Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 138

Episode Title
Tengoku made Hashire! Yume no Kuruma ni Kakeru Ai
[Run Up to Heaven! The Love For the Dream Car]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.21
Ami is walking near Mamoru's apartment building when she sees a woman come out with him. The woman gives him a key and he asks if she needs a ride. She says that it's one of her services and Ami comes up and asks what's happening. She asks what the key is for and says that she's Usagi's best friend and she can't just let this happen.

[Title Screen]

At the Ichinose Garage, Ami and the woman are working on a really old car. The other girls are watching from behind a stack of tires when it starts to tip. They say that they can't believe that Ami's working at such a small garage. Mamoru drives up and Usagi waves to him and the tires fall over.

Rei says that Mamoru's having an affair and Usagi spits her tea out onto his face. He says it's not like that, and Usagi asks what he means. Chibiusa says that even though Usagi's stupid, dull and noisy, it's awful, and Usagi tells her to shut up. Mako says she used to believe in him and Minako says a man is a man. Ami says that she just misunderstood, Natsumi just owns this shop.

Mamoru says he was a little surprised too, she brought his car back from the garage after she was done working on it, and that key was to his car. Usagi says that Mamoru isn't the kind of man who would cheat. Rei says that Usagi was doubting him so far and that's the start of another tongue war.

Mamoru says that Natsumi's really doing well on the old car. She says that it's her dream to fix it up, and the reason she's gotten so far so quickly is because of Ami. She says that Ami was able to figure out the engine system and the parts they needed, she really could have a future in a mechanical field. Everyone congratulates her and Zircon is up in the corner.

At the bar, Hawk Eye has a picture of Natsumi. Fish Eye and Tiger Eye come up and see that he's chosen another older woman and Hawk Eye says they don't understand. He says that this kind is the best among older women and Tiger Eye says that it's not just that she's old. Hawk Eye gets mad and says she's like the best side of a flower, she's a widow.

The others just stand there and wonder, and Hawk Eye says that a jewel is just a piece of stone to someone who doesn't know its value, and then says he's going to get this target.

Natsumi is working on the car and looks at the picture of her husband. She remembers when he first brought it to the garage, and he said that if they can repair this, they can do anything. Usagi, Chibiusa, and Ami are riding home with Mamoru. Mamoru says that Natsumi's a widow and Ami says that that old car is the one they said they were going to fix together. Mamoru tells them that her husband died three years ago and they never did finish it. Then he asks Ami what she's going to do, she can't stay there forever. Ami says that she wants to help because Natsumi didn't have much help after her husband died, and she wants to see the old car running too.

Chibiusa is talking to Pegasus and asks if someone could have two dreams. He says that some people have dreams to help other people. She asks if she'll have that dream and he says she will and leaves.

The next day, Hawk Eye drives up in a sports car and asks Natsumi if she could fix his engine, and he's disguised at her husband. She sees him and faints. In the hospital, Ami tells everyone that the doctor said she's suffering from exhaustion. Natsumi wonders why she's there, her husband isn't alive anymore, and then, Hawk Eye walks in.

At the garage, Ami looks at the car and gets an idea.


Hawk Eye explains to Natsumi that he is a single person two and he's been searching for the right person to share his solitude with. He says that she doesn't have to bear the pain anymore and she could close up the shop and go on a trip with him. He's about to attack her when Chibiusa runs in and says not to.

Chibiusa says that if Natsumi gave up on the car, everyone would be disappointed. Natsumi wonders what she's talking about and Chibiusa tells her that everyone wants to help her finish the car. Natsumi gets out of bed and they go to the garage.

Natsumi sees all the girls working on the car and is touched. Chibiusa says that fixing the car isn't just her dream anymore, it's everyone's. Hawk Eye tells her that she doesn't have to deal with that junk and she can use his cool sports car. Natsumi tells him that she doesn't want to close the shop and go on a trip with him, because this little shop can make people's dreams come true. Then he grabs her and drives off with her. Ami, Usagi and Chibiusa go out to see where they went and Mamoru drives up.

They chase after Hawk Eye and he drives them into a fruit stand. Natsumi tells him to stop because it's too dangerous. Hawk Eye says that he doesn't care about the car and Natsumi says that he's nothing like her husband. He stops the car and says that what he wants now is her dream. She starts to run away when he trips her and takes out her mirror.

Ami, Chibiusa, and Usagi run up and transform. Hawk Eye is about to look in the mirror when Mercury stops him and Moon and Chibimoon do the "punish you." Mercury does a Shine Aqua Illusion but Hawk Eye stops it with his fire. He calls for a Lemure, Buranko, a swinger. Buranko swings and gives the soldiers sticks which lift them up on swings that are really far in the air.

Buranko makes some scissors and cuts Sailor Moon's rope and Mercury grabs her. She goes after Mercury and gets her and they grab onto Chibimoon who's having some trouble holding on. Hawk Eye checks the mirror and there's nothing so he tells Buranko to finish them all off. Then Buranko goes for Chibimoon when the rose comes and she drops the scissors almost to where Hawk Eye is standing.

Tuxedo Mask comes down on a swing and grabs Sailor Moon. He says that she should diet again, she's heavy, but then he realizes that he hast two extra people on and apologizes. They fall onto a building and Buranko goes after them again, but only goes so far. Mercury says that this is the swinging pendulum rule and Tuxedo Mask tells the girls to go for it. Twinkle Yell!! Moon Gorgeous Meditation!! Hawk Eye leaves.

At the garage, Ami and Natsumi are in the old car trying to start it while the others watch. It starts and they start to drive it out when the hood explodes. Ami and Natsumi start to laugh and Natsumi says that she has lots of time to do it better.

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