Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 134

Episode Title
Makoto no Yuujo! Pegasus ni Akogareta Shoujo
[Makoto's Friendship! The Girl Attracted to Pegasus]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.20
Usagi is reading a book called "Pegasus in the Moonlight" and she starts crying. Unazuki comes up and says she's read the book and knows why it's a best seller. Rei is surprised that she actually read a real novel instead of her usual comic books. Usagi asks if Rei's read it and Rei doesn't say anything. Minako says it was a great book and Unazuki wishes she fell into such a deep love. Ami says she don't need any reasons, she's impressed. Rei is worried that she's behind everyone. Chibiusa is reading the book and wonders if the author knows about the Pegasus she's seen. She looks up and Mako is looking at the cover weirdly.

[Title Screen]

Mako, Chibiusa, Diana, Usagi and Luna are in the park talking. Mako tells them that the author of the book, Takase Tomoko was her friend before she transferred. Usagi asks why Mako kept this a secret from them. Mako says if she told, they might think she was bragging about knowing someone famous. Luna says that if it was Usagi, she'd tell everyone she ever met. Usagi tells Luna that she talks too much.

Mako says that before Tomoko started writing, she had many short stories. She wanted her to do some magazine awards and things, and then she started her book, "Pegasus in the Moonlight", and it was a success. She says that she hasn't seen her since she transferred. Usagi says that they should go to Tomoko's house to see her and get her autograph. Mako says it's all right, and they should go.

In the circus, Zirconia is angry that they haven't found Pegasus. Then, Zircon, the little eyeball with wings, flies in and gives them a picture. It's Tomoko and the Trio comments about her book being about Pegasus. Zirconia says she's a good target because she may know something about Pegasus.

The next morning, the girls are walking down a street. Minako says that it's a good thing if you know a celebrity. Usagi says she brought two books for her to sign, and Rei says it's not enough. She says that you need 3, one for preservation, one for personal use, and one to use to brag to everyone. Luna says Rei has a bad habit of that. Mako says that her house is right around the corner. Diana says that Mako looks very happy. Minako says it's because she's guaranteed to get an autograph.

They walk around the corner and there's a large crowd around her house. Tiger Eye is walking around the other side and sees the crowd. He tries to get in but the people keep him out and a fight ensues. Mako goes up and asks what happened. A man says the deadline has passed and Tomoko's not home. Minako thinks that maybe she ran away from her work. Mako says she would never do that, writing is all that she has, and she runs off.

At a park near a river, Tomoko is sitting against a tree. Mako goes up to her and says that she hasn't changed. Mako asks why she ran away, and Tomoko says that she can't write anymore. She doesn't have anymore dreams, and she runs off. Tiger Eye is on the banks of the river and says that it should be easy now, the girl is in a slump.

At the cafe, Unazuki is closing up, but Mako just sits there, looking out a window. Unazuki asks if something happened and Usagi said more or less. Mako is wondering what happened to Tomoko. She has a flashback and some kids are holding a bunch of papers. Tomoko is trying to get them back and Mako comes and scares the kids off. Tomoko says thank you, and Mako says that she should at least kick them a few times.

Mako asks if they go to the same school, and Tomoko says they're in the same class, but Mako doesn't remember. She doesn't remember there being any homework and starts reading the papers. Tomoko says not to, it's her manuscript and she just finished it. Mako reads the whole thing and says it's good, she's never been drawn into a story like that. She says when she writes, to let Mako read it.


Tomoko is watching a boy play soccer and is dazed. Mako comes up with a soda and asks if she likes the athletic type. Tomoko says that if she dates him, she'll think of lots of stories. Mako asks if Tomoko's told him yet, but Tomoko won't because he has so many fans and wouldn't have time for her. Mako says to apply for some awards and have him read her stories. If they win, he'll notice you.

At the end of the flashback, Mako is still there, and Chibiusa's gone. At Tomoko's house, she's crying over some crumpled up papers, and she can't write. She has a flashback too, she's at an autograph session and sees her crush with another girl. Just then Chibiusa yells up to her and says she's seen the real Pegasus, and she's happy that someone has the same dream as her.

She wants to read more of her story, but Tomoko closes the window and says she can't write. Mako yells up and says, "Are you going back to the person you used to be? Are you going to be back to the person who wouldn't let anyone read the novels you have locked up. It was your dream to write a book for anyone, even if it was only for one person. What you write isn't just for you anymore." Tomoko opens the window and smiles at Mako.

Tiger Eye appears in her room and gives her a business card, Tiger Eye from Dead Publishing. He says that a publisher that works with an author too much might fall in love with her. He transforms and Tomoko screams. Jupiter Star Power, make up!! Moon Crisis, make up!! Tiger Eye chases Tomoko out onto her balcony and takes her dream mirror. Just then, a Wide Pressure comes and keeps Tiger Eye away. Moon and Chibimoon do the "punish you" and Tiger Eye calls for a Lemure, Tenko.

Tenko floats up above the soldiers and wraps them up in chains. Jupiter does a Supreme Thunder but forgets that metal conducts electricity and they get electrocuted. Tiger Eye checks the mirror and is disappointed because the target was chosen by Zirconia herself. He tells Tenko to take care of them all. Tenko throws a clock down to the soldiers. Sailor Moon asks what it's for and Tenko says it's a time bomb.

Sailor Moon, "I don't wanna blow up!!" Tenko tells them they'll never escape, it's a waste of time. Then, the rose comes and breaks them free. "Chains don't go with pretty girls, they're used to hold vicious dogs and criminals." Jupiter throws back the bomb and just as Tenko catches it, it blows up. Diana tells Chibimoon that it's her chance. She does a Twinkle Yell and Tomoko sees the Pegasus and Tenko knows what comes next. Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!

Tiger Eye leaves and Tomoko talks to the girls. She says that she's seen the real Pegasus. Since she can have such a beautiful dream, she knows she can write more, and for everyone. She asks Mako before she leaves, to read her book first. Mako says of course, she'll always be the first to read her books.

In the new book, "Illusion of Pegasus", Tomoko dedicated it to her best friend Mako, and to everyone that has beautiful dreams.

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