Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 133

Episode Title
Artemis no Uwaki? Nazono Koneko Toujou
[Artemis' Affair? The Mysterious Kitten Appears]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Kigurumiko (Watanabe Kumiko)
Sister Maria (Yamazaki Wakana)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.20
[Title Screen]

Mamoru is at Usagi's house giving them help with their homework. Chibiusa asks him a question and he helps her and Usagi gets jealous. She asks him a question too but Chibiusa gets mad because the book is upside-down. They get in a big fight and Mamoru stops them. Chibiusa says, "Daddy, if your daughter doesn't do well in school, she'll be bullied by her friends, never get married and have a lonely life, do you want that for your daughter?!" Usagi says that you don't have to do well in school to find your husband.

"How could a mother say that?!" "I'm just telling from experience!" Just then, Luna comes in and tells everyone a story. Artemis tries to stop her, but she says he doesn't have to hide it. She says that they were in front of Juban Catholic Church, and there was a beautiful nun and Artemis fell in love. Mamoru says that Artemis has good taste, that nun is really beautiful. Usagi and Chibiusa get mad at him.

In the harbor, something falls from the sky and lands in some bushes. Mamoru is leaving Usagi's house, and he tells the girls to do their homework. He says if they don't do them, he won't come anymore. He leaves and Chibiusa says that Artemis was really depressed. Usagi says it's because Luna misunderstood him. "You know he likes you, sometimes you're so mean to him." Chibiusa says that he might run away from home, poor thing. Luna starts to think that she did say too much.

Mamoru is walking with Artemis when a grey kitten comes out of a bush and says "father!" Artemis sees the crescent moon on her forehead and the kitten goes up to him and starts nuzzling up against him. The kitten says that mother said not to be picked up by strangers, but now she's so happy that she's found her father. Artemis says there must be some mistake, and Luna comes up. "You are so irresponsible, not only falling in love with a beautiful woman, but having a child too!" Artemis keeps telling her that there's some mistake. "What mistake, a cat that talks must be your child!", and she scratches him and runs off. The kitten is left there wondering what happened.

In the circus tent, the Trio are perfecting their acts when Zirconia appears. The trio says that she shouldn't worry, they are faithful to their duties. Zirconia says that many young people now are all talk and no action, there's no end to her worry.

In the bar, Hawk Eye says that Tiger Eye is the worst one. Tiger Eye says it's because the other two never help. They start looking for worthy targets and Tiger Eye finds a pure and just girl. Hawk Eye thinks it might be a little much for him, but he says that his satisfaction will be at its peak when he overcomes this kind of woman (it's the nun from the church).

At the church, the nun is praying. Chibiusa and Usagi are watching and Chibiusa says that she's pretty and maybe she should start pretending the nun was her mother.

Artemis goes into Minako's room and she just stands at the window. She asks him who his owner is. Artemis says he doesn't have an "owner", he and Minako are friends that protect peace. Minako wonders about friends keeping secrets from each other. Artemis thinks that it's about him eating the last piece of cake the other day, but isn't that a little big to be a secret? Minako slams her hand against the window frame, and says it's all right.

Artemis goes on about how it's that he broke her favorite cup, or dropping her ribbon in the mud the other day. She's even madder, "I didn't even realize those things, but it's all right, I'll forgive you with my smile." Artemis knows she's acting strangely, and sees the phone's missing. Minako holds up the phone and turns around (with a really weird look). "I just got a call from Usagi, she told me you're a daddy." He's says that's not true and Minako calls him a liar. Artemis says he didn't have a child. Minako says, "How can you have a child without knowing, I feel very sorry for your child! Artemis, you have to take responsibility!" Artemis goes crazy yelling that he's innocent.

At the shrine, the girls are trying to comfort Luna with food. Usagi and Chibiusa want some, but Rei says they're for Luna. Luna says they don't have to worry about her that much. Usagi asks Luna if she can have some food, and Luna says that what she has to worry about now is making Usagi into a great queen. "Artemis has his mission, and I have mine." The girls think that since Artemis has a child with someone else, it means that Artemis has left Luna. Usagi asks if Luna and Artemis were dating, Luna says it's a waste, just forget it.

At the church, the nun is getting ready for a wedding. Tiger Eye comes up and says that the decorations are beautiful. The nun says that it comes from the love of God. Tiger Eye asks if God loves him, the nun says yes, and feel free to receive his love. Just then, Tiger Eye falls down, and says he heard God's word. "Love thy neighbor, and forgive those who have sinned." The nun is very happy and Tiger Eye says he should be forgiven, because he's going to commit a sin. He grabs the nun as Artemis walks by.


The nun holds up a cross and Tiger Eye falls down. He says he's kidding and he's watched too many movies. He takes out her dream mirror, and says her voice doesn't seem to reach her master. Artemis jumps down and almost scratches Tiger Eye. "What are you doing?! You almost scratched my beautiful face!" Venus Star Power, make up!! (With music from the S movie)

Sailor Venus stands on the steeple and says some weird saying about every cat having its day. Tiger Eye says, "don't bother me, ugly girl." Venus gets very mad and says she will deliver divine punishment. Tiger Eye summons a Lemure, Kigurumiko. He goes over to the mirror and Artemis jumps up but he just knocks him out of the way. Kigurumiko flies up to the steeple and asks Venus if she likes boxing. Venus says she doesn't know, she's never played. The Lemure changes into this padded kangaroo costume and starts kicking at Venus.

She realizes that she's missing something, and looks in her pouch. Tiger Eye looks in the mirror and there's nothing. He says that he'll send the nun to her beloved God. Just then, Artemis scratches Tiger Eye's hand. Tiger Eye tells Kigurumiko to have some fun with the cat too. She goes down and puts Artemis in her pouch and he's dressed up in a joey costume.

Venus does a Love Me Chain and the lemure falls over and Artemis yells in pain. Tiger Eye comes up and says that Artemis and the lemure are linked and they share pain now. Kigurumiko gets up and punches for Venus but misses and Artemis' body moves by itself and he gets a direct hit. Moon Crisis, make up!!

All the others jump from the steeple and Moon and Chibimoon do the "punish you". Tiger Eye leaves and lets Kigurumiko take care of them. Jupiter sees Artemis in the lemure's pouch. Jupiter starts a Supreme Thunder, but Mercury says they have to separate them and tries a Bubble Spray but gets punched. Luna comes up from behind and bites the lemure on the back. Kigurumiko jumps back and lands on Luna to get her off.

"Kangaroo Double Double Kick" It starts to go after Luna but Artemis bites it and it stops just in time. Kigurumiko throws Artemis and he goes over to Luna and tries to get her up. Kigurumiko says it's the third round, but the red rose comes. He's in a tree with the kitten in his hat. Chibimoon yells out "Diana!", and the kitten says "Small Lady". Twinkle Yell!! Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!

Luna asks Artemis is all right, and she says that he really needs her. The wedding is a success at the church. Everyone is shocked to hear that Diana is the future kitten of Luna and Artemis. Minako says that they'll get into a relationship. Luna says she's not going to be in that kind of relationship with a cat that lusts after human women. He says she misunderstood, he only wished a cat could be married at such a beautiful church.

Diana says that she'll be staying a little while with them. Artemis says that he understands how Mamoru feels now.

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