Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 128

Episode title
Unmei no Deai! Pegasus no Mau Yoru
[An Unexpected Encounter! The Night Pegasus Performs His Steps!]
Air Date
  • Summary Jennifer Janes, 1997.01.20
[Opening Song]

A boy's voice is heard talking in the night, telling someone to come if they hear him. Suddenly, a beautiful Pegasus appears soaring out of a cloud.

[Title screen]

Chibi Usa is asleep in her bed (in Usagi's house) and she hears a horse neighing. In a dreamlike surrounding, she walks through the city and says, "Who is that? Who is calling my name?" and she sees a forest and a lake.

Standing on top of the lake is the Pegasus. Her eyes get really big and she walks to the Pegasus and reaches out to him. Suddenly she is transformed into her princess form (in that cute little white dress). Then Pegasus suddenly disappears. Chibi Usa calls out, "Where are you? Are you the one that called out to me?"

She hears the voice again saying "Please don't tell anyone about our encounter!"

Chibi Usa slowly turns around and sees... Usagi "What were you dreaming of?" she asks.

A sleepy Chibi Usa replies, "What? It's just a dream!"

Usagi says, "Then come on, everyone has left already!"

[Scene Change]

Everyone (Usagi, Chibi Usa, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako , Mamoru, Motoki, and Unazuki (Motoki's sister) are at a crowded park looking up at the sky. We learn that there is going to be a solar eclipse. Usagi tells Chibi Usa that it is going to be completely dark and very scary! Rei tells Usagi that she shouldn't lie to little kids! Chibi Usa says that she doesn't believe Usagi anyway! Usagi asks if she had said something that wasn't true! (Apparently, she really did think eclipses were scary!!!)

Chibi Usa begins to think about Pegasus again. Unazuki notices that Chibi Usa is being unusually quiet and asks if something is on her mind, like a boyfriend, maybe?!?

Ami gasps and she, Usagi, Mamoru, and Rei get really big eyes and stare at Chibi Usa, waiting for an answer. Unazuki then says, "Don't let Mom and Dad get upset!"

Mamoru and Usagi look at each other nervously and then back at Chibi Usa and back at each other again (it's really funny!!)

Motoki turns around and says to Unazuki, "You're talking about yourself!!"

She looks surprised and says, "What?!?!"

Motoki replies, "Mom worries about why you are are so late getting home from your job lately!" (Indicating that she is secretly seeing her boyfriend.) She gets real nervous and everyone leans into her.

Mamoru suddenly says, "Hey everyone, it's about to begin!" Everyone puts on sunglasses or holds up a dark eye shield and watches as the moon moves slowly over the sun. Everything gets very dark and Usagi thinks, "The night without any lights is so dark!"

Elsewhere in the city, completely unnoticed, lightning flashes and something floats out of the sky and to the earth, the object looks like a strange tent! Well, the eclipse ends and everyone begins to leave the park. Still, no one notices the strange circus tent in full view of every one, except... Usagi! She looks at it and wonders if anyone has noticed such a strange thing and what it was doing there. The girls yell at her to catch up to them and she forgets all about it.

Inside the Dead Moon Circus, strange creatures laugh at how stupid and oblivious humans are, because they hadn't even noticed the circus tent in the middle of the city. Someone suddenly yells for them to be quiet. A strange looking guy appears, Master Zirconia. He tells them that they are going to control the world and summons the Amazon Trio (Tigers Eye, Fish Eye, and Hawks Eye).

They appear before him and ask what he called for them to do. Master Zirconia tells them that they need to find "him" (we don't know who "he" is yet) and that the only way "he" can survive on earth is by hiding in a human's "beautiful" dream. The Master orders the Trio to find humans with beautiful dreams and to find "him".

[Commercial Break]

The Trio are at a bar looking through photographs of people they have found that have beautiful dreams. They choose one girl to be the first one they check to see if "he" is hiding in her dream. The girl just "happens" to be Unazuki!

[Scene Change]

At the cafe where Unazuki works, she serves Usagi and Chibi Usa some sodas. Usagi asks her how things are going with her boyfriend. Unazuki tells her that she should watch what she says in front of a kid, this makes Chibi Usa listen more intently! Usagi says, grinning, "Oh, is it too serious to say in front of a kid?!?!"

Chibi Usa grabs Unazuki's pendant and says "Is this photo in the pendant of you boyfriend?" This breaks out in a big fight between the three.

A little later, still at the cafe, Unazuki says, "He's not really my boyfriend. Although we've been in 'situations', he's never said that he loves me. In my dream, it is different."

Then Chibi Usa, very adult-like says that sometimes women shouldn't sit and wait for a prince on a white horse to come, but that they should get on the back of the horse and find the prince themselves. Unazuki says that Chibi Usa is being very realistic. Usagi says that Chibi Usa must be reading Mom's guidebooks for adults, secretly!

[Scene Change]

Unazuki is riding on a bus on the way home. Also on the bus we see one of the Amazon Trio, Tigers Eye (who is a male), who is dressed like a woman! He snaps his fingers, and Unazuki's wallet appears in his hand. As she's getting off the bus Unazuki rummages around in her purse and says, "Oh, no! Where's my wallet?"

Tigers Eye comes up behind her and hold out Unazuki's wallet and asks if it is her's. She gratefully thanks him. He tell her that he was lucky to have found her wallet and that they may regret saying good-bye.

Nearby, Chibi Usa runs down the side walk and Usagi appears behind her saying, "Why did you ask me to come down here? What are you planning?"

Chibi Usa asks her if the are any forests near a big lake somewhere in the city.

Usagi says, "Forests? Here? No way, not in this city!!"

Chibi Usa sadly says, "You must be right.."

Suddenly they hear a whip snap and run towards the noise. We see Unazuki very scared looking at Tiger Eye as a curtain appears in front of him. When it lifts up, he has changed into his circus outfit. Tigers Eye tells Unazuki not to worry, because he really is not a bad guy. She says, "Well you sure look like one!" Finally, Usagi and Chibi Usa arrive and see what's going on, Usagi suggests that they transform.

Meanwhile, Tigers Eye yells out "One!" and a wall comes out behind Unazuki. "Two!" and clamps go around her arms and legs, attaching her to the wall. "Three!" and a mirror appears in front of her. He tells her that it is a mirror into her dreams.

He starts to walk toward her, but Sailor Moon yells out, "Stop there!"

He turns around and asks, "Who are you?"

Then Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon go into their speech, "We are the agents of love and justice.... we'll punish you!"

Tigers Eye seem pretty unimpressed and calls out to the "enemy of the day", a mechanical doll called Karakuriko. She appears and attacks Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon it seems pretty hopeless for them when, suddenly, Tuxedo Kamen arrives!

Tux and Tigers Eye fight for a while, whip to cane, but Tigers Eye traps Tux's shadow against a tree with his whip and Tux can't move. Tigers Eye then walks over to Unazuki and puts his head into the mirror of her dreams to see if "he" is hiding in her beautiful dream. He pulls his head out and says that even though she has a beautiful dream, "he" is not hiding in it. Then he says that he cannot let Unazuki live, because "he" might hide in her dream later. He tell the doll to finish them off.

Chibi Moon wishes for someone to come and help them, or else they will die. Suddenly a bright light appears in the sky, and Pegasus appears out of a cloud. Tigers eye shouts, "It's "him"!! Pegasus!!!" (In case you haven't figured it out yet, the "he" I was talking about is Pegasus.)

Pegasus lands on the ground and his eye sparkles. This makes Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon power up into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. A new weapon appears in front of Super Sailor Moon and she uses it to defeat the doll.

Tigers Eye yells, "Oh, no!" and disappears. Tux is freed from the tree and Unazuki is released from the wall, unconscious. They all stare at Pegasus and Super Sailor Moon says, "How beautiful!"

Then Pegasus disappears and Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon are back to their normal selves. Tux goes over to Unazuki and says, "She'll be all right. She just fainted."

Sailor Moon says, "I'm relieved!"

Chibi Moon again thinks about the first time she saw Pegasus and remembers what he said, "Please don't tell anyone about our encounter!"

She says, "I knew it wasn't just a dream!"

Sailor Moon says "Chibi Usa, you seem to know something about what just happened!"

Chibi Moon replies, "Well, I don't!" and they both look into they sky where Pegasus had appeared.

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