Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Episode 127

Episode Title
Senshi no Jikaku! Tsuyosa ha Pure na Kokoro no Naka ni
[A Soldier's Growth! Strength is Having a Pure Heart Inside]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.19
On Mamoru's balcony, Usagi and Mamoru are watching the moon at night. It's a cool evening and Usagi says she's a little cold. She wonders if Mamoru might have a way to warm her up, having a kiss in mind. Mamoru is going inside to make her some hot cocoa, and Usagi gets mad at him.

[Title Screen]

Chibiusa is in her room looking at the stars, when a letter comes from the future. "Small Lady, how are you doing? We're very lonely without you. Please come back soon, I'll be waiting. Mom. P.S. Dad is waiting for you too." She remembers her parents and thinks about going home. Usagi walks in and sees the letter. Chibiusa gives it to her and she's saddened by it.

The girls are at the shrine and Usagi says that there's a letter from Chibiusa's mother and says, "Oh, yeah, that's me!" Then Minako makes a comment about it all being in Hiragana again. Ami asks what is said and Usagi tells them. Rei asks what Chibiusa said and she said, "I don't have to go right now, I can go back any time." Everyone thinks that it might be a good idea if she went back. Usagi suggests they have a good-bye party for her.

Later, Usagi tells her about it. Chibiusa hasn't decided yet, and she asks if they really want her to go home that much. Then she gets sad and leaves. Chibiusa is running and she thinks Usagi is stupid, once she leaves, she won't be able to see any of them again, and she doesn't want that.

At home, Luna tells Usagi that all her money is gone, so how is she going to get a present. Usagi takes out her favorite dress when she was little, she says it's going to be a special gift. Mamoru gets back to his apartment, and sees Chibiusa camped out on his front step. They go in and have some tea.

Chibiusa asks him if everyone hates her, because they all want her to go home. He tells her that everyone wishes she could stay here forever. But he reminds her that she's still a kid and needs the love of her parents. She asks if Mamoru will be lonely, and he says of course. She runs up and hugs him and knocks her tea off the table.

It's nighttime, and Usagi pricks her finger with a needle. Chibiusa wakes up and asks her what she's doing. Usagi tells her nothing and to go back to bed.

A thunderstorm starts at the former Academy and there's a pile of broken daimon eggs. A lightning strike hits it and reveals one, uncracked egg. It hatches (of course) and the daimon starts heading for the daimon oven, which is still there.

At the party, Chibiusa's sad, and Usagi tells her to cheer up because home is a lot closer than heaven. Then Rei gets mad at her for talking about something she doesn't know about. Rei gets an idea to liven up the party and is going to sing.

The daimon is sleeping on the oven and then goes inside, and of course it shuts. The new daimon, Range, wants to collect pure hearts.


All the girls give Chibiusa their presents. Mako gives her some food, Ami gives her a computer program, Rei gives her a tape of her songs, with one especially for Chibiusa, Minako gives her a picture album she mad, Mamoru gives her a single rose, and Usagi gives her a rabbit shaped backpack. Rei thinks it's a cute puppy, but Usagi yells at her that it's a rabbit, and asks if Rei has something against her because she's always putting her down. Rei sees Usagi's fingers and they're all cut up and she gives her a bandage. Chibiusa says that she wishes she had a friend like that, she could share anything with (Foreshadowing of SuperS, she'll have Pegasus to talk to).

At the docks, Chibiusa is about to leave and everyone says goodbye, but Usagi doesn't say anything. She runs off and Usagi follows her. Chibiusa starts to say the words that make the light gateway, just Usagi gets there. Usagi says she'll be happy in the future, and that she shouldn't be sad, just then, Chibiusa starts to float up. "No, Usagi, I don't want to go!" They touch one last time and Chibiusa disappears.

Luna runs up and tells Usagi that somethings happening. Pure hearts are being taken all over the city. They're being put in a huge bottle that Range made. The Sailors appear and so does Tuxedo Mask. "In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!!" Range starts to attack and Mars attacks it but it dodges and Mars is knocked back. Jupiter tries to hit it and misses, and Range opens the oven and singes some of Jupiter's hair. Mercury tries an Aqua Illusion, but it doesn't work, so Venus comes up from behind and tries a Love Me Chain. Range grabs her and swings her around and throws her into Mercury.

Chibiusa is walking through the time dimension and sees Crystal Tokyo up ahead. Range takes her cord and electrocutes the soldiers with it. Range goes up to Sailor Moon and tries to take her heart crystal. She wishes she had the Holy Grail and she could defeat it. Just then, there's a Pink Sugar Heart Attack and Chibimoon comes down, lands on the daimon, and fires at it. "In the name of the future moon, I'll punish you! Range gets really mad and cracks Chibimoon's stick.

Tuxedo Mask throws a rose and it sticks right in Range's head and he tells Sailor Moon to do it and believe in friendship. "Even if I don't have the Holy Grail, if we have pure hearts to protect others, we can!" Moon Spiral Heart Attack! Range is destroyed and finally, so is the daimon oven.

Sailor Moon asks why Chibimoon came back, and Chibimoon says that they can't survive without here there. Just then, a letter appears in LunaP's mouth. "Small Lady, thanks for all the gifts. Don't make trouble for Usagi and behave yourself. Bye-Bye. P.S. Don't forget to bring more gifts next time!" Everyone agrees it's definitely Usagi. Chibimoon says, "And that's the end, bye now!"

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