Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 125

Episode Title
kagayaku ryusei! sata-n soshite meshia
[A Glittering Shooting-Star! Saturn and the Messiah]
Air Date
Moonlight Densetsu (Sakurakko Club)
Tuxedo Mirage (Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Tomizawa Michie, Shinohara Emi, Fukami Rica)
  • Original draft by Titus H. H. Hsu (ver. 1.??)
    ?th edit by Marshall Chang
"With just a pinch of courage, anyone can be a Soldier. With just a pinch of feeling for others, anyone can be the Messiah. No matter how you have changed, please don't forget about the others who care about you. I'll help you!"

"I am sorry, Chibiusa...I'm sorry..." With a faint echo, Tomoe Hotaru's essence completely faded away into the Darkness inside Mistress Nine.

"It's finally gone." Mistress Nine's voice was calm and low, but it carried a overtone of annoyance towards Hotaru's mind.

"Hotaru!" Sailormoon tried calling to her.

"Enough of that! She's not Hotaru anymore!" Uranus shouted.

"She is correct," Mistress Nine said with a faint, malicious smile, "Tomoe Hotaru has died just now."

"That's not true!" Sailormoon still refused to believe it.

"From within this Tau System, a great power is arriving. It is our great master of the Deathbusters, the Lord of Silence, Pharaoh Ninety. Now we just need to have the chalice in our hands, Pharaoh Ninety will appear in this system, and the Era of Silence will begin."

"Then we'll just have to destroy you now!" Uranus raised her right fist, converging beams of light above her head.

Water swirled around Neptune's uplifted hands as she said, "Prepare to die".

Sailormoon looked back and saw the two initiating their attacks.

"World Shaking!"

"Deep Submerge!"

"No!" Sailormoon ran in front of Mistress Nine. She was hit by both attacks and the force sent her flying toward Mistress Nine, but only to be stopped by an invisible force field before she could hit the Messiah of Silence. Mistress Nine did not move.

"How nice of you." Mistress Nine commented with a faint smile.

"You fool!" Uranus could not believe what Sailormoon did.

"Stay out of our way!" Neptune shouted.

Mistress Nine's eyes glowed red. Her long hair which scattered on the floor suddenly came to life and wrapped itself around Uranus and Neptune. The two were swung into a giant statue, and the hair around them melted into the statue.

"If you don't want to see them die before your own eyes, surrender the chalice." Mistress Nine threatened.

"Don't!" Uranus shouted from high up.

Mistress Nine's hair slipped around Uranus and Neptune's necks. "Maybe I should get rid of one first." Mistress Nine tightened the grip on Neptune's neck.

"Wait!" Sailormoon said.

Neptune struggled to shout while being strangled. "If you give the chalice to her, I'll have no respect for you for as long as I live!"


"Don't do it!" Uranus repeated.

"Sailormoon!" Neptune was almost screaming.

After pausing for a second, Sailormoon held her hands out in front of her.

"No!" Uranus screamed with all her effort.

A ball of light appeared in Sailormoon's hands. Mistress Nine watched. Her eyes started to widen with the radiance of the light. She could feel how close she was to the completion of her plan, traces of excitement showed on her otherwise cold face.

Tomoe Soichi walked slowly out of the darkness with one hand to his chest, which seemed to be injured, causing him pain. Breathing heavily with every step, he walked into the middle of the room.


Tomoe kept walking slowly towards Mistress Nine. His unexpected appearance surprised Sailormoon. "Hotaru's father?"

"'s's papa..." Tomoe struggled towards Mistress Nine, and put his hands onto her shoulders. "It's all my fault...that it ended up this way..." During all this, Mistress Nine's face remained stone cold, and she did not even bother looking at Tomoe.

"Germatos' empty shell..." She looked down at Tomoe's face with an expression of disgust. "How filthy and irritating. Don't touch me!" She repelled him off her, then picked him up by the neck with her hair. Tomoe was too weak to even struggle.

"" He was still calling his daughter's name even as he was being strangled.

"Stop that!" Crying, Sailormoon fell to her knees. "Stop that... please."

Outside the Mugen Academy building, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus were maintaining the energy field to keep the Daimons in. The red Daimons kept up their assault, only stopping inches before them.

"Everyone, hang in there!" Mars called for the others.

On Mercury's side, her barrier was barely keeping the Daimons in. "They're getting more powerful!"

"It's not going to get through us!" Jupiter was holding on strong.

"We can't let them out!" Venus said, while maintaining her field.

Back inside the building, Tomoe's remaining life was being gradually strangled out of him. ""

"Papa..." A weak voice came out of Mistress Nine's mouth. It surprised the three Soldiers in the room. "Papa..." The same weak voice slipped out of Mistress Nine's lips again.

"Impossible!" She covered her face with her right hand. Seen between her fingers, rage filled her eyes.

"Hotaru...?" Sailormoon looked at Mistress Nine with a renewed sense of hope.

The Messiah of Silence started to feel the flesh rebelling against her. Her hair lost the grip on Tomoe, Uranus, and Neptune. "This refusing me..." The pain caused her to fall to her knees. "This pain..."

"Papa..." Hotaru's voice again drifted in the room.

"Kill her now, Sailormoon!" Uranus shouted from high above.

"No!" Sailormoon said with tears in her eyes. "Hotaru is still alive!"

"Don't be fooled!" Neptune did not feel Hotaru's consciousness could be of any significant importance at this point. The most important thing was to eliminate Mistress Nine.

Tomoe crawled over to Mistress Nine on all fours. "Hotaru? Are you in pain?"

"The chalice..." Pain was making it difficlut for her to get anything out.


"I need the chalice...Without it...I..."

"But where is the chalice?"

"Papa!" Hotaru's consciousness shed traces of light inside Mistress Nine's darkness. She screamed and stood back up, but couldn't stand alone without falling over. With a determined look on her face, Sailormoon held both hands out. Between her palms, a small ball of light appeared.

From high up on the statue, Uranus and Neptune watched. Disbelief and frustration almost brought tears to Uranus' eyes. "Why?!"

"You are not the Messiah! You have no right to do that?!" Neptune's voice was almost weeping.

"Hotaru is still alive. She's alive!" Sailormoon had no doubt she was doing the right thing. At that very moment, her solid belief she always carried within burst out in the form of words: "It can't be true that there is no way to save this world without sacrificing someone innocent like Hotaru!"

From between Sailormoon's cupped hands shed forth brilliant rays of light, piercing the darkness of the hall.

"That..." Mistress Nine said, pointing at the light.

"That's the chalice?" Tomoe looked back, seeing what she was pointing at.

The ball of light started to expand and took the form of the chalice. With the chalice floating in her hands, Sailormoon walked towards Tomoe.

Tomoe turned around to Sailormoon and begged: "Please...I need that to help my Hotaru."

Sailormoon lowered her arms, and the chalice floated away from her into Tomoe's outstretched hands.

"Thank you." Tomoe said with a weak, but grateful voice. Sailormoon answered with a smile. Tomoe then hurried back to Mistress Nine with the chalice. "Hotaru, here's the chalice. Did you want this?"

"Yes...hurry..." Mistress Nine replied with difficulty, pain gripping her voice.

Up on the statue, Neptune wept.

With a trembling right hand, Mistress Nine reached for the chalice. The moment she clutched the chalice, blinding light flashed and she rose to her feet, raising the chalice high up with both hands. She laughed triumphantly. A force field around her threw Tomoe and Sailormoon away from her. Uranus and Neptune watched from high above in despair.

"Sailormoon, when Pharaoh Ninety arrives, I will spare your life by making you a Daimon vessel." Mistress Nine stood with her arms crossed, the chalice in one hand.

"Hotaru!? Can you hear me? Hotaru!?" Sailormoon still tried to reach Hotaru.

"It's useless. No matter what you do, it is all too late now."

"You won't take Hotaru or this world so easily!"

"Give up. This chalice is the crystalization of a pure heart with love, hatred, happiness, anger and sorrow all at the highest level." Lightly holding the chalice in one hand, she spoke softly. "To defeat Pharaoh Ninety after it absorbs this, you will need a crystal which is even more pure than this chalice." After a brief pause, Mistress Nine declared: "You do not stand a chance!"

Mistress Nine forced the chalice through the glass of the cylinder standing in the the middle of all the machines. Accompanying her laugh, a great power was released. A black pillar of light shot straight up from the base of the building into the sky through the star-shaped opening in the force field dome. What remained of the campus building had begun to disintegrate from the top.

The Daimons trapped inside the barrier suddenly started to attack with renewed force.

"What!?" Mars exclaimed. The Daimons were about to break through the force field.

"What happened in there!?" Mercury exclaimed as the Daimons on her side were also nearly through.

A Daimon emerged partially through the barrier and sank its teeth into Jupiter's chest. She screamed in pain.

"Sailormoon!?" Venus, in a state of panic, shouted.

The glass cylinder rattled then shattered, revealing the chalice. Then the chalice shattered. Sailormoon was stunned. The glass dome glowed, with bolts of energy starting to explode out from the dome one after another, destroying everything in their path.

"This way, Pharaoh Ninety!" Mistress Nine called to her Master.

A dark, spinning nebula appeared in the glowing dome.

"See? This is the result of your naivety." Uranus screamed at Sailormoon from atop the stone pillar.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" Sailormoon raised the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and fired a stream of heart beams into the dome. The stream hit Pharaoh Ninety, but it had no effect. A single eye on Pharaoh Ninety opened, and a single ray of dark light shot forth, annihilating Sailormoon's beam. The large beam shot out of the dome and struck Sailormoon. She flew back and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod spun out of her hand.

"Now that you can't even do a second level transformation, you have no way of preventing the Silence. The world for me and my master is about to begin." Mistress Nine declared her victory. But suddenly, a concentration of energy formed directly behind her. She turned around, only in time to see a huge beam blasting out of the dome directly at her. The beam hit her and she screamed in disbelief. After the energy beam dissipated, Tomoe was seen on his knees, tightly holding the unconsicous Messiah of Silence and trying to cover her with his body. He was unhurt. In front of both of them stood Sailormoon, taking the full impact from the blast face-on. Barely conscious, she fell to her knees. She was severely hurt, and breathing very heavily.

The black dome around the remnants of the building spiralled into a whirlwind and tore down the force fields surrounding it. The four Guardian Soldiers were carried off the ground, and they drifted helplessly in the black tornado. Inside the building, a dark, spherical mass appeared where the glass dome was. Sinister growls could be heard coming from within.

"Hotaru..." Tomoe whispered while holding her altered body.

Hotaru's consciousness surfaced and shed traces of light within Mistress Nine's dark essence. Tomoe heard his daughter's voice echo inside him: "Papa..."

"Hotaru..." Tomoe slowly opened his eyes and whispered again.

"Papa? Where are you? It's dark in here."

"I'm right here."

"I have to help Chibiusa! Papa, let me out of here!"

"I'm sorry...I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Forgive me..." He closed his eyes and tears flowed out of his eyes. "Only if we can return to those days... I'm sorry" All the memories of happiness and sadness he shared with her little girl flashed through his mind.

Tears fell on Hotaru's hand. Her soul was fully revived. She opened her eyes, and lightly whispered: "Papa..." The face did not have Mistress Nine's cold, but had Hotaru's warmth.

"Ho...Hotaru?" Tomoe couldn't believe his daughter had come back to him. Hearing Tomoe's voice, Sailormoon looked back. Uranus and Neptune watched in disbelief from above.

But suddenly, a black star appeared on Hotaru's forehead, and she was Mistress Nine again. She screamed and pushed Tomoe away.

"Go insect! Get lost! There's no meaning in your existence don't get in our way!" Mistress Nine had almost lost all control of the body. She couldn't stand up straight anymore. "Die! Die now!"

"No! Never!" Hotaru's soul fought the dark consciousness and took control of the body.

"Damn you!" Mistress Nine struggled to regain control.

"I have...I have...people who mean a lot to me!" The light of Hotaru's soul exploded inside the body and shattered the darkness. On her forehead, the black star also shattered, and the sign of Saturn appeared underneath. The body completely disintegrated, leaving only the glowing sign of Saturn, which then also faded into nothing.

Uranus and Neptune watched in awe. After the glowing sign of Saturn faded away, Uranus murmured: "The Soldier of Destruction...has resurrected..."

Back at Mamoru's apartment, Mamoru was still keeping Chibi-usa alive by channeling his own life energy into her body. A translucent form appeared before them. Mamoru looked up and saw her, but could not comprehend. Artemis and Luna sensed the presence and hurried into the room. They saw the ghostly form of Sailor Saturn floating just off the floor motionlessly in the air.

The transluscent image softly said: "Chibi-usa, everything's all right now." The faint figure further faded into nothing while floating forward, then reappeared just in front of Mamoru and Chibi-usa. Sailor Saturn put her hands over her chest. When she lowered her arms, Chibi-usa's heart crystal was in her hands. The light of the crystal made the faded figure even more faded. The crystal floated off her hands and back into Chibi-usa's body.

"Sailor...Saturn...?" Artemis recognized the apparition as the Soldier of Destruction.

"Hotaru...?" Luna recognized the translucent form as the little girl who was Chibi-usa's friend.

"Thank you, Chibi-usa. Thank you." Then she disappeared.

In the meanwhile, Pharaoh Ninety was constantly expanding and growling.

"Pharaoh Ninety is steadily growing in size and power," Neptune said while looking from high above.

Beside her, Uranus was feeling too hopeless to even look. "We have no way of stopping the Silence now..."

Suddenly, the ground started to shake like an earthquake. The ground parted, and everything started to tumble down. The giant statue with Uranus and Neptune trapped was no exception. The two were freed and fell to the ground as the statue collapsed. Whatever remained of the Mugen Academy building was no more. Pharaoh Ninety was exposed and expanding quickly. All around its black body, buildings were reduced to rubble.

Uranus and Neptune were hurt from the fall. Much of their suits were torn in the fall. They slowly got back up on their feet. There was nothing they could do except to look in despair as Pharaoh Ninety expanded and destroyed its surroundings in the distance.

"In the end, everything we've done is pointless," muttered Uranus.

"It's over," agreed Neptune.

Between them and Pharaoh Ninety within shouting distance was Sailormoon. She was on her knees. At this point, even she had lost all hope and could not get back to her feet.

"Sailormoon...are you satisfied now?" Uranus asked calmly, but there was no response. "Answer me!" She shouted, but there was still no response. She fell to her knees and wept.

"Sailormoon..." Sailormoon heard a soft voice calling her name. She knew that voice. She looked up to find the origin of the voice. In front of her, the translucent image of Saturn floated down, then solidified. "Sailormoon, thank you for protecting my body." Saturn said with a very soft voice. "I am here, thanks to you."

"Sailor Saturn...?" Neptune was surprised by Saturn's unexpected appearance.

"Hotaru?" Sailormoon recognized the familiar form in the light purple Sailor Suit. Her feelings were very mixed.

"Hotaru!" The badly hurt professor called to his daughter.

With Tomoe Hotaru's soft, fragile, and warm voice, Saturn said: "I am not Hotaru anymore. I am now the only one who can save this world from the Silence. Just leave the rest to me."

"Wait! I'll go with you!" Sailormoon tried to stand back up.

"No. To destroy Pharaoh Ninety, you must do so with a single attack from within. It may be possible for Super Sailormoon, but now that you don't have the power of the chalice, you would not even be able to get inside. This is for me to do."

"When you do destroy Pharaoh Ninety...what's going to happen to you?"

"I am known as the Soldier of Destruction because I have been given the power to destroy whole worlds," Saturn raised her right arm, and her Silence Glaive appeared in her hand. "But when I use that power, even I have no escape."

"No!" Sailormoon tried to rush forward to stop Saturn. Lowering the glaive in her hands, Sailor Saturn pointed it at her forehead, stopping her from approaching any further. Sailormoon was stunned by Saturn's action.

"Good bye" were Sailor Saturn's last words as she leaped backwards into Pharaoh Ninety. Explosions could be seen inside.

"Hotaru!" Sailormoon cried and ran toward Pharaoh Ninety, but she was thrown back by an invisible barrier. She fell backwards and rolled to a stop, face-first on the ground. Sailormoon looked back up. The feeling of powerlessness almost made her cry in her frustration. With one hand on the brooch, she called: "Crisis Make Up!" But without the chalice, there was no effect. After pausing for a moment, she tried again: "Crisis Make Up!" Still, nothing happened. Not willing to give up, she tried again and again. Eventually, the droplets of hope turned into anger. "Change!", she shouted with tears in her voice, and started pounding the ground with her right hand. Even while weeping, she kept on trying, although she knew by then that it was pointless.

As the four Guardian Soldiers floated helplessly inside the black whirlwind, they felt Sailormoon's feelings and whispered: "Sailormoon..." The gem on their tiaras glowed. Uranus and Neptune stood behind Sailormoon and watched without saying a word. Her pure, sincere emotions had touched them. The gem on their tiaras also glowed.

The crescent moon gem on Sailormoon's tiara changed colour. It cycled through the colours for her four Guardian Soldiers and the two Outer Planet Soldiers. Pulling all of her remaining determination and hope together, she made one last attempt to transform. As loudly as she could, she yelled: "Crisis Make Up!"

The impossible became reality. A large heart crystal formed in front of her brooch, and butterfly wings of light grew out of her back. She leaped and flew towards Pharaoh Ninety. All around her were butterflies of light.

"Good bye" Saturn's voice was again heard from inside Pharaoh Ninety. The heart crystal in front of Sailormoon penetrated the energy barrier around Pharaoh Ninety, and she sank into the black sphere. A series of explosions began inside. Then, with a dying howl, Pharaoh Ninety exploded into the sky, leaving behind a large crater in the ground.

Uranus and Neptune stood staring blankly at the crater, while water from the bay nearby began filling it. Pluto's voice echoed through their minds again: "If you find the true Messiah..."

"The true Messiah..." Uranus pondered about the meaning of those words.

The both of them looked up, and saw a trail of sparkles raining in the distance. Dancing down from the sky, sparkling butterflies of light gently fluttered down in the hundreds. Lying on the ground, the four Guardian Soldiers regained consciousness and saw the butterflies. Among them stood the silhouette of Super Sailormoon, with her sailorsuit tattered, and shoulder pads torn. Tousled hair waving in a light breeze, her eyes were vacant of emotion. In her arms, was a small sleeping infant. On her face, was a blank expression of deep sorrow.

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