Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 122

Episode Title
Ai wo Shinjite! Ami, Kokoro Yasashiki Senshi
[Believe in Love! Ami, the Kind-Hearted Soldier]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.19
The girls are at the shrine wondering about Tellu's notebook being from Infinity High. Suddenly, Usagi comes running in and says that Ami's great. She's gotten first place in the latest practice exams. Ami says she wasn't the only highest scorer. A girl from Infinity named Vido Yui also got first place. The next exam is at Infinity, so they can pretend to be taking the exam and sneak in. Ami tells them that she's already signed up for the exam and they don't need to sneak in.

[Title Screen]

At the Infinity building, many people are lined up outside in the snow. Usagi says they must be study-a-holics, Rei says they're nothing like Usagi. Upstairs, the professor and Kaolinite are watching the crowd. They see the soldiers and say, "Not everyone here is a smart person." Just then, a witch called Viluy walks in. She's already started her project and she's ready to start. She can collect a large number of pure hearts by using computers. Viluy's about to leave when she tells Kaolinite to stop fooling around and collect some crystals too.

Chibiusa is running downtown when she sees Mamoru in his car. She doesn't talk to him and keeps going. He drives off and sees Setsuna in his mirror. Chibiusa is standing outside Hotaru's house and remembers how she was taken. She wonders where she went.

Inside the Infinity building, the girls are talking. Usagi's happy that they sneaked in. Everyone comments on how serious everyone looks. Ami says that they're just serious about studying for their dreams. Just then, Viluy (disguised) comes up and talks to Ami. It's Vido Yui and she says that she's heard of Ami and has always wanted to meet her. Usagi pops up and says that Ami's really smart. Yui asks who Usagi is and Usagi says she's not smart enough to do a practice exam. Yui says that she must be intelligent to be friends with Ami. "What are your best subjects?" Usagi says afternoon nap and lunch. Yui, "Oh, a good sense of humor." Then Yui says that she has something to show Ami and drags her off.

Outside it's a blizzard and Haruka and Michiru are inside saying that they feel something is about to happen. In a dark room, Yui is showing Ami the mini-universe that the science club made. Yui says that Infinity High is a place where the talented go, and Ami would be perfect for it. She also says that the smarter students help the teachers teach. Ami says that just because someone is smart, it doesn't make them a good leader. A good leader is someone who can understand the hearts of those that are poor in academics. Yui tells her that in science, there is no need for understanding, just logic. Just then, the bell rings that starts the exams and Yui leaves.

Ami is still looking at the universe while the professor watches her through a security camera. Viluy walks in and says that Ami may be a sailor soldier. She says that she'll find out who Ami really is. Kaolinite wants to do it, but Viluy just shoves her out of the way. Viluy explains to the professor that she's programmed her nano robots into every computer in the school, and can control them with the computer chip on her wrist. Viluy is about to leave again, when she asks Kaolinite a question. "Why did you come back? Did you just want to play around with the professor a little more?" This gets Kaolinite very mad.

Viluy is in a room and she activates her nano robots. The people are taking the exams when suddenly their heart crystals are taken into the computers. Usagi and Minako are watching, and they say that they have to find out who's controlling the computers.


Haruka and Michiru are running down a hall and go into an underground lab. They open the door and see someone sitting on a chair. It's Hotaru in the Messiah of Silence's chair. They go to kill her, but Ami comes in and stops them. Ami explains that the Death Busters have been taking advantage of her and that she doesn't have anything to do with it. Ami goes over to protect her when Yui walks in. She says that they're not supposed to be here and turns into Viluy. She sends her Mosaic Buster at Haruka and Michiru and they start to be electrocuted. She fires at Ami this time and breaks a balloon near the Messiah. She starts to wake up, but doesn't.

Mercury Star Power, make up!! Viluy says she knew she was a soldier the whole time. She fires another Mosaic buster at Mercury and Mercury does a Shine Aqua Illusion and freezes them. Viluy says it's no use and the pieces break out of the ice and attack Mercury. Viluy explains that these are her invisible nano robots, they'll stab into her body and leave just her pure heart behind. Just then, the others come in and Moon does the "punish you." Viluy does another Mosaic Buster, but they dodge it.

Haruka and Michiru get up and transform. World Shaking! Deep Submerge! Two direct hits right at Viluy. Sailor Moon transforms again and says that the thing that's bad is the microchip on her arm. She does a Rainbow Moon Heart Ache and cracks it. Viluy tries to do another Mosaic Buster, but the nano robots are confused and they attack Viluy instead.

Mercury says that Viluy's the one that said you don't need a heart for science. All the heart crystals go back into their owners. The professor says that Viluy has failed. Kaolinite thinks to herself that now she won't need to make a special plan to get rid of her. But now, the professor knows who all of the sailor soldiers really are. Viluy disappears and leaves the microchip. Mercury picks it up and says, "This is the result when someone believes only in logical science." Then, the microchip disappears.

Just then, the room starts to rumble and Hotaru's chair floats up. The professor's voice comes up and says that the battle is just beginning. Then Hotaru disappears.

Chibiusa is still outside Hotaru's house, when Mamoru and Setsuna come up and tell her she should come back.

Outside on the harbor, Haruka and Michiru say that Ami's kindness allowed the Messiah of Silence escape. But her kindness also saved their lives, this time, they'll thank her.

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