Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 119

Episode Title
Chimmoku no Messiah Kakusei? Ummei no Hoshiboshi
[Messiah of Silence's Awakening? A Fate in the Stars]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Thomas (Horikawa Ryo)
U Chouten (Ohtani Ikue)
girl (Toyoshima Machiko)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.18
Rei is having the dream about the silence again. This time she sees a woman at the top of a rock, holding a staff. A tarot card of death and a face appears and the woman jumps off and uses her staff. Rei wakes up and Usagi is asking Ami a question. Rei wonders who the girl is. She gets a clear picture and it looks like a certain someone.

[Title Screen]

Chibiusa walks in and asks if Usagi's there. Usagi yells at her and says she's not supposed to be here. Chibiusa says that she really needs something from her big sister Usagi, which shocks Usagi. Chibiusa wants to go the new planetarium. Minako sees the narrator, who's a famous DJ. Usagi tells Chibiusa that they'll all go tomorrow. Rei is still having the vision and sees the girl and realizes who it is, but then thinks it can't be.

Chibiusa pops up and says that it would be better if someone paid for two admissions. Usagi says she's not going to, but Minako says that it's a mother's responsibility. Chibiusa comes up to Usagi and starts hugging her and begging her. Rei is sitting there, silent, wondering about her dream.

In the city, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are talking about the dream too. Michiru says that she sees a woman with a long staff in the dream, the Silence Glaive. They know that this only means one thing, the Messiah of Silence comes from the planet of destruction. Now they know they have to find the soldier of destruction and destroy her.

The Messiah of Silence is talking about how soon the silence is coming. The professor says that it was perfect to make her the Messiah of Silence. The Messiah says that their success depends on her now. If they want to succeed quicker, get more pure hearts. She picks up a teddy bear and rips it up and throws it at the professor.

In the Witches 4 office, Mimete is watching the Countdown 50 with the DJ from the planetarium, and she knows that he's the next target. The phone rings and it's the professor. She asks if he likes stars and he must say yes because she gets happy about it. The professor wishes her luck and remembers an old saying about stars. "The stars know everything." (Neflite's catch phrase) He starts to laugh hysterically.

Hotaru is walking home from school and a girl comes up from behind her and yells Tomomi. Hotaru thinks she says Tomoe and turns around, only to see the girl run past her. Chibiusa sees her and asks her if she wants to go to the planetarium with her. Hotaru gets worried about what her father will say. Chibiusa says that it'll start without her if she does that. Usagi comes up and says that sometimes it's all right to get sidetracked. Chibiusa says that she'll apologize to her father if there's anything wrong.

At the planetarium, the DJ, Thomas Harris, is explaining the story of Princess Andromeda. Mimete is absolutely dazed by him. Michiru finds Mimete and says that Thomas is probably the next target. Then she wonders why the girls are here with Hotaru. Haruka says that this might be the best chance to find out who Hotaru really is.


Everyone is watching the show when Usagi sees Setsuna in the back. She nods for her to come and see her. Setsuna says that she cannot continue without telling them the whole truth. She tells them that the enemies are the Death Busters and they want the silence to come. Ami asks what the silence is and Setsuna responds, the end of the world. She asks Rei if she's seen something. Rei knows what she's talking about and tells the girls of her dream. She tells the girls to focus on her Garnet Orb and they'll see the same dream Rei did. They all see it and say it can't be happening. Setsuna says that if they don't destroy the Messiah of Silence, this will come true.

She explains that the Messiah of Silence is the woman who will ensure everyone's death. There are some screams inside and a daimon is loose. A really annoying daimon called U Chouten tells everyone to wish upon a star and then starts firing at them. Thomas tells everyone to get out and U Chouten goes after him. Mimete says she's done a good job, and U Chouten says that she knows she's great. Mimete says she'll take care of the audience and that U Chouten should get the heart crystal. Mimete asks Thomas for his autograph first and he throws a chair at her.

Mimete does a Charm Buster to get rid of the audience. Hotaru starts to have another seizure. Chibiusa goes to get help but Uranus comes up and tells her to stay put. The Sailor Team appears and introduces themselves. The other outers are in the back waiting. Mimete tells U Chouten to go after the soldiers and get the pure heart after. U Chouten starts firing at them and they duck. Tuxedo Mask comes and throws a rose in her hat, and she fires at him. Hotaru stands up and tries to breathe, when she's hit by a star. The sign of Saturn glows on her head and everyone knows what's happening.

Hotaru gives U Chouten a weird look and freezes U Chouten. Sailor Moon transforms again and finishes her off. World Shaking! Deep Submerge! Dead Scream! The outers fire at Hotaru and Chibiusa gets in front of her and Sailor Moon pushes them all out of the way. Uranus gets mad at them because Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, and when she awakens, it will be the end of the world. Sailor Moon tells her that they can't kill her, but Sailor Pluto says there is no other way to save the world. Then, Hotaru disappears and reappears at her home. Kaoli says that it's not good to get sidetracked.

The professor is talking to someone called Pharoh 90. He knows that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn from the planet of destruction and there couldn't be anyone better to be the Messiah of Silence. Inside the little universe on his table is a galaxy, which is Pharoh 90.

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