Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 124

Episode Title
semarikuru yami no kyofu! kusen no hachi senshi
[Fear of Approaching Darkness! The Struggle of the Eight Soldiers]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Original draft by Titus H. H. Hsu (ver. 1.2)
    First edit by Marshall Chang
Somewhere deep within what remained of the Infinity Academy building, darkness dominated a large volume of space. Mistress Nine and Professor Tomoe stood in front of a complex array of machines. Behind this low wall of machines, a transparent dome containing small galaxies and nebulas could be seen. A glass cylinder stood amongst the complex devices.

"It is all ready now," Tomoe spoke softly to the Messiah of Darkness beside him. "Now we need only to put the chalice into this device with your hand, then the light of darkness will illuminate the Tau star system. That illumination is needed to show the way to our great Master, Pharaoh Ninety. And when Pharaoh Ninety appears in this space, all will be destroyed, and the Earth will fall into Silence. The era ruled by the light of lies will end, and the era for the darkness of truth will begin."

Standing near the base of the enemy, Usagi and her four trusted friends looked at the remains of the Infinity Academy tower. With a strong sense of determination, the five transformed into Sailor Soldiers.

A lone helicopter flew towards the Infinity Academy. In the helicopter were Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

"We have no time. We have to destroy the Messiah of Silence before she fully revives," Uranus said to Neptune while piloting the flying machine. "In the end, there is no Messiah for us. We'll have to save this world with our hands, no matter what sacrifices we have to make."

Pluto, in the back seat, sat in silence thinking about Usagi's words that she will not let anyone be sacrificed.

As Sailormoon and the other four Soldiers dashed towards the building, Mistress Nine sensed their arrival.

"The chalice is coming near."

"The chalice?" Tomoe was surprised.

"It is coming to us on its own, without us looking for it."

"That is very convenient for us."

"But we cannot allow other intruders to enter until I have fully revived."

The Messiah of Silence closed her eyes and used her powers of darkness.

As the five Soldiers were running, Mars sensed the Dark Messiah's power.

"What's wrong?" The other four looked at Mars.

"I just felt this presence...faint, but disturbing."

A dome-shaped barrier formed around the remainder of the school tower, leaving an opening on the top in the shape of a star. From deep inside the building, thousands of Daimon eggs began pouring out. With no vessels, the eggs burst, becoming a thick red liquid flowing out onto the floor from the broken shells. Thousands of humanoid monsters rose from the liquid.

"Incredible levels of dark energy," Mercury said as she examined the barrier with her visor and pocket computer. "The only way to get through is to teleport."

As they were going to set up for the teleport, Mercury's visor beeped rapidly, warning of imminent danger. The five looked at the building, and saw the red liquid slowly flowing out of every opening in the building. Hundreds of human-shaped Daimons rose from the liquid and flew, drawing long, red arcs across the sky.

"Here they come!" Mercury warned.

Daimons fell like rain and splashed on the ground, but quickly rose and re-formed. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus used their power attacks to destroy the enemies, but the sheer number of enemies made it feel like there was no end to them.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" Sailormoon used her attack and wiped out all the Daimons in the area. But a another wave of Daimons immediately flew out of the building and landed in front of them. The five had no time to set up for the teleport.

"Wonderful!" Tomoe praised Mistress Nine's power of darkness.

"Infinity Academy is now protected by the energy of darkness, and has become the Omega Zone. No intruder will ever be able to enter. Now is the time to reach for the chalice." Mistress Nine extended her right arm, which started to glow with a dark light. Where her fingertips extended, dimensional ripples appeared, and the hand reached through the dimensional rift like a hand submerging into water.

As the five Soldiers struggled, Sailormoon once again destroyed all the Daimons in the area with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack. As they hurried to set up for the teleport, a dimensional distortion suddenly appeared behind Sailormoon, and Mistress Nine's hand gripped around Sailormoon's neck just as she turned to see the arm. The arm tried to pull Sailormoon through the portal. The other four immediately ran forward and clung onto Sailormoon to stop her from being dragged in by the arm, but a new wave of Daimons immediately attacked them. The four Soldiers lost their grip, falling back, and Sailormoon disappeared through the dimensional hole. All the Daimons suddenly retreated and fused themselves with the barrier around the Tower.

"I can't believe this is happening..." Mars said while looking at the barrier with all the Daimons on it.

"Without Sailormoon, we can't teleport..." Mercury said with a somewhat despairing voice.

"What should we do then?" Jupiter asked.

As the helicopter came near the school tower, Uranus saw the barrier around the tower. "What is that?"

"It doesn't look like a typical barrier," Neptune observed.

"Maybe we can enter from the opening." Uranus saw the star-shaped opening on top of the barrier. But as the helicopter came closer to the tower, the thousands of Daimons on the barrier sensed the intruders. Hundreds of them immediately flew towards the helicopter and attacked. The helicopter, engulfed by Daimons, lost control and exploded.

Uranus and Neptune found themselves in the middle of a frozen explosion. All the shattering, smoke, and flame remained perfectly still. They looked around and saw Pluto suspended in mid-air outside the helicopter, with light radiating from the Garnet Rod.

"Pluto?" Neptune's voice echoed in the frozen time field.

"What have you done?" Uranus asked.

"I have stopped time. You must take this opportunity and escape now", Pluto urged the two.

"I never knew you had this kind of power!"

"No. As the Guardian of Time this is the most forbidden act for me."

"The most forbidden...?" Uranus tried to understand the meaning behind those words.

"What's going to happen to you?" Neptune asked.

"If you ever find the true Messiah..." Not answering Uranus' question, Pluto looked at them with warmth in her eyes, and spoke softly.

"The true Messiah...?" Neptune asked.

Uranus and Neptune were teleported inside the barrier, and the helicopter exploded.

"They stopped time and teleported in. The Outer Planet Soldiers certainly are different." Inside the building, Mistress Nine was mildly impressed.

"Nonetheless, your power is truly great, Messiah of Silence." Tomoe praised Mistress Nine's incredible power.

"That is because of the pure heart from that sacrifice by the one called Chibiusa." Mistress Nine replied.

"That pure heart...don't you use it for evil things..." The words came out of Mistress Nine's mouth with a weak and shaky voice. She then quickly sat up straight with a tense expression on her face.

"What is the matter?" Tomoe looked asked casually, in a light tone of voice.

"Nothing!" Mistress Nine replied in frustration. She seemed tired and uncomfortable, and covered part of her face with her hand. Mistress Nine then transformed into the appearance of the original Hotaru and hovered off the throne. "I will now go and recover the chalice, while you go and eliminate the two intruding Sailor Soldiers."

"I will?"

"Just use the puppets you created. Now, go! Daimon Germatos"


The barrier around the school building started to expand outwards. Mercury made more analyses on it with her computer.

"The energy level of the barrier is rising steadily."

"I can't believe we can't even get in!" Jupiter said.

"Sailormoon..." Venus said with a worried voice.

"The only thing the four of us can do, is try to stop that barrier from expanding any more." Mercury concluded.

"Have faith in Sailormoon, and we'll do what we can." Mars said.

>From 4 major roads around the enemy base, the Sailor Soldiers kneeled and set up their own perimeter barrier to stop the barrier around the Infinity Academy building from expanding.

Sailormoon woke up and found herself enveloped by darkness. Mistress Nine's hand strangled her while pulling her through the rift, and that caused her to cough a couple of times after she woke up. She looked around and saw Hotaru lying unconscious, not far away.

As Uranus and Neptune ran along a dim corridor, they saw what appeared to be deflated body suits hanging along both the walls on each side.

"What are these?" Uranus exclaimed, looking at the suits around them.

Then they saw Prof. Tomoe standing in the middle of the corridor. "These, are the vessels I created."

"You two should know it's against school regulations to come into this area," Tomoe said with the voice of a teacher.

"It was your very own words which said 'everyone should persist with their own sense of justice', Mr. Principle." Uranus replied.

"It's such a pity," a distorted grin appeared on Tomoe's face. "We really wanted excellent students like you two to become vessels, like this man here by the name of Tomoe Soichi!"

The professor began to laugh maniacally. A large, red shadow emerged out of Tomoe's body and turned into a Daimon. Tomoe fell unconscious as soon as the Daimon left him. Uranus immediately attacked the Daimon with World Shaking, and the Daimon exploded into countless tiny pieces. The tiny pieces of the Daimon fell onto the floor, then each piece quickly moved to a bodysuit along the walls. The suits were immediately inflated, and they started surrounding the two Soldiers, all the while laughing maniacally. Uranus and Neptune fought with punches and kicks, but didn't appear to be inflicting any damage on the puppets. The puppets seemed to be only filled with air, stretching their arms in unimaginable ways. Eventually, both Uranus and Neptune were caught by the arms of the puppets, and they fell to the floor.

"The Talismans." Just when it appeared that the fight was over, both Uranus and Neptune heard Sailor Pluto's voice. Uranus' sword and Neptune's mirror appeared in front of them and destroyed the puppet arms around them. They reached for the talismans. Standing back to back, Uranus guarded Neptune's back with the sword while Neptune held up her mirror in front of the puppets. As Neptune turned around and scanned the puppets with the mirror, all except one puppet seen by the mirror immediately turned into translucent shadows. Uranus unsheathed the sword, dashed forward and buried the glowing blade deep into the Daimon's single eye. Germatos laughed maniacally one last time as its body stretched, distorted, and finally exploded into nothing.

"I thought I heard Pluto's voice." Uranus picked up her short sword from the floor and sheathed it, then the two continued running. "Deathbusters...they're tougher than I expected," Uranus said as they ran. "But we won't lose." Neptune replied.

Sailormoon went over to Hotaru and helped her sit up.

"Hotaru..." Professor Tomoe's called the name of his daughter while still lying unconscious on the floor.

"The chalice..." Hotaru said with a weak voice.

"What about the chalice?"

"I heard them say that they would all be destroyed if this room is illuminated by Super Sailormoon's chalice. We have to hurry...they will be here soon."

Sailormoon stood up, and looked around for a second. "It's good that you weren't hurt." She said with a smile.

"Please hurry, Usagi. Please bring out the chalice will save Chibiusa too."

Sailormoon looked at Hotaru and did not say a thing. After a couple of second, a puzzled look appeared on Hotaru's face.

" did you know I was Tsukino Usagi?"

Hotaru looked surprised, then looked down and started a light, but evil smile.

"You are not Hotaru!"

"Yes I am, but only the body," Hotaru said with a sinister laugh.

"What happened to Hotaru?"

"I absorbed her." Hotaru stood up, then rose off the floor. She then transformed back to Mistress Nine. "I am Mistress Nine, an alien life form from the Tau System who is taking possession of Hotaru's body."

A door behind Sailormoon suddenly opened. Sailormoon turned around and saw Uranus and Neptune. They had finally found their way to the Messiah of Silence. "We have finally found you!" Uranus said.

"For the future of this world, we will destroy you." Neptune added.

"Wait! Uranus! Neptune!"

Mistress Nine turned around, and the darkness beyond her parted like drapes. Behind the darkness, was the array of machines and the transparent dome containing small cosmos and nebulas. "My Master, Pharaoh Ninety. Please wait just a little longer." The Messiah of Darkness then looked back at Sailormoon, Uranus, and Neptune with a light laughter.

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