Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Supers Episode 140

Episode Title
Mini ga Daisuki! Oshare na Senshi-tachi
[We Love Mini skirts! Well dressed Soldiers]
Air Date
  • Summary by Graig Olson, 1999.07.22
The girls are at an outdoor fashion show for Usui Yoshiki. They all say that the clothes are beautiful and that he designs them so that girls can express their dreams.

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Then Yoshiki comes out and the crowd screams. The girls say not only does he dress well, but he looks nice too. Ami notices the last one, a wedding dress. All the girls love it and Yoshiki and the model go backstage where Yoshiki is depressed.

At the bar, Fish Eye's got some clothes from Yoshiki's store. He asks the other two what they think but they don't listen, they're looking for new targets. Tiger Eye finds a man and Hawk Eye wishes that someone would make a law that said men can't have beautiful dreams. Fish Eye sees the picture and it's Usui Yoshiki and he can't believe it. Hawk Eye asks if he's going to dress up again. Fish Eye says that his plan this time is to approach him as a beautiful man.

Chibiusa is drawing a picture of the wedding dress she saw and Pegasus comes to see it. Pegasus asks who would be beside Chibiusa when she has her wedding dress. Chibiusa doesn't know what he means at first, but then realizes she'd need someone to marry her. She thinks for a while and Pegasus says she'll meet someone in the future.

Yoshiki is in his office at night and his assistant comes up. He tells Yoshiki that he doesn't have to rush the Fall and Winter collections. Yoshiki tells him to go away but then apologizes and wonders if he's in a slump or something. The assistant starts to rub his back to make him feel better. Yoshiki is at an outdoor cafe the next day. He's watching the people walk by one the sidewalk and he sees Fish Eye dressed as a feminine man.

He knows that he might be the one who could breathe new life into his images. He wants him to be his exclusive model. Yoshiki tells him that it doesn't matter if he's a man or a woman, he's a miracle that overcomes gender. Fish Eye starts to laugh and then starts to giggle because some of Yoshiki's assistants are measuring him with a tape rule. They try to stitch a garment on him but he moves and they pick him. He gets really mad and another one picks him.

He starts calling them names and he says if they don't like him, he'll just leave. Yoshiki's assistant says that he's sorry too, and that Mr. Usui needs him. He says that Yoshiki needs his help for now. Fish Eye throws the garment on the ground and says that they can change it to his ideas. Yoshiki comes in with a new design he just finished. He wants the assistant to see it but Fish Eye knocks him out of the way and starts to change it. The assistant pushes him out of the way and tells him that they make Yoshiki's designs and not Fish Eye's.

Fish Eye says he doesn't like the assistant and tells Yoshiki to fire him, and if he doesn't he'll leave. The assistant quits for now and says he'll be waiting for the new collections. Fish Eye laughes hysterically.

Usagi is shopping through Yoshiki's store and is yelling that she loves everything in there. The clerk asks Mamoru if he can at least quiet her down, she's been doing it for an hour. Mamoru tells her that he'll buy one for her, and she gets all emotional and says he really loves her. After, Mamoru is broke and Usagi tells him how much she loves him.

Fish Eye is looking at some of the new designs and says that they're a lot better than the ones from before (some of them look really weird). Yoshiki asks him if he could help him all the time and Fish Eye says he will because Yoshiki can't do anything without him now.


All of Yoshiki's workers quit because of Fish Eye. Yoshiki tries to stop them but Fish Eye tells him not to care about those who are blind in art. Yoshiki leaves and goes to a park and gets on a swing. Usagi walks by and sees him and says, "LUCKY!!" She goes up to him and says that his fashion show the other day was really great, especially the wedding dress. She made a promise to herself to wear a beautiful dress like that in the future. Usagi starts to look around and gets really close to Yoshiki and asks if he can make her wedding dress for free.

He doesn't say anything and she gets freaked out because she thinks that he thought she was a shameless girl. Yoshiki starts to laugh and calls her funny and asks if the clothes she's wearing are his. They are and she says that Mamoru bought them for her. Yoshiki asks if Mamoru will be with her when she wears her wedding dress and Usagi says "of course".

Yoshiki asks why Usagi likes his designs and Usagi says that they're cute and nice and.... She doesn't know but she likes them anyway. He thinks about what she says and Usagi asks if he has a problem, maybe a slump and Yoshiki's embarrassed that she found out. She tells him that maybe he should do her wedding dress, it might revitalize him.

Yoshiki starts laughing again and Usagi wonders what he's laughing about. He says that he's starting to feel like designing her dress. Then he thinks, "feel like designing." That's it, that's the thing he was missing, he was working so hard that he forgot about this feeling. He thanks Usagi and says that he wants to design her wedding dress and that she should come by his studio and get measured.

Usagi and Chibiusa are in the bath and Usagi explains what happened and Chibiusa squirts her with the shower head and says that she shouldn't lie. Usagi said it's true and if she didn't believe her to ask Yoshiki himself. Chibiusa asks if that's really true and Usagi says it is and asks if she admires her. Chibiusa squirts her again and says not to boast. Usagi says not to act up or she won't take her and Chibiusa quickly apologizes.

Yoshiki is at his studio and rips up his recent dresses and says they look like doll clothes. He says that Fish Eye can go but Fish Eye has other plans and transforms and does the "1, 2, 3" and Usagi and Chibiusa hear Yoshiki screaming and transform. Fish Eye finishes looking through the mirror and it's blank and Sailor Moon and Chibimoon catch him and do the "punish you" routine.

He just kind of looks at them and asks if they're ever embarrassed kicking and jumping around in those tiny skirts. Moon asks Chibimoon if she ever has and they both say no. Fish Eye says it was a stupid question and calls for a Lemure, Gum-Mario, a beach ball that a seal has on its nose. Chibimoon thinks it's great but Sailor Moon is starting to notice a pattern.

The seal is bouncing the ball and the ball says that a little while ago, they got rid of his cousin, Pooko. The seal hits the ball to the soldiers and Fish Eye leaves but the seal bites his foot and grabs on. Gum-Mario is still going and Sailor Moon catches him. He wiggles free but starts bouncing around a lot and hits every wall in the room and squishes the girls on a wall.

Gum-Mario makes fun of them and starts looking around because he hears the Tuxedo Mask music. Then the rose comes and pops him and Tuxedo Mask says that clothes are a way for girls to express their dreams and he's there to protect those dreams. Gum-Mario gets up and turns into a human shape and rolls up into a bigger ball. Sailor Moon hits him like a volleyball to Tuxedo Mask who hits him up into the air. Chibimoon calls for Pegasus and Sailor Moon does the Moon Gorgeous Meditation to get rid of him.

Sailor Moon goes over to make sure Yoshiki is all right and he wakes up and sees this girl standing over him. He's inspired as the soldiers and Tuxedo Mask walk off hand in hand. At the next fashion show, everything is a mini skirt. Luna sees something different and it's a spin on the Sailor Moon costume and then there's a wedding dress with a model that looks like Usagi. Usagi says it must be her wedding dress and the girls ask what she's talking about.

Chibiusa thinks to herself that Yoshiki should keep making girls' dreams come true. Yoshiki is in the back smiling at his new designs with his assistant who congratulates him.

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