Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS special episode 2

Episode title
Haruka Michiru Futatabi! Bourei Ningyougeki
[The return of Haruka and Michiru, The ghostly puppet show]
Air Date
Guest characters
ventriloquist :: Haji Takaya
dummy :: Sakaguchi Daisuke
maid :: Nakayama Manami
  • Summary by, 1998.02.06
It starts out with a match being struck in the darkness. A candle is lit and there's a man in a tuxedo with a goofy ventriloquist's dummy holding a bottle. The dummy complains that he's hungry. The man tells the dummy that they'll be in front of other people soon and should have better manners. The dummy complains again, and more forcefully. A stomach growls. The man says "Oh you're right."
The dummy says "What do you mean? That was your stomach!"

The man says he can't hide the fact he's starving too. The dummy says he's been hungry for the past few hundred years, but it's only a short wait until they have a great feast. The man says he looks forward to it.

There's a large mansion-like hotel by the sea. Haruka's yellow car is in the parking lot. Michiru drinks at the restaurant of the hotel and watches the ventriloquist and the dummy we saw earlier perform. She leaves early.

The ventriloquist and his dummy tell a story about how everyone a long time ago was afraid to break the bottle in the dummy's hands because it's rumored that the true feelings of everyone in the city are inside it. But the bottle needed to be broken to destroy an evil sorcerer. Everyone fell under the evil spell of the sorcerer forever because no one would break the bottle. The audience laughs as the ventriloquist gets an evil look.

Michiru walks through the hallway to her room. Inside a nurse is tending to Haruka, who is sick in bed. Michiru watches and listens from just outside the open door. The nurse tells Haruka that her fever is coming down and that her dinner will be brought up by room service.. Haruka grabs the nurse's hand (much to the nurse's surprise) and asks if she'll be bringing the dinner. The nurse answers yes.

Haruka : "Thank you, it's great to be taken care of by a pretty girl like you."

They both blush and smile.

The door SLAMS. They let go of their hands, surprised. The nurse blushes like crazy, not even turning to see who's at the door.

Michiru steps forward and says "Thank you, I'll take over from here"

The nurse makes a hasty retreat.

Haruka : "You're back early."

Michiru looks at her distastefully for a moment then tilts her head, half smiles and says "You seem to be doing much better."

Haruka: "Yeah, but I think I still have a bit of a fever. So did you find out anything?"

Michiru gives her a look then closes her eyes and says "I do sense something evil but.."

She walks over to Haruka's side.

Haruka: "I see. Sorry to get sick at such a time. I'm so much trouble for you."

Michiru puts a damp washcloth on Haruka's head and gives her another harsh look.

Michiru : "You wouldn't be any trouble if you'd quietly stay in bed."

Haruka changes the subject, asking about the feeling she got. Michiru sits on the other bed. Haruka says she didn't feel anything this time.

Michiru: "It's different from the Death Busters. If it's an enemy external to the solar system we should be able to feel something stronger. But ever since that last eclipse I've had a strange feeling."

A clock-like thing in the room that looks like the dummy with it's eyes closed, opens one eye.

Haruka: "Something is about to happen. Is disaster threatening the earth again?"

"What a hero! What a hero! What a hero!" the dummy shouts.

The ventriloquist has an eye-like feature on the middle of his forehead that begins to glow. He says it's not good for Haruka and Michiru that they can't tell the truth out of fear of revealing their true selves. Because it makes them easy prey for a sorcerer. He says they must be the feast the dummy was looking for. The dummy says he feels a strong energy. All the people in the restaurant have had their energy drained and the ventriloquist and dummy were still sitting there. The nurse walks into the restaurant and screams.

Ventriloquist: "Now now.. How do expect to become a fine lady if you're making such a ruckus?"

Michiru stands out on a balcony, looking at the restless sea (very beautiful ^_^) She feels a hand reaching over her shoulder and turns around abruptly.

Michiru: "Who is it?"

It's the nurse and she says "I'm sorry."

Michiru's expression softens and she says "Ara, I'm sorry if I frightened you. Was there something you wanted to tell me?"

Nurse: "Well the breeze from the sea is still quite cold this time of year. I thought maybe you should come inside."

Michiru: "Thank you, I'll be okay."

She turns back to the sea, but stops midway and looks back at the nurse urgently. The nurse grabs Michiru by the neck and pushes her over the balcony's edge backwards. Michiru struggles and notices an eye-like feature glowing on the nurse's forehead. She elbows the nurse in the ribs, knocking her over and unconscious in one hit.

A familiar scream is heard.

Michiru: "Haruka!!"

Michiru's gaze hardens before she transforms into Sailor Neptune.

Haruka's tied to the wall in her room. She slips her transformation wand from her sleeve into her hand. But her vision gets blurry and she drops it, then swears.

The dummy opens his mouth wide and starts devouring Haruka's energy (It looks like he's eating purple waves of energy coming from Haruka). Haruka shouts in pain then eventually falls unconscious.

"Wait!" someone shouts.

The dummy stops and the ventriloquist looks towards the door to the balcony.

Flower petals fly by. We start at Sailor Neptune's shoes and slowly move upwards to look at her head as she says : "Owner of this evil aura, I do not know who you are. But I, Sailor Neptune, guarded by the God of the Sea, will not forgive you!"

Dummy: "Oh well, the maid screwed up!"
Ventriloquist: "She wasn't very useful was she?"

Neptune looks at them, eyes narrowed.

Neptune: "Let go of Haruka!"
Ventriloquist: "That's not possible."
Dummy: "After all, there aren't so many people with such delicious energy."
Neptune: "I see, then you shall have to fight me for it."

The dummy's mouth moves as the man says that she'd better listen to his story first. He says that she can't touch him because the bottle in the dummy's hands in the Spirit Sealing Bottle. And if the bottle is broken all the shadows of the world would attack their owners.

Neptune imagines shadows attacking their innocent owners. She says that he doesn't have any proof that the story is true. He counters that there's no proof that he's lying. Neptune clenches her fist tighter. He tells her to stay put while the dummy takes Haruka's energy of the slightest bit of movement might make the bottle break.

Waves crash and Neptune uses "Deep Submerge". A ball of water slams into the ventriloquist making him drop the dummy and the bottle. The bottle breaks, and the ventriloquist looks up at Neptune in disbelief.

Sailor Neptune slowly moves out of "Deep Submerge" position and smiles (while some wicked music plays!).

Neptune: "Now have the shadows started to run rampant?"
Ventriloquist: "Why? How did you know I was lying?"
Neptune: "Ara, it wasn't true?"

Haruka is released from the wall and falls onto the bed. Neptune watches her lovingly.

Ventriloquist: "You did it just to save her? What kind of heroine are you?"

Neptune turns to him and says "Ara, maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving."

Ventriloquist: "It can't be!"

Haruka gets up and says "Like Hell you treated me well."

She transforms into Sailor Uranus and cracks her knuckles.

Uranus: "I'd like to return the favor." Neptune smiles and says "Uranus, don't be fooled! It's the puppet that's the source of the power!" Uranus: "I see.. The puppet master was the real puppet."

The puppet shakes and starts sweating.

Uranus: "Now, what should we do?"

The dummy sweats more.

Uranus cracks her knuckles loudly.

The dummy panics and runs towards the door.

Uranus gathers an orange ball of energy, does "World Shaking" and the attack crushes the dummy against the wall.

The eye-like feature vanishes from the ventriloquist's head and he looks around bewildered. The eye-like feature also fades from the nurse's head and the people in the restaurant start to wake up.

Haruka and Michiru lean against Haruka's car, parked on a cliff overlooking the ocean and the full moon.

Michiru: "How are you feeling?"
Haruka: "I kind of feel good after using all that energy."

Haruka i's looking at something in her hand.

Michiru: "What's that?"
Haruka: "A piece of that puppet. Could this be a new enemy?"
Michiru: "Don't worry, they'll take care of the world."

Haruka looks at Michiru, smiles, then closes her eyes and says "You're right. They'll take care of it.."

A picture of all of the inner senshi, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Kamen is shown.

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