Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 139

Episode Title
Mezase Nippon Ichi! Bishoujo Kenshi no Nayami
[To Be the Strongest in Japan! A Pretty Warrior's Worries]
Air Date
Guest Chara
Miharu's mother (Niiyama Shiho)
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.22
A little girl is fighting a man in a samurai type match and Rei, Mako, and Usagi are watching. The girl wins and the girls are impressed. The girl is Akiyama Miharu, fighting with the way of the Single Sword. She's camped out under a bridge and Chibiusa goes up to her. Chibiusa asks if Miharu can train her but Miharu says that she can't because she's still in training. Chibiusa asks her about an offer for three meals and a nap.

[Title Screen]

Usagi screams because her room has been cleared out. Chibiusa tells her that Miharu has to have a place to stay or else she'd be back to the bridge. Miharu says that if it's too much she can go back but Usagi says she can stay because she has a good dream. Later, Miharu is chopping up an onion or something and does a trick with the knife. She says she feels like she's showing off but Ikuko-mommy says that she's really helping her. Miharu says that since she's not paying for her room, she feels like she should help.

Ikuko asks if her parents are worried about her. Miharu says that her father is dead and her mother... She can't finish the sentence and does some more chopping. At the bar, Tiger Eye finds a picture of Miharu and says she's a girl with a strong character. Hawk Eye asks if he'll be able to get the girls who wants to be the strongest in the country, just a sexy trick won't work. Tiger Eye says not to worry about it.

Miharu is training and a woman comes up and challenges her. Usagi and Chibiusa are on the side cheering her on and the woman is very good. The woman gets her and starts whacking her with the side of the sword. Usagi comes down and tells her to stop and Miharu says that it's her mother. Her mother walks away disgusted and laughes at her.

Miharu explains that her mother doesn't want her to be a warrior because it's too hard for her, but she wants to and her father wanted her to. Miharu starts to cry and she has a flashback with her mother saying that she's too serious. Usagi gets an idea and goes to the mothers house. Usagi and Chibiusa scream at the top of their lungs to open up and the mother comes up behind them and asks what they're doing.

Usagi says that since the woman's her mother, she should train with Miharu and teach her things. She says she's really serious about it and Chibiusa says that she trains and nothing else. Her mother mumbles to herself that that's the problem with her. Then she goes inside and Usagi and Chibiusa start yelling at her again.

Miharu is training and a man (Tiger Eye) comes up and says a poem. He says he's Miyamoto Torazo of the Dead Moon discipline. He offers her some tea but she says she's in the middle of training and the cup disappears. He offers for a fair match and starts to take out her mirror, but she notices the table and it goes back down. They get ready for their battle.


Tiger Eye starts to twirl his sword around and Miharu dodges it. Miharu wonders what happened and Tiger Eye is already waiting for the next move. They fight a little more and Miharu dodges again but Tiger Eye reaches and gets her. She thinks that he must be a very famous fighter, he says he's not but his style is related to Miyamoto Takezo. Miharu wonders who that is and Tiger Eye tells her and she says his name is Miyamoto Musashi. Tiger Eye is really embarrassed because he read the name wrong.

Tiger Eye says that it doesn't matter anyway, no one is famous for their name, just for the things they do (He has the Toei movies symbol behind him, the triangle with the waves). She asks if he can train her but he says that he's still training too, but since she has a beautiful dream, he'll make an exception.

Chibiusa and Usagi are walking home and Chibiusa is really mad. Usagi says that Miharu's mom might actually be a good person. Chibiusa keeps asking her why and she says she doesn't know but it's true that every mother loves her child.

Tiger Eye and Miharu are walking far outside of town. Mako and Rei are walking by and see them. They know where the road goes and they should keep an eye on them. They come into a clearing in a forest. Tiger Eye says that his discipline is very hard to master, and then tells her to close her eyes. He transforms and Miharu feels a very ghostly air. He puts her on the table and she says to let her go. He tells her it's her fault that she followed him, it was easy to fool her when she only thinks of training.

Usagi and Chibiusa run up and transform. Tiger Eye finishes with her dream and doesn't find anything. He's about to kill her when a Sparkling Wide Pressure comes and keeps him away. Sailor Moon and Chibimoon do the "punish you" and Tiger Eye calls for a Lemure, Ayatoriko. She looks kind of like a spider that does cat's cradle. Tiger Eye leaves and Miharu falls to the ground. Mars tells Sailor Moon to take care of Miharu and does a Fire Soul at Ayatoriko.

Ayatoriko makes a tunnel and shoots the fire back at her. Miharu wakes up and sees the lemure. Ayatoriko makes a star and traps the soldiers under it and it starts to melt into this weird red stuff. Jupiter tells Miharu to get away but Miharu says that her discipline doesn't permit running away and goes after Ayatoriko. Ayatoriko hits her with some red rope and Jupiter does a Supreme Thunder to get rid of the star. Ayatoriko gets mad and makes bridges that fall on the soldiers.

Mars says that she'll take care of it. She tells Ayatoriko that she knew that she could make five bridges, but she can't make the sixth. Ayatoriko gets really mad and starts to make a bridge but can't. Sailor Mars does a Burning Mandala but Ayatoriko knows it's coming and shoots a rope that surrounds the soldiers. They tell Miharu to get away but she won't and Ayatoriko wraps up the sword with string.

Sailor Moon tells Miharu not to get so excited and leave the sword. Miharu imagines her mother telling her that and lets go and the sword hits Ayatoriko in the head and Miharu unwraps the soldiers. Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and Sailor Moon finishes the lemure off.

Miharu tells them that this is the first time she's won a match in such an awful way. But now, she feels like her eyes have been opened. She has another match with her mom and her mom falls in a trap door hole that Miharu put there. She says that she realized that she has to do other things that train all the time. Her mother is happy that she finally realized it, but is mad that she used a trick in a fair match.

Her mother grabs her and tells her that she'll punish her at home. Chibiusa and Usagi say that she has a great mother. Chibiusa asks if she'll be the greatest in Japan, and Usagi says of course because she has a nice mother and they hold hands.

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