunderstorm starts, with rain and hail. A glass breaks in the greenhouse and the lights go out. Mamoru tells Usagi that they should go and help keep the rain out.

Chibiusa is looking for Hotaru, when a big bolt of lightning hits and she gets scared. In a smaller building, the man is trying to fix a hole. The piece of wood won't stay up, but Hotaru comes and helps him hold it up. He says that he wants to protect the buds that are below them. He says he wants to protect them, because they're resistant to diseases. Mimete throws a shovel at the ladder they're standing on and they fall. She lets go the daimon, Ubara. When she gets out, the man remarks about her having dull petals. She gets mad and takes his heart crystal. Chibiusa goes in the back and transforms and introduces herself.

Ubara grows yellow roses from her fingers and throws them at Chibimoon. Then a red rose comes and stops them all. Tuxedo Mask says that the rose throw is his attack and he won't forgive cheap imitations. Then Sailor Moon comes and does her "punish you" routine. Ubara grows thorns all over her, but Chibimoon does a Pink Sugar Heart Attack to stop her (and it works!). She grabs Moon and Chibimoon but Tuxedo Mask comes and breaks them free. Ubara recovers, but has no arms, so she puts some roots in the ground. They come up and grab everyone, but it's Hotaru to the rescue.

Hotaru grabs a root and dries up Ubara. The roots crack and dry and Sailor Moon transforms again and does a Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. Mimete gets mad and leaves, and the outers are in the back, watching. After the storm, all the kids are around the man to make sure he's all right. He says that he must have been sleeping or something. Then, everyone looks up to see a big rainbow.

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