Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS special episode 3

Episode title
Chibi Usa no Bouken! Kyoufu, Kyuuketsuki no Yakata
[Chibiusa's adventure, the dreaded vampire castle]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Ririka (Yamamoto Yuriko)
  • Summary by, 1998.02.06
Inside Chibiusa's school the teacher introduces a new classmate, Ririka. Ririka is very pretty and introduces herself then giggles a bit.

Momo: "She's so pretty."
Chibiusa: "Her skin's so white its like snow."

All the boys in the class stand up to get a better look saying, "Wow! She's so cute!"

Momo: "Why is it that boys go crazy over pretty girls?"

Kyusuke puts a hand on her shoulder from the desk behind.

Momo: "You too Kyusuke?!"

Kyusuke picks his head up from the desk and looks at her.

Kyusuke: "What are you yelling about? I slept in and haven't had breakfast. Got anything to eat? I'm gonna die."

Momo and Chibiusa laugh.

Momo: "You're such an idiot!"
Kyusuke: "Shut up!"
Teacher: "Silence! Were going to begin!"
Students: "Yes!"

Later Kyusuke, Chibiusa, Momo, Ririka, and a boy named Ishihara are walking home together. Ririka tells them she lives in the Embassy on the top of the hill. Ishihara comments that she's a rich girl.

Momo: "But that Embassy on the hill has been empty for a long time, I heard that place is haunted."

Kyusuke smacks Momo on the back of the head, knocking her to the ground.

Kyusuke: "Dont say such a stupid thing!"
Ririka: "Ghosts? I'm frightened!"
Kyusuke: "What's the point in scaring her?"
Momo: "I just heard it!"
Kyusuke: "You're so insensitive!"
Momo: "Look who's talking!"

Ririka collapses into Ishihara's arms. She says the story made her feel a little faint. Momo apologizes for saying such a stupid thing. Ishihara offers to walk her home and she accepts. One of her teeth shines an eerie purple color.

Chibiusa, Momo, and Kyusuke watch Ishihara take Ririka home for a moment. Momo comments on how boys go crazy over pretty girls. Kyusuke says jealousy isn't a virtue in girls. Kyusuke and Momo argue some more.

The next day the teacher says Ishihara is absent and there's been no call from his parents. Chibiusa asks Ririka about it, since Ishihara walked her home. Ririka just says she hasn't heard anything. Some of the other students talk about how they got calls from Ishihara's parents last night, saying he wasn't home yet.

Momo and Chibiusa are walking home and see Ririka picking flowers from the class flower garden. Momo walks up and yells at her to stop picking the flowers.

Ririka: "Why? Don't you think its better to pick them before they get ugly and die?"
Chibiusa: "You're wrong! Flowers may wilt and die but when the seeds fall to the ground and Spring arrives, new flowers will grow from them. It's wrong to pick them."

Ririka giggles and says, "How strange you are." Then she walks up and puts a hand on Chibiusa's cheek.

Ririka: "Your cheeks are so plump and delicious-looking."

She walks off laughing.

Chibiusa: "Her hand was so cold."

Momo calls Chibiusa's attention to the spot where Ririka picked a flower. It looks all burnt and dead in just that one spot.

The next morning Chibiusa yawns and meets up with Kyusuke on their walk to school. Kyusuke tells her that Kuwano hasn't been home since yesterday, and that he walked home with Ririka last night. They see Ririka and follow her back to the class flower garden.

She picks a flower again. Chibiusa's about to go in and stop her but Kyusuke stops her from going in, saying that somethings a bit weird. Ririka bites the top off the flower she picked. Kyusuke and Chibiusa hide up against a wall looking scared.

Chibiusa: "Kyusuke, flowers aren't meant for.."
Kyusuke: "Eating, are they?"

Back at Usagi's house. Everyone's over, including Mamoru. Chibiusa been telling them about Ririka.

Mako: "When you put the pieces together from what you told us, Ririka must be a vampire!"
Chibiusa: "A vampire?"
Ami: "They drink the blood of humans and live for hundreds of years. They are pale and like flowers with a strong scent."

Mako pops up doing a vampire imitation. "The Yubelia Embassy on the top of the hill, also known as Hell House, is famous for the screams heard at night, right?"
Chibiusa: "Stop it Mako-chan!"

Minako comes out of a coffin in vampire garb saying, "Vampires live in coffins, and suck the blood of beautiful women night after night."
Rei pops up with a wooden stake, "And the only way to destroy them is to attack them with a cross and impale their hearts with a wooden stake."
She slams the stake into Minako, and Minako screams.
Usagi: "But there is an easier way. Vampires hate garlic, and garlic means Korean barbecue! I'm getting so hungry."

Everyone raises their hands enthusiastically.

Usagi: "Of course, Mamoru will be buying, right?"
The girls : "Thank you!"
Mamoru: "Are you serious?"

The next morning the teachers ask Chibiusa to take some work to Ririka at her house, since they can't get a hold of her. Chibiusa agrees. Momo and Kyusuke say they'll come too. Chibiusa thanks them and they ask what that terrible smell is. She says she had too much Korean barbecue last night.

Ririka rises from a coffin surrounded by mists as the doorbell rings. She opens her mouth to reveal fangs and one of them shines purple like before.

Chibiusa, Kyusuke, and Momo don't get any response from ringing the doorbell so they just open the huge gate and go in. Chibiusa looks at all the flowers in the front courtyard and says they're like the ones Ririka was picking earlier.

A hand grabs Chibiusa's shoulder from behind. Its Ririka. She smiles and thanks them for coming to see her. They go inside.

Chibiusa tells her how she thinks she's a vampire. Ririka laughs and says Ishihara and Kuwano went home after dropping her off. Chibiusa says she was eating flowers. Ririka shows her a box of sugar coated flowers that look like the ones she was picking, and asks Chibiusa if she meant those. Chibiusa apologizes for saying such a stupid thing.

Momo asks to borrow the wash-room. Ririka shows her the way. There are two shadows of the two girls on the wall. Then Ririka's turns into a bat-like shadow. Momo screams and her shadow disappears, as Ririka's shadow returns to normal and walks on.

Chibiusa and Kyusuke decide Momo's taking too long and run around looking for her. Chibiusa looks in one room and see Ririka sucking Momo's blood. Kyusuke comes and looks inside to. He sees Ishihara, Kuwano, and Momo all passed out.

Ririka appears behind them. They turn around. Ririka engulfs herself in a pulsing black cocoon-like pod. Then emerges looking like a vampire girl with bat wings. She says she was after Chibiusa and jumps at her. Kyusuke jumps in front of Chibiusa and gets knocked to the ground unconscious by the vampire.

The vampires about to bite Chibiusa when a rose flies through the air, striking the ground in front of Chibiusa. A masked, cape figure is standing on the windowsill.

Tuxedo Kamen: "Stop right there, you hungry devil!"
Vampire: "Whos there?"
Chibiusa: "Tuxedo Kamen!"
Usagi: "Just in time!"

Usagi is standing in the open doorway.

Chibiusa: "Usagi?"
Usagi: "Time to change!"

Usagi and Chibiusa transform into Sailor ChibiMoon and Sailor Moon.

ChibiMoon: "You pretend you're frail and attract all the boys."
Moon: "And what do you do? You use them as food!"
Both : "We wont tolerate it!"
Then both introduce themselves, and take a long time doing it.

The other four soldiers jump in.

Mars: "Well destroy you with our special move!"
Mercury: "That move is too dangerous!"
Jupiter: "No, it'll be all right. After all, were fighting a vampire!"
Mercury: "But theres no proof it'll work!"
Venus: "Dont worry! We had so much yesterday!"

The four of them jump up.

Mars: "Sailor"
Jupiter: "Special"
Mercury: "Garlic" (she doesn't sound too happy ^_^)
Venus: "Attack!"

They all take a deep breath and breathe a cloud onto the vampire. The vampire struggles. Mercury tells Moon and ChibiMoon to do their attack.

Moon and ChibiMoon : "No way"
Tuxedo Kamen jumps behind them and says, "Dont let my hard earned cash go to waste."
Moon and ChibiMoon: "Seriously"

ChibiMoon calls Pegasus and then Sailor Moon uses "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" to destroy the vampire. Ririka falls to the ground.

Chibiusa holds Ririka in her arms as Ririka wakes up. The other three kids wake up too. Ririka asks what she's been doing, and Chibiusa says she's just been having a long dream.

The soldiers all sit or stand on the windowsill.

Moon: "Well, thats one case out of the way"

Back at the floating circus.

TigersEye: "Whats the matter Master Ziroconia?"
Ziroconia: "Lemures has been destroyed."
HawksEye: "Is it the Sailor Soldiers doing?"
Fisheye: "How impertinent to get in our way!"
Ziroconia: "Well there is no problem. Theres nothing to fear. Remilis, the source of our power, still rests in plentiful amounts deep within the earth."

Ziroconia laughs and the shadows of the Amazon Trio turn into laughing smoke- like creatures.

Usagi: "No matter what kind of enemy appears, as long as I'm here everything will be okay. Leave everything to me!"

Chibiusa, Artemis, and Luna make faces like "yeah right".

Usagi: "Trust me a little"

Her watch/com-link blinks. Ami calls and says an enemy has appeared. Usagi jumps up.

Usagi: "Chibiusa, lets go! No time for heroes to be late!"

She rushes off.

Chibiusa: "Wait! Do you even know where you're going?"

Usagi laughs nervously "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask!"

Chibiusa and the cats look perplexed.

Chibiusa: "Is she really going to be okay?"

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