Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 136

Episode Title
Mamoru wo Mamore! Ninja Usagi no Yakimochi
[Protect Mamoru! Ninja Usagi's Jealousy]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.21
[Title Screen]

Mamoru is explaining a math equation to Ami when Usagi gets jealous and keeps them apart. Rei calls her a baby and a tongue war ensues. Minako says that no one would mess up their hot relationship. Mako says, "Speaking of hot, do you smell something burning?" Diana looks out the window and sees smoke and keeps yelling "fire!" Everyone panics and Rei gets the extinguisher, but she trips and pulls the trigger and it goes everywhere and destroys Mamoru's apartment.

Mamoru says that Diana saw the smoke from the fish kitchen across the street. Diana says she's sorry, but Rei says it wasn't her fault, it was because of Usagi and her recklessness. Usagi says it wasn't her fault, but then she realizes it was. Mako says that he won't be able to use his apartment for a while. Mamoru says that he has to do an assignment for tomorrow and he won't be able to do it.

Rei says that there's lots of empty rooms at the shrine and he should stay there. Usagi insists that he stay at her house, but Chibiusa asks what her parents would say. Diana says that she'll make sure Mamoru and Rei don't make any "mistakes." Usagi cries and says she won't let him.

In the circus tent, Zirconia explains to the Trio that if they want to control the world, they have to have Pegasus' power. Hawk Eye asks what the Pegasus really is and Zirconia just says to follow her orders.

In the bar, Tiger Eye is doing something with the pictures, he says he's "fortune telling by inspiration." Fish Eye says he didn't know Tiger Eye had inspiration. Tiger Eye picks out a picture of Rei and says she'll be a good target.

At the shrine, Rei's grandpa is talking to Mamoru. He says that it's no trouble if he could stay for a year or two. He thinks that Mamoru is a nice young man and tells Rei to make sure to catch his attention. Grandpa tells Mamoru that he needs a grandson to inherit the shrine and Mamoru would be perfect for it. Usagi tries to go get Mamoru, but the girls hold her back. Yuichiro is behind them and says that he's never been asked to be married to Rei, and Usagi says, "That's because you're you!"

Ami says that's rude even if Mamoru and Rei once dated, Yuichiro gets mad at this too and drops Mamoru's suitcase on his foot. Chibiusa asks if that's true and the girls say it was a long time ago, and Ami says that she's looking for a boyfriend right now. Yuichiro is mad because she's looking for a boyfriend when she has him. He gets mad and walks into a tree.

At night, Mamoru is in his room typing and Diana says that she'll never let anyone get into Mamoru-sama's room. Mamoru says just to call him "Mamo-chan." She says she can't because he's going to be king in the future. Mamoru gets up to leave and Diana asks where he's going. He's going to take a bath and he asks if she wants to join him, and she's very surprised.

Rei is going to take a bath and says that she can't stay at the shrine, she has dreams, and is going to have love, a job, and a beautiful life. She goes in the bathroom and Mamoru is toweling off and he jumps back in the tub (A funny butt shot). Rei goes outside and covers her eyes and Yuichiro asks what happened. Rei gets mad at him for not telling her someone was in the bath. Yuichiro looks in at Mamoru and says he looks very relaxed. Mamoru wonders what he means.

Rei runs into her room and calls everyone an idiot. There's a voice and says, "Who's an idiot?" Usagi crawls out from under a table in a ninja outfit and Rei asks what she's doing here at this time of night. "A girl in love doesn't care if it's day or night. Where's Mamoru?" Rei says he's in the bath and to go see him if you want. Rei is a little red and Usagi asks if she saw him. She goes totally red, and Usagi asks what her face means by that.

Rei says she didn't mean to, and she only saw his back. Usagi gets really mad and Rei said it was Mamoru's fault to show it to her, and she only saw a little bit. Usagi got really mad and said, "You saw his little bit!"

Mamoru is still in the bath and Yuichiro is putting logs in the fire to heat it up. Mamoru opens the window and says it's a little to hot, Yuichiro says, "Oh, it is?" He throws in about 4 more logs and Mamoru gets burnt.

Chibiusa is talking to Pegasus and asks why some people get so jealous when they're in love. Pegasus says that when you love someone, you only want them to see you. Chibiusa says she never would because it makes you look stupid. Pegasus says that if you really love them, belief and patience are a some of the ways you can express your love. Chibiusa, "You think so?" And she falls off the bed.


Morning at the shrine, and Mamoru is typing when he gets a pain in his shoulder. Rei opens up her room and says she couldn't sleep. Usagi is in a tree and says she's going to get Mamoru today. Rei says do what you want with him, and Usagi asks if she's fooling her Mamoru. Diana comes out and tells them to be quiet or else Mamoru will fail his assignment. Usagi flies out of the tree and says she'll be back after her breakfast. Rei tells Yuichiro to get rid of the strange ninja but he's not there.

Yuichiro is in another room meditating and Grandpa comes up. Yuichiro doesn't answer so Grandpa yells in his ear. Yuichiro says he's a weak man, he can only see one girl when he's asleep or awake and is ashamed that this is a result of his discipline. Grandpa says he finally realized it, the real discipline is eliminating that passion. Grandpa says he has a journey for Yuichiro and they go downtown and go hunting for girls. They scare them all away and Tiger Eye walks by and says it's the end of the world.

Rei is doing some cleaning and Tiger Eye comes up to her. Rei throws a broom at a bush and a cat comes out, she thought it was Usagi. She sees Tiger Eye and asks what happened to him. He's on the ground and his robe is open. He gets up and pulls himself together. He says that he fell down when he was captivated by Rei's beauty, but she's not listening, still hunting for Usagi.

Tiger Eye gets mad and steals her broom and transforms. He puts Rei on the table and brings out her mirror. Usagi is climbing up the wall outside and Chibiusa is walking up the stairs. Chibiusa asks why doesn't she just use the stairs. Usagi says that she has to do this to her Mamoru back. Usagi finally gets to the top and Chibiusa is already there and she pulls her up. Chibiusa says that Rei's going to hate her if she keeps doing this, and then says that belief and patience are some of the ways she can express her love. Usagi wonders where she learned such a complex expression.

They hear Rei scream and transform. Tiger Eye finishes her dream and there's nothing. "Stop right there!" Chibimoon starts saying all this stuff about dreams and hope and the future and Moon wonders where she's getting this stuff. Then they do the "punish you" and Tiger Eye brings out a Lemure, Mizugeiko. She rides on an umbrella and has fans that squirt water. Tiger Eye says to cool off the soldiers and she does, but of course, it's not real water and it eats through the sailor suits.

Sailor Moon calls for Mamoru but Diana says to keep going or he won't be able to finish. The Lemure traps them and sends a rainbow with these white paper fish on it. Mercury comes and gets rid of the fish with an Aqua Illusion. Venus does a Love Me Chain to stop the Lemure and Jupiter does a Wide Pressure and destroys Mizugeiko's umbrella, which gets her really mad.

Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon does a Moon Gorgeous Meditation and the Lemure is destroyed. Tiger Eye leaves and Sailor Moon goes over to make sure Rei is all right.

At the cafe, Usagi is yelling at Mamoru for not coming to help her. Yuichiro is begging for forgiveness from Rei for looking at other women. He says he'll never do it again, when Rei sees a nice looking waiter.

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