Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 120

Episode Title
Ijigen kara no Shinryaku! Mugen Gakuen no Nazo
[Invasion from Outer Space! Infinity Academy's Secret]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.18
[Title Screen]

Chibiusa is running in the rain, she remembers what the outers said about Hotaru and Sailor Saturn. She goes into Hotaru's house and there is nothing and no one there. She starts to cry and Setsuna comes up to her. She accuses Setsuna of taking Hotaru and says that she hates her.

In Mamoru's apartment, Luna and Artemis tell everyone that Hotaru's house is empty, and there is no sign of anyone ever being there. Mamoru is checking the internet for Professor Tomoe's file. He finds it and finds out that he is a professor at Infinity Academy. Luna knows that that's Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru's school. The other know about it too, it's a place where only gifted and talented people go, from nursery school to college. Mamoru also finds that the professor is also the owner of the school. Ami says that they should go there and check things out.

Setsuna and Chibiusa walk in, Chibiusa is soaked and sad. Usagi goes over to dry her off but Mamoru keeps her away. He's interested in the Academy and wants to ask Setsuna some questions. She says that strange things happen there all the time, and that's why Haruka and Michiru enrolled. She tells them that Professor Tomoe is associated with the Death Busters, but she doesn't know about Hotaru, all she knows is that she's Sailor Saturn. Chibiusa says that Hotaru isn't their enemy and she shouldn't be killed. Usagi says that even though she's the soldier of destruction, she's still a sailor soldier. Setsuna says that this is why she didn't want them involved in their mission.

The phone rings and Professor Tomoe answers it, it's Mimete. She's found a new target, a doctor who's giving a lecture at the Academy about an alternate universe. The professor has other plans and says he'll call her back when he makes a decision. Mimete hangs up and turns on a microphone under the professor's desk. The professor starts to talk to another witch, Tellu. He tells her that Mimete tries hard, but can't seem to succeed. So he gives the job to Tellu.

The phone rings and Tellu answers it, it's Mimete disguised as the professor. He tells her that he's changed his mind and to cancel his last orders. Mimete hangs up and says that if she kills the sailor soldiers this time, she'll definitely change the professor's mind about her, and she has to borrow Eudial's machine.

The girls arrive at the academy, where campus is open to the public for the lecture. Mamoru is back at the apartment where he finds an old newspaper article. The professor and his daughter had survived a horrible fire. He looks over at Chibiusa for a minute and remembers what she said.

Inside the building, the girls are sneaking around. Ami suggest going to the computer room to look for clues. Suddenly, someone starts tapping Minako on the back. "What Mako-chan?" The person does it again, and Mako says it's not her. The girls turn around to see a huge security guard with a really deep voice. He asks what they're doing, Mako says they're lost and they're looking for the lecture hall. He points out the direction and they head that way. He stops them and Rei gets really scared, "You forgot something". Usagi is still standing there, "I hurt my back".

They leave and Mimete walks by them. The guard says to stop and he wants to see what's in her bag. She opens it and electrocutes him, she doesn't have any time to waste, as Tellu watches her from behind a corner.


In the lecture hall, the doctor is giving his lecture, and it's being broadcasted all over the school. The girls have split up and are snooping around the school. In the security room, Haruka and Michiru are searching for clues. Setsuna comes in and scares them, and she tells them that the girls are here, investigating.

The professor is watching the lecture, laughing. He knows there's another universe, with Pharoh 90 in it. Hotaru is sleeping in the Messiah of Silence's chair, and she has a dream. She's leaning over a glass to see a DNA machine. Something goes wrong inside it and it explodes and she dies. Her father begs for her to come back when a black things comes and asks if he wants his daughter back. The professor says he'll do anything to get her back, and the black thing says it will have to take their bodies. And that's how the professor became evil.

At the lecture, the lights go out, and Mimete appears from a trap door. She feels wonderful under the spotlight and says she'll never give up this feeling to Tellu. She does a Charm Buster and then lets the daimon out, Upasocon (Upersonal computer). She takes his heart crystal and the girls hear him scream. The Sailors appear and they each do a piece of the "punish you" and Sailor Moon gets a little confused. Mimete sends Upasocon after them and she attacks with some mice. Mars does a Burning Mandala and Jupiter does a Wide Pressure from point blank range at the daimon. Mercury scans for more mice and she finds some, and a Love Me Chain comes and gets rid of them.

Upasocon throws some floppy discs at Jupiter and Mars and they're hit bad. Mimete does a Charm Buster at Venus and Mercury. Upasocon throws more floppies at Jupiter and Mars as Mimete brings out the machine. Just then, Tuxedo Mask and Chibimoon come in and Chibimoon does a Pink Sugar Heart Attack at the daimon and Tux calls for Sailor Moon. She transforms again with Crisis, make up!! and defeats the daimon.

Mimete is cornered, but she still has the machine and she uses it. Witches Electric Warp!! She disappears into the machine and reappears onto the wall of TVs for the lecture. Her picture isn't the only thing that's bigger, her power is too. Then, there's a laughter from backstage. It's Tellu, she says it's not nice to take other people's jobs, and she reminds Mimete why Eudial never used her machine. If someone unplugs it while you're in it, you'll be trapped in it forever. Mimete pleads for forgiveness and says she's sorry, but Tellu simply says, "Goodbye, fool" and unplugs it.

Sailor Moon stares in shock as Tellu disappears. Sailor Moon powers down as the outers watch in the back.

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