Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 117

Episode Title
Yori Takaku Yori Tsuyoku! Usagi no Ouen
[Higher, Stronger! Usagi the Cheerleader]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Hayase Shun (Furukawa Toshio)
Undoukai (Matsuoka Youko)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.17
There's a bunch of stars, and Mamoru starts to tell the story of the outer soldiers. Uranus says that they have stronger powers than those of the other soldiers. They were to keep the solar system free of invaders. Neptune says that when they reawoke, the enemy was already here. Pluto says that this will be the hardest fight, and even she will have to join the battle.

[Title Screen]

Everyone is at the shrine, listening to Mamoru's story. They start to understand a little about them, Artemis is really emotional about it. Mamoru warns them that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to fight together yet.

In the Witches 4 office, Mimete and another witch are playing a version of Twister. Above her, there is a picture of Hayase Shun, a famous athlete. She thinks of him and knows she can do it. She's having trouble getting to the next move and keeps reassuring herself. The professor walks in and she falls down. He tells her that the next target is the famous athlete and he's made an appropriate daimon for him. He gives her the box, and she leaves. There's a second of silence, and then the professor starts playing too.

The same magazine with Shun is in Hotaru's room. She's writing something and looking at the picture. She remembers when she saw him on TV, the announcer said he was a weak child, but now he's made himself into a great champion. She finishes writing, and Kaoli pops in. Hotaru gets mad and tells her to knock before going into her room. Kaoli leaves and does the Kaolinite laugh. She puts the letter in an envelope, but then Kaoli pops in again and sees who it's for, and asks if it's a love letter. Hotaru kicks her out again and she laughs again.

Usagi gets home and sees someone's shoes. Chibiusa has Hotaru over they're talking. Usagi comes in, and scolds Chibiusa for not making tea for her guest. Chibiusa says that she's too young and that Usagi should make it. A big fight starts and they start pinching each other and yelling. Hotaru says she wishes she could have this, this house is full of love. Chibiusa and Usagi wonder what she's talking about.

Usagi sees the letter and asks why she wrote it. Hotaru says it's nothing special, just to say that she admires him because he was weak like her and is now a champion. But she's decided not to send it because she doesn't know his address. Usagi has an idea, bring it to him in person. Chibiusa thinks it's a good idea and they ask Hotaru.

At the stadium, Shun is warming up and Mimete is watching. She sees a sign that says entrance into the field is prohibited. She rips it down and blows her nose into it a couple times. Just then, an official comes out of a room down the hall and Mimete puts the sign back up. He gives her the OK sign and she does it back. Usagi runs up to the stadium and yells to them to hurry up. Chibiusa is embarrassed and wonders why Usagi always has to be like that.


Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are watching Shun warming up. Setsuna says that the Death Busters may have targeted him because he's famous. Chibiusa runs up to see them. Setsuna asks if they're alone, Chibiusa says no, and a whistle blows. Usagi runs out onto the field, dragging Hotaru behind her. Haruka is very surprised to see that Hotaru is with them. Usagi is running from the officials. Shun sees them and Mimete is mad. They won't let Hotaru give her letter to Shun, and Hotaru says it's all right, and she's happy seeing him on TV.

Shun comes up to them and the officials go away. Hotaru is stunned and is frozen, Usagi reminds her about the letter. Chibiusa is in the stands cheering for Hotaru. Shun asks if she wants something, but she just stands there. She's about to give him the letter, but she doesn't, Usagi is confused and Chibiusa falls over. Mimete is still in the back, mad, because she followed the rules. She lets out the daimon, Undoukai, and she goes after the officials. Hotaru loses the letter and it gets burned up from the fire of Undoukai's running. The officials go back into their office and Undoukai traps them.

Usagi keeps Hotaru outside and transforms. Undoukai is rolling Shun around and then sits on him, and tries to take his crystal. He resists, Mimete is waiting for the crystal, and Shun is still resisting. Sailor Moon appears and does the "punish you" and so does Chibimoon. Moon says that she doesn't need her here, but Chibimoon says Moon can't do it alone. Undoukai ties their legs together and they fall down. Shun is still trying to get away, but Mimete grabs him and tells him to be strong. Undoukai takes the crystal and Mimete are about to leave. Undoukai stops in front of Hotaru and asks if she's all right. Hotaru blasts her back onto the field with an energy blasts and Undoukai goes back into her shell. Haruka saw the power and the others say that she Hotaru's dangerous.

Mimete asks what the daimon's doing, but she doesn't know and wants to stay in her shell. Just then, Chibimoon does a sideways Pink Sugar Heart Attack right in her shell. Sailor Moon transforms again, and finishes her off. Mimete gets mad and leaves. Shun stands over Hotaru as she wakes up. Hotaru is about to tell him how she's weak but he already knows. He tells her the story of how he was weak too, how when he was small, he dreamed of being a strong athlete. Hotaru knows how he feels, and Shun says she's the first person to listen to him with her heart.

At her house, Hotaru is watching him in the next athletic competition, where he sets a record.

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