Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 126

Episode Title
Atarashiki Inochi! Unmei no Hoshiboshi Wakare no Toki
[A New Life! A Time of Farewell Destined in the Stars]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.19
A review from the last episode. Sailor Moon is holding the baby and Uranus and Neptune come up to her and take the baby. The other soldiers come out from the wreckage and help her.

[Title Screen]

In Chibiusa's room, she wakes up and everyone is around her. She asks where Hotaru is, but they get a sad look. Chibiusa says it can't be true, she came to her in a dream and told her "thank you." Mamoru tells her he's sure she's alive somewhere. Chibiusa says she won't cry anymore, because Usagi did the best she could.

Chibiusa's friends are outside ready to go to school. She leaves with them and Luna talks to Usagi. Usagi says that she knows Chibiusa's hiding her sadness. Luna says that they haven't found Sailor Pluto or Hotaru. Everyone is looking around the city for them. Usagi says that she felt her warmth in her hands, she knows she's alive.

Chibiusa is on a bus and she's thinking about Hotaru, when she sees Haruka's car outside a restaurant. They're inside, and Michiru is giving Hotaru a bottle. Haruka says they look perfect together, and Michiru says there's nothing wrong with acting like normal parents. They drive off and Haruka sees a cruise ship go by. She remembers the first time they met, and everything they'd been through together.

At a hospital, a nurse says that the baby is going to be very healthy. They go into Mr. Tomoe's room and he takes the baby and he knows who it is. A doctor tells Haruka that much of his memory has been lost, and he often has nervous breakdowns. He still may lead a normal life, but his memories will remain lost.

Outside, he's in a wheelchair going for a ride with the baby. Haruka and Michiru are watching. Michiru's a little sad about leaving them, but Haruka says that they have one more thing before they leave. In the park, Chibiusa is riding bikes with her friends when she loses her hat. She goes to get it and an image of Sailor Pluto appears in front of her. The image tells her that she wishes she could hug her, but she come to her world for a while. Chibiusa is sad because she's lonely, Hotaru is gone. Pluto tells her she has many friends, and that Hotaru is still alive, but has been reborn, and Pluto leaves. A man at the bottom of a hill has her hat. She goes to get it and recognizes the man as Hotaru's father.


Mr. Tomoe gives Chibiusa the hat, and the baby wants to touch Hotaru. He tells her that the baby's name is Hotaru. Chibiusa remembers what Pluto said and that she's been reborn. Just before he leaves, Chibiusa tells him to take care of the baby. Chibiusa says that they'll meet again, but for now, it's bye-bye.

At the former Infinity site, the girls are looking around for any clues of anything left over. They don't find anything, and Rei yells at Usagi for being sad. Artemis and Luna see Haruka's car on the nearby street. A violin starts playing and Usagi goes up to see Haruka and Michiru, but Haruka throws a rock at her. Then, they're gone. They come down and say that they can't tolerate her behavior anymore, she risked the future of the earth and they can't take that. They say that she doesn't have the qualities of a future queen.

Mako reminds everyone that they knew they were going to be stubborn from the start. Michiru asks if they want to hurt their thick heads, and Mako knows this is a challenge. Haruka and Michiru transform and so do the girls. Usagi tells them all to stop. Rei asks if she's mad at them, Usagi says no. She knows she was too trusting, but she doesn't think what she did was wrong, Sailor Saturn is still a sailor soldier. She tells them to stop this, but Neptune says, "If you want us to stop, do it yourself." Usagi transforms and says that this is her fight. Deep Submerge! She hits Sailor Moon. The inners go to help her, but the rose comes and stops them.

Tuxedo Mask explains that sometimes, you must fight in order to know and understand each other. He tells them to stay back and let them fight. Uranus does a World Shaking and Moon jumps out of the way and lands behind Uranus. Uranus starts punching and kicking at her, but she misses. Then, Neptune comes up and grabs her. Uranus starts running at her, when the silver crystal activates. It knocks Neptune back and Uranus and Neptune hit each other. They get up and kneel to Sailor Moon and say that they are happy that she finally showed her true power. They've found the true Messiah and saved the world.

Sailor Moon asks who the Messiah is and Uranus can't believe it. They leave and say that it was all so hard from the beginning, but now it's worthwhile. Just before they walk off, Sailor Moon asks if Hotaru's alive. Uranus says that they'll see her again. Chibiusa gets off the bus and hugs Mamoru, while Haruka and Michiru drive off into the sunset.

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