Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS episode 135

Episode title
Fureau kokoro! Chibi Usa to Pegasus
[Sympathized Minds! Between Chibiusa and Pegasus]
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Chibiusa is talking to the Pegasus near a lake. She wants to find out more about him, because she wants to be his friend. But, the Pegasus apologizes, saying that he can't do that.

[Sympathized Minds! Between Chibiusa and Pegasus]

Zirconia is talking to the Amazon Trio, explaining how they have to get the Pegasus. Tiger Eye says that the person whose dream Pegasus is hiding in may want to take control of the Pegasus and get its power. Zirconia knows that the Pegasus would never reveal his power, even to his host. Tiger Eye calls on his shadow lemure, Hebihanabiko-chan, to find the host for the Pegasus.

Chibiusa, Momo, and Kyusuke are painting in park as part of their studies. Their teacher, Morino-sensei, comes up and asks how they are doing. When she sees that Chibiusa has painted the Pegasus in her picture, she says that she can't give her a good mark for it, because she was only supposed to paint the scenery (and not add anything to it). Kyusuke tells Morino-sensei not to be too stubborn, because he thinks that's why she's not married. Morino-sensei leaves, saddened, and tells Chibiusa to repaint her picture. Chibiusa notices that she seems very unfriendly at times.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Trio have selected Morino-sensei as the next target. Tiger Eye asks Fish Eye to go after her, but Fish Eye says that he isn't interested in women.

Chibiusa and Usagi are walking home with groceries, and Usagi bumps into Morino-sensei -- literally. Morino-sensei says that she envies Chibiusa sometimes, because she can make friends with anyone (unlike herself, who can't seem to make friends).

Morino-sensei walks by Tiger Eye, who is posing as a fortune teller. She explains to him that she can't seem to bond very well with children. When she tries to leave, Tiger Eye knocks her down, and changes into his Dead Moon costume.

Chibiusa and Usagi are continuing on their way home, when Mamoru pulls up beside them in his car, offering them a ride. Suddenly, the girls hear Morino-sensei's screams from afar.

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Tiger Eye: "One!" (a board appears behind Morino-sensei)
Tiger Eye: "Two!" (shackles appear from the board and hold her down)
Tiger Eye: "Three!" (her Dream Mirror appears)

Tiger Eye checks her dream but can't find the Pegasus. Chibiusa and Usagi see what's happening and transform. When they show up to confront Tiger Eye, he attacks them with his whip and knives, until Tuxedo Kamen arrives, pinning him with his cane. Chibi Moon calls on the Pegasus, who appears in the sky. But, Tiger Eye summons Hebihanabiko-chan from his shadow, and she enters the Pegasus' body. Moon and Chibi Moon are shocked. The sky turns blue-black. The lemure can corrupt the beautiful dream of Pegasus' host (Chibiusa), in hopes that the host will want to sieze the power of it. Hebihanabiko-chan tries to convince Chibiusa via a dream that she can control the world with his power. However, Chibiusa says that her dream is to become it doesn't mean anything if the owns him. Chibiusa defeats the lemure in her dream, and they both return to the "real" world. Moon uses her Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the lemure.

Morino-sensei is dreaming, but is awakened by Chibiusa. Mamoru offers to drive her home, but she refuses. Chibiusa goes off, but not before Morino-sensei asks her why she handed in her painting without erasing the Pegasus. Chibiusa says that she felt that the Pegasus belonged there, and that it was much better that it was there anyway. She wanted to make the most of that feeling. Morino-sensei explained that she couldn't get a good mark even if she was a good artist. Chibiusa doesn't mind, as she likes herself the way she is. Morino-sensei smiles, and tells her that she likes her drawing very much.

Morino-sensei leaves Chibiusa, Usagi, and Mamoru. She thinks about what Chibiusa said about her liking herself the way she is.

Morino: "All right! I'll never give up, my kids!"

Chibiusa is on her bed, as it's nightime. The Pegasus appears to her, in miniature form, and says that he would like to be her friend too.

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