Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 121

Episode Title
Kokoro wo Ubau Youka! Daisan no Majo Tellu
[Heart Stealing Flowers! The Third Witch Tellu]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.18
There's a review of the last episode. The outers are in the back commenting on how cruel and heartless the enemies are. The others see them leave.

[Title Screen]

The outers are walking away, and Sailor Moon tells them to wait. They know that they're going after Hotaru again. The Sailor Team tries to convince them to stop, but they have other plans. Uranus says that they're looking for different worlds.

The Messiah of Silence is still waiting for pure hearts, and the professor assures her to wait a little while longer. The Messiah says she needs many pure hearts to awaken, and that she can't wait much longer.

In the Witches 4 office (which has been changed to Witches 3), Tellu is working at her desk when the phone rings. It's the professor and he's been reading through her report, and he's impressed with her idea to collect heart crystals with plants. He's considered changing it anyway because the daimons weren't working all that much. She says that the professor can count on her, and the room she's in lights up, showing thousands of flowers. "Everything is ready to go."

Just then, Kaoli comes down to give the professor some coffee. He says that his shoulder has been bothering him lately, and Kaoli offers to massage it for him. She figures this is the least she can do because he brought her back from the dead. The professor says that it's a shame that she's wasting her talent as a secretary, he wishes to see the old her. He gets up to leave, and says, "You're the only one I can depend on, Kaolinite." This makes Kaoli a little emotional, but that doesn't last long and she transforms into Kaolinite (with the cool black dress from the manga).

At a store, Tellu is selling her flowers, Telluns. She says they never need water or light. She offers them for 10 yen a piece (that's cheap, trust me) and people are shoving in to buy them. Setsuna walks by and is curious about the flowers, so she buys one. At a greenhouse, the Tellun starts to glow, and kills all the other plants in the room.

Chibiusa is running through town and Usagi and the cats are trying to catch up, and they can't. Luna asks Usagi if she's worried about Chibiusa. Usagi says that she was just going for a walk, why should she chase her. Artemis says that he doubts she's just on a walk, Usagi agrees. Luna says they're really alike. This starts a fight and Artemis yells, and Luna and Usagi wonder what's wrong. He realized that Chibiusa was running toward Infinity Academy. She's going to start her investigation just as Usagi catches her.

Usagi tells her it's too dangerous for her in there, but Chibiusa knows that Hotaru is in there, and she was taken by someone. Usagi says that she should rely on her friends, they'll save her.

Hotaru wakes up in the Messiah's chair and wonders what she's doing there. She goes out and goes looking for Chibiusa.

Setsuna is studying the Tellun with her computer, which tells her that it absorbs humidity in the air for food and energy. Just then, the flower starts to glow and breaks the glass case surrounding it. The flower opens and it releases red energy that goes after Setsuna. There's a flash of pink light and the Garnet Orb is floating, it protected her.

Hotaru is walking downtown. She walks by the flower shop and Tellu asks if Hotaru wants a flower called the good fortune flower. It's the last one so she gives it to her for free. Hotaru is happy and thinks that the flower is just like Chibiusa, bringing good fortune and goes to bring it to her.


Hotaru rings the doorbell and Chibiusa answers. Usagi sees Hotaru and tells Chibiusa to let her in, but Chibiusa shuts the door in her face. Hotaru gives Chibiusa the flower. Hotaru doesn't think it's anything like her because she hurts her friends without knowing it. Then, she falls down and says that she wants Chibiusa's pure heart crystal. Suddenly, Kaolinite appears and takes Hotaru away.

Usagi is confused because she thought that Kaolinite was dead. Artemis reminds her that they never did find the body. Chibiusa is sad that she couldn't help Hotaru. Setsuna comes and talks to the girls for a while, but sees the flower. She knocks it away from Chibiusa, angering her, and the flower kills all the grass it lands on. Setsuna explains that just a bud did this damage, when it blooms, it takes pure hearts. She says that they should cut off the source of the flowers, and Chibiusa tells them that this is her chance to prove Hotaru has nothing to do with all this.

They go in the back of the store. Tellu shuts all the doors and takes the heart crystals of all the people in the store and puts them in a star on her hand. The girls see this and transform. Moon Cosmic Power, make up!! (Which is a little different) Pluto Planet Power, make up!! Moon Prism Power, make up!! Sailor Moon comes just as Tellu takes the last of the crystals and does her "punish you".

Tellu is impressed that they found her that quickly. Some Tellun's go after them, but they get out of the way, but there's no escape, because the store is full of them. Chibimoon tries to blast them, but it doesn't work. Tellu lets some vines out of her arm and aims at Chibimoon. She hits the vines and Tellu fires again, hitting Pluto. The vines start to take her energy when the red rose comes and breaks the vines. Tuxedo Mask tells Sailor Moon to purify the flowers. She transforms again and blasts all the flowers in the store except for one.

Tellu gets the last one and puts some stuff in it and it gets huge. The Hyper-Tellun is attracted to pure hearts and takes them as it destroys you and itself. Tellu is about to leave and take the star with her, when Tux throws a rose at the star and breaks it. All the heart crystals come out and the Hyper-Tellun goes after Tellu. It traps her as Tellu shoots vines at it. It doesn't work as the Hyper-Tellun and Tellu are destroyed.

Sailor Moon finds a notebook on the floor from Infinity High, Tellu was a student at Infinity, Teruno Lulu. Sailor Pluto wakes up, and Chibimoon tells Pluto that Hotaru isn't involved in this and that she believes in her.

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