Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 129

Episode Title
Super Henshin Futatabi! Pegasus no Power
[Super Transformation Again! Pegasus' Power]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.20
The freaks are in the Dead Moon Circus, talking about Tiger Eye's failure. Zirconia appears and all the freaks leave. She reminds the Amazon Trio that they have to seek out beautiful dreams because that is where Pegasus is hiding.

[Title Screen]

At the bar, Tiger Eye is complaining about how everyone is blaming him for the failure. Hawk Eye tells him that he failed because he put his interests before his job. Fish Eye agrees, and he's doing something. Tiger Eye asks what he's doing, and he's shining a saddle. He found it in the corner of the tent and says he's going to go for a ride when they catch Pegasus. Hawk Eye says that he found a cute girl, and Hawk Eye comes over for a look. It's a girl standing near a horse.

The girls are at the park where the last fight was. Usagi makes sure that Chibiusa isn't hiding anything about it, and she remembers her dream, "No, I don't know." She hears a horse and goes toward the sound. They come to a stable and the girl from the picture is doing equestrian, but she falls off. She gets up and the girls recognizer her, it's Reika (Motoki's girl friend).

They go inside for some tea and talk for a while. Reika says that she's worried about something and she didn't really want to practice today anyway. She says that she's got some recommendations to go to college in Europe, but it's for ten years. Mako asks if Motoki knows, and Reika says yes. "He just smiled and said 'That's great', but he hasn't seen me since I told him." She wonders if he still loves her. Usagi and Minako get an idea, they'll ask Motoki how he really feels.

At the cafe, Motoki says that it's Reika's decision whether she wants to go or not, and leaves. Artemis and Luna say that they shouldn't be butting in. Minako and Usagi start squeezing them and ask why they can't be cupids even though they're the soldiers of love and justice. Ami reminds them that they should be thinking about the new enemies. Usagi asks her if she's worried about them, Ami says of course. Unazuki comes up and says that her brother can be stubborn sometimes. Usagi says of course, no couple can take it well when they're separated.

Unazuki asks if something happened with her and Mamoru. Usagi starts to tell her, but Rei interrupts and says that she's just going to tell her that she doesn't know where Mamoru's been since yesterday. Rei says Usagi called her yesterday and kept going on and on about how she missed him. Minako, Ami, and Mako say she called them too. Rei gets mad and yells, "How can you say you understand how Motoki and Reika feel if you can't stop crying to us how you miss Mamoru, and only for one day?!" Usagi just says she was lonely and starts crying.

Chibiusa is at the stable feeding the horse, when she comments how beautiful it is. Reika says that an animal can always find problems hidden in people's minds. Chibiusa remembers Pegasus and asks Reika if she knows of any horses with horns. Reika says that it must be a creature that lives in a dream world. She says that Chibiusa can see it because she has beautiful dreams. Chibiusa says Reika does too but Reika says that she doesn't know if they're that beautiful if they make the one she loves so worried.

Usagi is talking on the phone with Minako, and Chibiusa is upstairs talking to Luna. She asks how Motoki might take it and Luna says ten years is a little long. Chibiusa hears Usagi talking about Mamoru and crying. Chibiusa says that a couple might drift apart if they're kept apart for too long. Usagi hangs up and the phone rings and it's Mamoru. Mamoru says that he called her this morning and said that he'd be on the internet all day at the university. He tried to call again, but her line is always busy. He asks if they talked about "it". Usagi wonders what, "The new enemies." Usagi says that they've got the situation under control and not to worry about it. She hangs up and hugs the phone and rolls around in the bed.

Chibiusa says that she's a long way from her parents and they still love her. She thinks to herself that love can survive even though the other person is far away.


Reika is trying to jump again on the horse and a man on a black stallion appears (Tiger Eye). Chibiusa is walking toward the stables when she sees Reika and the man. Reika and Tiger Eye are talking, and Reika tells him she's having trouble. He says that he would like to help her, and then thinks to himself that girls are happy when men find out their problems. Chibiusa is spying through the bushes, Luna says that she must have picked up this habit from Usagi.

Reika says that she doesn't know whether she should pursue her dream or stay with her love. Tiger Eye says he's very curious about the dream she's talking about. Reika is a little scared and tries to leave but Tiger Eye trips her. He transforms and takes out Reika's mirror. Chibiusa transforms (it's the long version from the S movie).

"In the name of the future moon, I'll punish you!" Tiger Eye calls out a Lemure, animal trainer Kyokuba Danko. Danko has a whip and she goes after Chibimoon. Tiger Eye takes a look into Reika's mirror and there's nothing. He tells Danko to kill Chibimoon, who's trapped, and Reika, but Sailor Moon appears and says he can't do that.

She does the "punish you" and Tiger Eye says there's a whole group of them this time. Sailor Moon wonders what he means and turns around and the rest of the girls are there. They start telling why they came but Tiger Eye gets mad because it's girl talk and it's not about him. He sends Danko after all of them. Mars does a Burning Mandala, but Danko catches the rings on the whip and sends them back. Tiger Eye is laughing and asks for something a lot more fun. She kicks Chibimoon into the other girls and says it's time for a dance competition. She starts whipping them furiously and they can barely stay in front of it.

Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and he appears and powers up Moon and Chibimoon. Sailor Moon does the attack again and Danko is destroyed. Tiger Eye, disgusted leaves and Reika falls to the ground. Pegasus flies away and all the soldiers have seen him now, and Moon and Chibimoon power down.

At the cafe, Usagi and Minako are still bugging Motoki. Mamoru says they can't understand unless you don't tell them. Motoki tells them that he didn't want to see her so that he wouldn't influence her decision. He can wait this time too, and Unazuki says she's happy to hear that. Reika comes up from behind the counter. Reika says that she thought he didn't love her anymore, and Motoki says he'll never stop loving her and tells her to go if she wants.

Chibiusa thinks to herself that any couple can survive if they keep loving and believing in each other. Love isn't so weak that it can be broken by long distances. As a plane leaves, Motoki and Reika look at each other.

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