Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 132

Episode title
Oniai no Futari! Usagi to Mamoru no Ai
[The best couple! The love between Usagi and Mamoru]
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  • Organized into Synopsis by Andre Garde (

Saori and Kobayashi (Mamoru's friends from university) are walking down the street together. They're on their way to visit Mamoru at his apartment. It's Saori's first visit to Mamoru's place. Saori likes Mamoru, and Kobayashi likes Saori, however, no one can admit their feelings for the other.

They arrive at Mamoru's apartment, and he welcomes them in. Kobayashi notices that there are no pictures of Mamoru's girl friend (Usagi) around. The doorbell rings (several times), and so Mamoru goes to get it. Usagi and Chibiusa appear, each clinging to one of Mamoru's arms, arguing as usual. Mamoru introduces the girls to Saori and Kobayashi.

Usagi introduces herself as Mamoru's girl friend, but Chibiusa sticks two fingers up Usagi's nose and says she is Mamoru's real girl friend. They continue to argue, until Mamoru tells them to stop (I assume this is highly embarrassing for him). Saori offers them desserts in the form of cakes and pastries.

While they are eating, Chibiusa asks Saori what her relationship is with Mamoru (she has a menacing look on her face). Saori was Mamoru's old classmate from high school. Unbeknownst to Mamoru, Saori has a crush on him.

Chibiusa notices that Mamoru seems to know more about Saori than a usual classmate. She's very suspicious at this point.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Trio have singled Saori out as the next target.

Usagi and Chibiusa are at a gift shop or a toy store. Usagi is debating whether or not to buy a stuffed hippopotamus or a stuffed horse, because she only has enough money to buy one of them. Chibiusa is still worried about the relationship between Saori and Mamoru. She leaves the store in disgust, because Usagi isn't feeling as uneasy as she is.

Saori is waiting for Mamoru to arrive (they've got a "date" ^_-). Tiger Eye shows up, posing as a tourist, and asks (in English) what the time was. Saori says it's 5:30, and Tiger Eye lies, saying that he made an appointment to meet the tour guide to go to a restaurant. Since he couldn't meet with the tour guide, Tiger Eye asked if she would go to dinner with him, when Mamoru arrives. Saori runs off to Mamoru and they leave.

Fish Eye and Hawk Eye show up, laughing at Tiger Eye's predicament. Tiger Eye tells them to shut up, as he'll get her by force next time.

Chibiusa is having a dream. In it, Mamoru has his arms around Saori, and explains to Usagi that they should end their relationship because he loves her. A funny scene where Mamoru is petting Saori's hair, saying:

Mamoru: "I love her so much! See?"
Usagi : "That's not true! No! No!"

Usagi yells after Mamoru that if they don't get married, Chibiusa won't be born. At this point, Chibiusa wakes up from the dream in fright. She runs out into the street, and sees Mamoru and Saori walking together. Cute picture of her saying "No way!" Chibiusa sneaks up to get a better look, when Kobayashi appears. They look at each other in surprise.

[commercial break, eye catches]

Mamoru and Saori are walking together. Mamoru asks if she's fallen in love with someone, since she asked him to go along shopping with her. Saori blushes.

Kobayashi and Chibiusa follow behind, without them noticing. Kobayashi explains that at the university, Mamoru and Saori are called the "best couple." He thinks they are too, but Kobayashi is still in love with Saori. If only Mamoru had an official girl friend, he'd still have a chance with Saori. Chibiusa tries to cheer him up, saying that she's on his side. She runs down the sidewalk, yelling and cheering for him. Kobayashi just sighs.

Usagi is still in the gift shop, debating over the hippopotamus and the horse. Chibiusa arrives, explaining the situation to her. Usagi begins to think that Mamoru will be taken away by Saori, and she asks aloud for Mamoru not to hate her. Chibiusa thinks she's gotten to Usagi, and says she should start acting more mature. However, Usagi bursts out laughing, saying that she could never doubt Mamoru's love. Her real dilemma is the hippopotamus and the horse. Chibiusa drags Usagi by the shirt out of the store.

Mamoru and Saori are sitting at a park, on a flight of stairs. Mamoru asks if he knows the person that Saori bought a necktie for (this is why they went shopping together). Saori bought the necktie for Mamoru, but can't seem to tell him her feelings. Tiger Eye shows up, and again asks Saori for the time. Instead of waiting for an answer, he changes into his Dead Moon costume and goes after her Dream Mirror. He beats back Mamoru with his whip, and pins him to the stairs with knives. Tiger Eye checks Saori's mirror for the Pegasus, when Usagi and Chibiusa arrive. They see what's happening and transform.

Tiger Eye realizes that the Pegasus is not in Saori's dream. He prepares to kill her with his knives, when Sailor Moon and Chibimoon arrive. After the usual speech, Tiger Eye calls on "Pooko-chan," the Balloon girl (she's shaped like one big balloon, with a red stripe down the middle). Pooko-chan traps Chibimoon on the ground with her size, suffocating her. Sailor Moon tries to get the lemure off her but to no avail. Tiger Eye leaves through his portal.

Pooko-chan leaves Chibimoon, and starts to go after Saori when Mamoru yells to her to watch out. Pooko-chan notices that Mamoru looks much nicer than Saori, so she starts going after him instead. Before the lemure can crush Mamoru, Sailor Moon gets in between them, holding the lemure back as it presses against her face (she can't breathe). Mamoru tells Sailor Moon to get back, but she won't. Pooko-chan remarks about how Sailor Moon was willing to sacrifice herself for him, but not to worry because she'll kill them both. Sailor Moon begins to struggle, and Mamoru calls out her name.

Mamoru: "Usako... USAKO!!!"

Lying on the ground, Saori hears Mamoru call out Usagi's name. She realizes that Usagi is Sailor Moon.

Mamoru, VERY mad, rips an arm free from the knives, takes one of them, and stabs Pooko-chan in the side (remember that she is a balloon). She goes flying around as the air escapes her body.

Usagi falls back, and tells Mamoru that she's okay. While Pooko-chan puts tape where Mamoru stabbed her, Chibimoon calls on the Pegasus. Sailor Moon destroys the lemure with the Moon Gorgeous Meditiation.

Sailor Moon then checks to see if Mamoru's okay. They look at each other's eyes.

Mamoru: "Thank you..."

They smile, looking at each other fondly. Even Chibimoon is happy for them. Saori is saddened, and turns away, but looks at them again and smiles.

Saori and Kobayashi are back at the university, on the roof. Kobayashi asks how it went with Mamoru, but he finds out that she didn't tell Mamoru her feelings. Kobayashi asks her why not, but Saori just gives him the necktie that was meant for Mamoru.

Saori: "I can't beat the girl who is protecting the peace on earth."

The last scene shows Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibiusa. Each of the girls cling on to an arm as they argue, wanting the other to go away.


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