Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 130

Episode title
Mamore Haha no Yume! W Moon no Shin Hissatsu Waza
[Let's protect Mama's dream! Double Moon new attack]
Air Date
  • Summary Hadrien Lataste, 1997.04.30
    (Note: Double Moon is the short term for Moon+ChibiMoon)
Chibiusa is dreaming, Pegasus is in this dream and his speaking to her "You're the girl that I was looking for... Please, help me..."

Chibiusa asks him what he really wants. He answers her that it isn't the time for her to know his true identity. Chibiusa is awakening...

It's a rainy day. Usagi, walking down the stairs, smells a Lemon Pie, made by her mother. She runs in the dinning-room. But she sees that Chibiusa and Shingo ate all the cake. Chibiusa beards her with the last part of the cake, that she kept for herself.

Ikuko-Mama come suddenly, and says to Usagi that she knows she had only 28% at her last exam... She answers to her mother that it wasn't a reason to deprive her of Lemon-Pie.

Ikuko says suddenly "But I'm sure that I cooked Lemon Pie for 3 persons...". We understand, in fact, that Chibiusa ate Usagi's share of the cake. Usagi, which is getting mad, go out from the home, slamming the door.

In Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi is with Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako. Usagi is explaining to the other that she's really angry against her mother and Chibiusa, and that she won't come back in her home before Chibiusa would have apologized for what she's done. Usagi is actually sad.

In Dead Moon Circus, Amazon Trio is looking for the next people they will attack. Hawk's eye makes Tiger's Eye to notice all errors he has already made. Finally, Hawk's Eye decides to attack a older woman (in fact, Tiger's Eye prefers young women, whereas Hawk's Eye prefers older women). Hawk's Eye is choosing a photo, which is the one of Ikuko-Mama...

In her bedroom, Chibiusa is waiting for Usagi, by the windows. She wish she had not eaten Usagi's share of Lemon Pie. She is going to see Ikuko-Mama, who is tidying some photos. She shows some of them to Chibiusa, like Usagi in Kindergarten, or Usagi with rabbit's ears on the head. Chibiusa notices that there is not any photo of her. But Ikuko-Mama shows her her favorite photo, a photo of whole family (including Chibiusa). Ikuko-Mama tells to Chibiusa that her dream is to see Usagi and Chibiusa married with boys that they really like, so she could be able to stuck wedding's photo in her album. Finally, Chibiusa and Ikuko-Mama decide to go to buy some lemons to cook a new cake for Usagi.

Usagi, in the street, and she thinks finally that she should come back to her house.

Chibiusa and Ikuko-Mama are walking in the park, carrying a bag full of lemons. Hawk's eye, hidden by a bush, manage to pierce the bag. Whereas Chibiusa and Ikuko-Mama are picking up lemon, Hawk's eye (with human clothes) appears suddenly to help Ikuko and Chibiusa to pick up lemon. He suddenly looks at Ikuko's face, and calls her "Mama!"

He explains to them that his mother has disappeared, and his dream is to taste a Lemon Pie made by his mother. He also shows a photo of his mother, which looks like Ikuko because he'll die very soon (it's a lie of course). Then he suddenly collapses. Chibiusa decides to go and look for some help. Hawk's eye disease is in fact a trap for Ikuko..

Chibiusa finally finds Usagi in the street and asks her to help her. They come back together in the park, but they see that Hawk's eye is in fact the enemy! They transform. (This is the last time we see "Moon Prism Power Make-Up" [Chibi-Moon] and "Moon Cosmic Power Make-Up".)

They appear in front of Hawk's eye. "How did you dare to attack a family mother! For love and justice, we are the pretty sailor suited soldier! Sailor Moon! Sailor Chibi-Moon! And in the name of the Moon, we'll punish you!"

Hawk's eye calls the lemure "Do.Kan.Ko", who is as canon-woman. Moon and Chibi-Moon are helped by the other soldiers and Tuxedo Mask, but none of their attacks manage to kill the lemure. Hawk's eye tries to look in Ikuko's dream mirror, but he's stopped by the Chibi-Moon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack".

Moon uses her "Moon Spiral Heart Attack", but Hawk's Eye stops easily this attack. All the soldier are on the ground. Hawk's eye looks for Pegasus in the mirror, but he doesn't find it.

Chibi-Moon, in her thoughts, asks someone to help her. Suddenly, a beautiful light appears in the sky, Pegasus says to Moon and Chibi-Moon that it's time to her to have new power. He transforms their 2 brooches (Moon's brooch is a heart with wings, and Chibi-Moon's one is a single heart).

Pegasus says them they will have now a super-transformation, they have to say "Moon Crisis, Make-Up!". Saying that, they have a new double transformation (they transform together in super sailor soldiers, in the same sequence!). Pegasus transforms Moon's rod in Moon Kaleido Scope, and the one of Chibi-Moon in Crystal Carillon. (Note: the following will happen in all Sailor Moon SuperS Episode where attacks are shown: the Chibi-Moon's prayer is like a part of her attack sequence)

Chibi-Moon makes a prayer to Pegasus: "Please Pegasus! Protect everybody's dream!... Twinkle Yell!". This allows Pegasus to appear. He gives to Super Sailor Moon the power to use the Moon Kaleido Scope, she has then to say "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" to defeat the Lemure. Hawk's eye runs away... Pegasus says to Chibi-Moon to call him each time she need some help...

In Usagi's house, all the group (Including Mamoru) is waiting for the new Lemon Pie. Usagi and Chibiusa have an argument about who have the biggest share. They all taste the cake and like it. Usagi asks to Chibiusa if she prefers her true mother or Ikuko. She answers her that she both loves them.

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