Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 118

Episode Title
Maku no Tatakai! Sailor Senshi no Kake
[A Battle in an Evil Place! The Sailor Soldiers' Gamble]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.18
Hotaru and Chibiusa are playing cards (something like old maid with jokers), and Hotaru picks the joker. Chibiusa wins and Hotaru says that she really doesn't have much luck. Chibiusa reminds her that she's really good at another game and suggests playing that one, and she won't lose this time.

[Title Screen]

The professor has put a playing card in the daimon oven and closes it. "Finally the best daimon will be made!" He starts laughing weirdly and Mimete looks at her watch. It's almost break and they don't have any snacks. The professor heads off to the store, and Mimete gets a little idea. She throws all kinds of things in the oven and sets it. It starts at first, but then it starts shaking around. It explodes and makes the whole house shake, with Hotaru and Chibiusa wondering what's happening inside.

The house looks normal after, and so does Hotaru's room. But then, it all starts to go fuzzy. Chibiusa looks out a window and there's an ocean below them, she goes to another window and sees the Serengeti, complete with animals. Chibiusa calls everyone, when Hotaru screams that there's a fish in her dresser drawer. Chibiusa wonders about the other stuff, and looks in Hotaru's desk. A lion comes out and goes after them, they run out of the room, only to find themselves in the Sahara at night. The door disappears and Hotaru feels weak, but Chibiusa tells her that the others will come and save them soon.

The professor gets back from his trip and can't open his front door. He tries and tries but finally falls down when he hears voices behind him. Sailor Mercury says that the house has gone through a dynamic shock and is connected with another dimension. The professor turns around to see his enemies, and thinks that they've found him out. Then Sailor Moon does her little speech with a twist. "We're not here to hurt you, when you're in need, the Sailor Soldiers will come to the rescue! If you don't know us, I'll punish you!" Sailor Mars smacks her in the back of the head. A big fight ensues and the professor knows that he's just being paranoid.

Mercury says that they have to hurry because the house will disappear into the other dimension in an hour. Chibiusa and Hotaru are inside walking through a jungle, complaining it's too hot, when the scenery changes into the Antarctic, complete with penguins, and they complain it's too cold.

Sailor Moon tells Jupiter to go for it, but Mercury asks what she has planned. Moon tells her that Jupiter was going to hit the door with a Wide Pressure, and then if that didn't work Mars would use a Mandala to burn the door down. Mars asks what Moon's going to do, "I'm just going to watch!" The professor asks if they can really do it. Mars says it's all right because Sailor Moon's the only really dumb one here, which starts another fight.

Mercury stops them, and tells Moon that a shock to the door would unbalance the space inside and trap everything and everyone in there. Mars got on Moon's case saying that she didn't listen. Moon asks how they'll get in, and Venus says to use the Sailor Teleport. They use the Sailor Teleport and go to an Alpine landscape, and Moon wonders if they went to the right place.

The professor is still outside, with the cats, thinking that it's ironic to be helped by the Sailor Soldiers. Then he remembers that he has the food and he starts to chow down.

The soldiers are at the bottom of a waterfall and Moon is complaining that all this can't be in Hotarus house. Mercury assures her they are and the scenery changes again to a nice little meadow. Outside, the professor is throwing whole bags of potato chips in his mouth, and the cats are worried because it's already been 20 minutes. Setsuna is outside when Haruka and Michiru come up. Setsuna tells them that everyone is inside a dimensional rift and they may not come back. Haruka says that it would be better if Hotaru didn't come back.

Chibiusa and Hotaru are in a forest and Chibiusa's getting hungry. Hotaru asks if she's all right, and she says she's fine and runs up ahead. The scenery changes to a canyon and Chibiusa is standing right over the edge. She starts to fall and Hotaru grabs her.


Hotaru is still trying to lift Chibiusa up when the soldiers come to the same space. Sailor Moon has a little trouble getting her footing right on the edge and then she sees Hotaru and Chibiusa on the other side. Hotaru loses her footing and they both fall when Venus throws down a Love Me Chain and grabs them both. Later, Mercury says it's impossible for them to use the teleport with two extra people. Hotaru hears this and says that she'll stay and to take Chibiusa. Sailor Moon says that she's Chibiusa's friend, and she'd be sad if she heard her say that.

Jupiter says that Mercury would find a way out for them, and could take everyone back. Outside, the professor is chugging on a bottle of soda and Luna says there's only half an hour left. Inside, Mercury says that the next one should be the end. It is and half the group is standing over the edge of the stairs. They fall and Chibiusa says she wants to go home. They come up to the front door and they're not sure if it's the right way. Moon has a strange feeling and they go in. They go into a dark room and a woman welcomes them. She looks like the queen from playing cards, and Sailor Moon is scared for her life.

The daimon, Uikasaman, takes off her disguise and it too weird to explain. Mercury discovers that all of the strange spaces in the house are made by her. Mars says that if they don't defeat her, they'll never get out. She starts a Burning Mandala, but the daimon says she doesn't like violence and loves gambling. They'll only get out if they beat her at gambling. The room lights up to a big casino and Jupiter goes first. She plays roulette and gets it right, but then the number changes and she gets trapped in a card. Mars is playing Jenga and she puts a stick at the top, but the daimon pulls a string and the tower falls over. Mercury is playing chess and she wins, but the space she lands on explodes and messes up the game. Moon and Venus go next, and go to play a racing video game. They start and the cars barely move, and then they crash into each other.

Hotaru and Chibiusa say they'll go next. They go to play the old maid with jokers thing. Outside, the professor is sleeping on the front step, and Luna says there's only 10 minutes left. Meanwhile, Chibiusa has three cards left and she tricks the daimon into taking the joker. The daimon tries to trick Hotaru into taking it, but it doesn't work. The turns go around again, and Chibiusa wins. The soldiers tell her to release them now, because Chibiusa won, but the daimon says that she will only if Hotaru wins too. The daimon mixes her two cards around and puts them in front of her, so she doesn't know which is which either.

The daimon has really put a mark on the joker and tries a little double-talk on Hotaru. The soldiers reassure her to go with which one she thinks is right and takes the right one, but then she faints. The soldiers tell her to release them, but she doesn't and says she doesn't care what they call her. Chibiusa transforms and uses a Pink Sugar Heart Attack, but it doesn't work at first. She could have sworn she charged it up and then it shoots right by her face and almost hits Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is free and she transforms again and uses the Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

The soldiers are freed and they go outside to the professor. He thanks them, and thinks to himself that they might regret saving her. Setsuna asks if she sad about her coming back. Michiru tells her that Haruka has more faith in Sailor Moon than both of them. Haruka says she must be joking. Chibiusa thinks to herself that she and Hotaru are a good combination.

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