Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 131

Episode title
Pegasus wo toraero! Amazon no Wana
[Catch Pegasus! The trap of the Amazon Trio]
Air Date
  • Summary By Tiffany Tona, 1997.07.24
Zirconia tells all of the Dead Moon Circus to be queit and asks the Amazon Trio to step forword. He asks why the trio have failed so many times but have whitnessed the pegasus. He is very angry until Hawks Eye asks that they explain. He tells Zirconia that what they have been doing is just a warm up, and that catching the pegasus is a peice of cake. Zirconia asks if he swears it, and his reply was, "Of Course." With that they all bow and leave.

The Trio are at the bar and Hawks Eye asks Tigers Eye if he had found a new target yet. He flips Hawks Eye a card and he puts his drink on it to stop it. When Hawks Eye raises his glass, it's a picture of Naru.

Hawks Eye: Really? Do you think that this girl might be the one?
Tigers Eye: If I knew that, then we wouldn't be in such trouble now!
Hawks Eye: Oh, you aren't mad at me are you?
Tigers Eye: Of course I am! You know we're having problems finding the Pegasus already! Why did you have to promise such a thing to Zirconia!
Fish Eye: Really! As soon as you sad that, my heart skipped a beat!

Hawks Eye told them not to worry because he had a wild card. Tigers Eye and Fish Eye were really surprised, but then Tigers Eye took the card with Naru on it and walked away.

Naru was waiting downtown for Umino at an icecream parlor. On the side, Tigers Eye is looking at himself and telling himself what a perfect person he is. He turns around and asks himself where his target is. He looks around and finds Naru. Naru is talking to herself saying that Umino is really late. She sees a shadow and thinks it's Umino, so she starts to yell and say, "Hey! You're La-!" But stops and sees that it isn't Umino, but Harks Eye. She starts to fall for him but Umino comes by. Hawks eye is beyond taken back by this event and is humilliated.

Tigers Eye tells Fish Eye and Hawks Eye what happens and they break down laughing. Hawks Eye tells him that he's been spoiled. Tigers Eye cracks his whip and tells them all to shut up. Hawks Eye brings up his Wild Card again and wants to show them both, not really intersested, they go anyway. What his Wild Card is, is simply a cage for pegasus. The trick is to lure him in with Minus Energy simulating a dream in trouble. That's when pegasus is supposed to come and get trapped in the cage. But they need a bite. Tigers Eye understands and says to himself that he'll use Naru for the bait.

Naru is in a book store and finds a book on how to be a nurse. Tigers Eye is watching from a corner and says that she will be an easy target beacuse of her wanting to be a nurse.

On the street, Naru is walking and is stopped by Tigers Eye. He finds it to be a great thing to see her again, but Naru doesn't remember ever meeting him. He is very mad to himself, but puts it aside. Naru also says to herself that he is very handsome. Just then, Tigers Eye throws himself to the ground and claims to be dying. He tells Naru that he only has 3 months to live.

Tigers Eye: For all my life, I have never known love at all. Please, just for these 3 last months, be my girlfriend!
Naru: WHAT!!
Tigers Eye: Please, I beg you.
Naru: Well...I...

[CM break]

Naru went to Rei's temple to talk to the others and they all were telling her that going out with him is a bad idea (Of Course, Chibi Usa thinks that it's romantic, but is quickly cut in by Usagi). All the others are alittle worried about this whole matter until Usagi and Chibi Usa get into another fight. Naru dosen't want to get involed so she leaves. All the Senshi (except Chibi Usa) follow and Luna and Artemis say that they should check it out as well.

Naru thinks to herself on a nerby bridge as Umino comes by and asks her whats wrong. Naru tells him the whole story and Umino runs off crying (HAHA How Pitifull!). The Usagi and the others walk up to her telling her that it's ok. Minako points out that she's alittle worried about Umino.

Chibi Usa is passing by a buger shop and see's that Umino has drank 15 shakes! She gets sick and walks away.

Naru called Tigers Eye to a park so they could talk. She tells him that it isn't the best idea in the world that she is his girlfriend. He goes to kiss her but Naru pushes him down. Tigers Eye get pissed off and turns into his Circus outfit and takes Narus Mirror. Luna sees this and goes to tell Usagi.

Usagi and Chibi Usa are walking and Luna tells them to transform, so they do.

Tigers Eye sees that there is no Pegasus in her dream, then Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. Come and do their usual speach. Tigers Eye calls his lemure Otedamako-chan (a jugler), and she attacks them. Chibi Moon is on the side watching Sailor Moon get beaten, so she calls pegasus. He comes and Tigers Eye and the lemure watch. He looks back at Sailor Moon and says that they've fallen for his trap. The cage comes up and Tigers Eye turns it on. Pegasus is going for the cage while Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon are telling him to go back. Of course, Pegasus goes right through the cage.

Tigers Eye breaks the cage with his whip and tells his lemure to go after the senshi. She takes out knives and points them at the Senshi. Just then, a rose comes down and Tuxedo Kamen is standing on a light post. Sailor moon finishes the Lemure off with her Moon Gorgeous Meditation and Tigers Eye gets away. Naru wakes up as they all look up at the Pegasus fly away.

At Uminos, Naru says that it was silly of him to have drank so many shakes. She opens up her bag and takes out a shake and Umino screams.

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