Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 123

Episode Title
Hametsu no Kage! Chinmoku no Messiah no Mezame
[Shadow of Destruction! The Messiah of Silence's Awakening]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
Guest characters
Cyprine :: Fuchizaki Yuriko
Ptilol :: Kasahara Rumi
  • Summary by Titus H. H. Hsu, 1996.06.06
The main building to the Infinity Academy stood in the night like a black tower. Students of the Infinity Academy marched toward this tower, as Cyprine's ghostly voice echoed into the night: "Gather, all of you. Come to the Academy. Come to me."

Back at home, as Usagi was washing her hair, Chibiusa sat in the bathtub, worried about Hotaru. Usagi noticed Chibiusa's worried look. As Usagi walked over to the bathtub thinking to say something to make her feel better, she accidentally stepped on a bar of soap and fell into the bathtub, completely soaking Chibiusa. Usagi apologized, but Chibiusa still decided to get even by pushing Usagi into the water. The two then got into a water fight.

Later, they walked up the stairs back to their rooms. Just before Usagi entered her room, Chibiusa told Usagi that she would be all right, so Usagi shouldn't be worried about her. Chibiusa then said good-night and went into her room. Luna and Artemis stood just behind the door to Usagi's room as it swung open slowly. They told Usagi that the students of the Infinity Academy were all gathering at the campus building. Usagi decided not to let Chibiusa know, and left the house by herself to go to the campus tower.

On the throne of the Messiah of Silence, the Messiah breathed heavily and uneasily. Professor Tomoe and Cyprine watched. Cyprine promised that as the greatest of the Witches Five, she will do her best for the professor and collect heart crystals for the Messiah. Kaolinite appeared in the shadows near the ceiling of the room, watching in silence. Cyprine then promised that unlike Kaolinite, she will not disappoint him. Kaolinite was furious. She decided that the only way to redeem herself was to find the purest heart crystal for the Messiah of Silence. She chose Chibiusa as her target.

Back at the Tsukino household, Chibiusa had a nightmare about Hotaru and woke up.

Students of the Infinity Academy continued to march into the campus tower. A large group walked into a circular hall. Their heart crystals appeared and flew from their owners. The group of students fell. As Usagi and the other four watched in shock, Cyprine trapped the five in a barrier and transported them to the floor above. She then told the rest of the students to offer their crystals and left. Haruka and Michiru stood at the entrance of the hall and watched.

Usagi and the others found themselves in a large, well furnished office with a large desk in front of a wall of windows. Behind the desk, the chair turned around, and in the chair sat Cyprine.

"Welcome to our Infinity Academy, Sailor Soldier ladies."

"I guess there's no point in hiding who we are anymore," Makoto replied.

The five transformed. Sailor Mars launched Burning Mandaras at Cyprine. They shattered the windows behind Cyprine, but Cyprine disappeared. Suddenly, a blue and a red energy ball appeared and hit Sailor Mars. Mars dodged the next energy ball, but immediately one more appeared and hit her in the back. As the other four ran toward Mars, Cyprine appeared behind them, laughing. Venus turned around and caught her with the Chain. A red energy ball appeared out of nowhere and hit Venus. Ptilol, Cyprine's twin, appeared. Jupiter launched a Sparkling Wide Pressure at them, but was reflected by the two's combined power, and Jupiter was struck by her own attack.

Chibiusa stood outside the mansion where Hotaru once lived. She transformed into Chibimoon and carefully sneaked into the mansion. Kaolinite watched from a second floor window, and she was content that her chosen target happened to be a Sailor Soldier as well. Chibiusa went up to Hotaru's room on the second floor. Kaolinite appeared out of the shadow and tried to take Chibimoon. Tuxedo Mask appeared in the same room and stopped her with his rose. Kaolinite cast a force field around her, throwing Chibimoon out through the window. She fell into the garden. Kaolinite appeared in front of Chibimoon as she was tryng to get up. Sailor Pluto appeared and cast Dead Scream at Kaolinite. Kaolinite cast a red smoke screen and disappeared with Chibimoon.

Back in the campus building, the five Sailor Soldiers struggled against the combined power of Cyprine and Ptilol. Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion was also reflected back at herself. The five decided that the only way they could win was to rely on their teamwork to break up the two Witches. Mercury cast her Bubble Spray and filled the room with mist to cover the other four.

"Venus Love Me Chain!"
"Moon Tiara Action!"
"Fire Soul!"

Cyprine and Ptilol still easily absorbed the combined attacks with their staves, but then Jupiter appeared from behind Cyprine and tackled her down to the floor. Jupiter jumped up and ran away. Cyprine was angered and chased after Jupiter. Ptilol tried to stop her, but Mars suddenly appeared from high above her and struck her very hard from behind. Ptilol chased after Mars. In the chase, Jupiter leaped to avoid Cyprine's attack, while at the same time, Ptilol jumped to attacke Mars from high above. As both Cyprine and Ptilol aimed their attacks at their targets, Venus suddenly appeared and pushed Jupiter away from Cyprine's line of fire, and Mars evaded away from Ptilol's attack. Cyprine and Ptilol suddenly found themselves firing their weapons at each other, and they were destroyed.

After the twins died, a dimensional distortion appeared. Within the dimensional hole, a dark passage could be seen beyond. After Mercury did some quick observations with her visor, the five decided to enter the dark passage.

Meanwhile, Uranus and Neptune were walking through a dimly lit passage. The sound of tiny bells echoed through the darkness, and the two saw Professor Tomoe standing before an altar in front of the Dark Messiah's throne. Tomoe greeted the two visitors: "You are just in time for the ceremony." A beam of light shone on Tomoe and the altar, and lying unconscious on the altar was Chibimoon. Uranus immediately dashed forward for her, but was stopped and deflected back by an invisible barrier. At the same time, the other five Soldiers arrived at the scene, and they were stunned to see Chibimoon in the enemy's hands.

Tomoe called Kaolinite, and she appeared. The ceremony to revive the Messiah of Silence was about to begin. Sailormoon tried to stop them, but was also stopped by the barrier. The Dark Messiah opened her eyes, and an arm of light extended out of her, reaching for Chibimoon. The arm snatched Chibimoon's heart crystal through her chest and Chibimoon woke up in pain. She looked and saw Hotaru on the throne. Chibimoon was relieved to see that Hotaru was all right, and then fell unconscious again as her heart crystal was pulled out by the arm. After the crystal was taken, Chibimoon lost her transformation, and the crystal slowly floated toward the Messiah of Silence. The Messiah of Silence was about to swallow the crystal.

"Don't! If you really are Hotaru's father...if you really love Hotaru, you have to stop this!" Usagi hoped that a trace of feeling would still be left in the mad professor.

"Love? What do you mean?" The professor in the shadow replied with a cold voice.

After swallowing the heart crystal, Hotaru's body rapidly changed into an adult's body with very long hair trailing behind her. Uranus and Neptune were surprised to find that Hotaru did not become Sailor Saturn as they had feared, but had become one of the Death Busters. The new evil declared her name as "Mistress Nine". Professor Tomoe told Kaolinite that she had done well. Kaolinite was grateful, but at the same time, a bolt of energy from Mistress Nine struck her and she died. Mistress Nine and Professor Tomoe left the hall to begin the next stage of their plan, and the place started to collapse. The 7 Soldiers took Chibimoon and escaped from the Infinity Academy campus building. Outside the building, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Pluto were waiting for them. "Small Lady!" Pluto could not contain her anxiety when she saw what had happened to Chibiusa.

At Mamoru's house, Mamoru linked his own lifeforce with Chibiusa's body to keep her alive. Usagi sat beside them, watching. She was both sad and worried. In the same room, the other 4 Soldiers also sat around the table in silence and worry. Setsuna entered the living room, and calmly said that she will be returning to the Infinity Academy building with Uranus and Neptune to destroy the enemy, because that is the only way to save Small Lady. After Setsuna left, Usagi and the other four were also determined to return to the school building to save Hotaru. As the morning sun rose, the five walked towards the Infinity Academy building with the determination to fight for what they believed for, and not allowing anyone else be hurt in this war.

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