Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 137

Episode Title
Ayakashi no Mori! Utsukushiki Yousei no Izanai
[A Mysterious Forest! An Invitation from a Beautiful Fairy]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.21
Chibiusa and Usagi are at a bookstore when Chibiusa sees a picture book about fairies. Usagi sees them and says it pretty but she says they have to go and Chibiusa doesn't have enough money to buy it. Chibiusa says she'll get some and Usagi asks from who and then realizes it.

[Title Screen]

Usagi is complaining about not having any money left. She says that Chibiusa has to pay her back when they get home. Chibiusa is looking at the book and not saying anything so Usagi gets mad and goes ahead of her. Chibiusa is still walking and reading at the same time and she runs into a man.

The man apologizes and so does Chibiusa. Then she recognizes him as the author of the book. Later that night, Pegasus sees Chibiusa reading the book, and says that they look like pictures from where he lives. Those flowers don't grow on Earth and he must have seen them somewhere else. Chibiusa says he saw them in his dreams.

Chibiusa remembers that afternoon when she was talking to the man. He asked her if she bought the book for the flowers, but Chibiusa says she liked the fairies. The man says she's probably the first person to like his pictures for the fairies. Chibiusa asks if he's ever seen a real fairy, and the man says no, but they must exist because he sees them in his dreams. He says they're so shy though, that they would never go to him in the real world. Chibiusa asks if he was going to get married, if he would marry someone that was like a fairy.

He asks what fairies are like, and Chibiusa says that they are kind and gentle with all animals and plants. He says if he could find a woman like that, he would definitely marry her, and then he says he's kidding. Chibiusa wishes that she could find out more about the fairies and that she could see the man, Mr. Kitakata, again.

At the bar, Hawk Eye and Tiger Eye say there's no good girls left. Then, they get in an argument on which is better, younger or older girls. Fish Eye comes in and looks for a picture and says he found a good one. Hawk Eye wonders if there's really such a person. They look at the picture and it's Mr. Kitakata, and they know what's going on. Hawk Eye says, "I had some doubts before, but" and Tiger Eye says, "He really is what we thought." Fish Eye wonders what kind of girl he likes, and Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye say they're all guys.

In the forest, the man is painting and Chibiusa comes up. He says that it's dangerous to be here in the dark forest by herself. Chibiusa says she's not alone, she has Diana. Some birds fly away and Mr. Kitakata sees the fairy (Fish Eye). She goes by again and he goes after her. He runs through the forest and comes up to a lake that was never there before, and there she is, right in the middle.

He walks out with his shoes still on, and Chibiusa finds him. Mr. Kitakata is totally mesmerized by her. Later, they're sitting near a log and Mr. Kitakata is staring at Fish Eye. She asks him if there's something on her face or something. He was just wondering who she was, if she was a fairy. Fish Eye asks if she looks like a fairy and then Diana jumps off Chibiusa's head and starts sniffing Fish Eye's foot and says she smells really good. Fish Eye runs behind the log and disappears.

Later, in the shower, Fish Eye says he hates cats and that when they take over the world the first thing he's going to do is get rid of all of them.


At the shrine, Chibiusa and Diana are telling the girls how Mr. Kitakata is like a different person. Rei says that maybe he's so deeply in love that he's exhausted. Usagi wonders if she really was a fairy and Diana says that she didn't really smell human. She doesn't think she was a fairy either, because she smelled like a fish. Usagi knows, she must be a fish fairy. Luna asks if Usagi thinks that kind of thing really exists and Artemis says that she might be an enemy. Mako just says that they're just being paranoid.

Rei is looking at the book and sees the picture of Mr. Kitakata. Minako and Mako look and say he looks very good. Usagi wants to see too but they tell her that she's already got Mamoru. Minako says that they have to check the forest and find Mr. Kitakata. Chibiusa wonders if he's all right.

At the bar, Fish Eye is putting on make-up (and humming Moonlight Densetsu, what else). Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye are watching him and start to blush. Fish Eye wonders if he'll like that color. In the forest, Minako, Ami, Rei and Mako are walking through the forest, and they get lost. Rei says that it's Usagi's fault that she woke up late, and Mako said it wasn't Usagi's fault because they still could have brought Chibiusa with them.

There's a lot of birds and they all fly away and they see a dark part of the forest and get scared. At the lake, Mr. Kitakata and the fairy are playing in the water and Mr. Kitakata asks if she really is a fairy. Fish Eye says that if he can catch her, she'll tell him. They run around a tree and he catches her, and he asks her. Before she answers, she asks him what kind of dream he has. He tells her that his dream is to find out what plants really are. Fish Eye says she wants to see it and Mr. Kitakata says he will.

Then, he sees that Fish Eye has laid on a flower and she's all worried about getting her dress to the dry cleaner. He remembers what Chibiusa said, "Kind and gentle with all animals and plants." He says he's mistaken her and goes to leave. Fish Eye says that he's weird because he likes a flower more than her and she transforms and does the "1, 2, 3!" Usagi and Chibiusa are in some bushes and they see what's happening. Moon Crisis, make up!!

Fish Eye checks his mirror and doesn't find anything, and Sailor Moon and Chibimoon appear. Fish Eye calls for a Lemure, Tsunawataro. He introduces himself and so do the soldiers, and there's second or two of silence. "So what?!" A rope comes out of the ground and before she knows it, Sailor Moon is tightrope walking. Sailor Moon complains that she always has to do the dangerous stuff. Tsunawataro comes up and says that no one can defeat him on the rope.

Fish Eye leaves and says that Sailor Moon is going to experience the scariest thing she's ever done. Then, the lemure starts putting himself in weird positions on the rope and starts shaking it and Sailor Moon is wobbling. Then the rose comes and Tsunawataro falls and so does Sailor Moon but just in time for Tuxedo Mask to catch her. Chibimoon does a Twinkle Yell and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation and Tsunawataro is destroyed.

Later, Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru are making sure Mr. Kitakata is all right. He says that he saw real fairies, one that was tightrope walking and one that called for a Pegasus. Chibiusa said that she's sure they exist somewhere. Meanwhile, the other girls are still wandering through the forest. They're even more lost now and Ami wants to go home. The others say that they can't just leave without helping Mr. Kitakata and they start yelling to him that his fairies are here.

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